Residents Safety Sunset Place as well as Benoni in general

To: Our Ward Councilor and Chief of police in Benoni,

We the residence of Sunset Place, Brentwood Park Road, Brentwood Park, want security improved in our complex, street and neighborhood. We want more patrol vehicles, more police presence. We want crimes investigated and solved. We want the syndicates who are currently operating in full force in our complex and area to know that we the residence of both Sunset Place and Benoni, with the backing of SAPS will not be targeted and will not stand for any further crimes in any form. We want immediate action to be taken to prevent any further break ins, and/or robberies.

Robberies and attempted break ins now occur almost daily within the complex alone. Some of the criminals come in armed, we do not want anyone to get hurt before drastic action is taken to stop the current crime that is escalating daily in the complex and surrounding areas of Benoni. We have guards, but what can they do against a gun, and certainly no one would expect them to risk their lives. We are aware our complex is being surveyed and info given to the criminals/syndicates as they know our every move. We are currently a soft target that is being targeted at a more and more frequent rate. This is of grave concern and needs to be resolved immidiately.

Residence of Sunset Place, as well as Benoni, stand together and sign this petition for action to be taken immidiately to improve our safety and security.