Residents opposed to changes to allow large transmission antenna

We believe that the current architectural standards prohibit antennas above the fence line and that based on these standards, the allowing of the current 40 foot plus antenna is inappropriate and should never have been approved. 

The fact that the board ismoving to change the standards of the community in the direction of allowing for 25-to-43-foot antennas throughout a 24-hour
period is unacceptable.

Furthermore, this proposed change highlights that the board acted inappropriately and is now attempting torectify the situation by allowing these antennas at varying degrees and giving the board the sole authority to change the guidelines,in the future.

We ask the current Association Board Members to abide by the current guidelines restricting height at all times to no higher than the fence line, and if there is doubt by the board on whether the current guidelines apply, then to amend the standards to what we
believe was the original intent, restricting the height to the fence line.

We firmly believe that this interpretation is what in included in the HOA ARC guidelines and what every resident in the community had the opportunity to review  when purchasing their home in this community

To move in the opposite direction and allow larger antenna structures is deemed by signers of this petition tobe unacceptable.

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