Reset the s3eed and Nerso accounts to before their destruction

This petition is signed by community members in GoodGames Four Kingdoms Int2 server and others.

All who sign here are actively showing their disgust to the account jacking that happens periodically in Four Kingdoms history and more recently the destruction by the way of unauthorised selling of equiptment and surrendering of outposts in accounts S3eed and Nerso.

Also to show support in petitioning the administration of FourKingdoms to:

Reset accounts Nerso and S3eed to the point before they were jacked and destroyed as they have lost years of hard work and real money via this malicios act.

To provide a solution that protects unique equiptment that are purchased via rubies, so that they cant be sold by anyone who has accessed an account without permission of the owner.

We hope by offering this petition that the administrstion will finally listen and take notice of requests and give something back to their game community who provide the revenue that helps to make FourKingdoms the succesful business it is today.


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