Resignation of Neno Dimov, Minister of Environment and Water

We request the resignation of Neno Dimov, Minister of Environment and Water, and annulment of the decision of the Council of Ministers of 28.12.2017 on building up of 48% of the Pirin National Park.

The decision of the Council of Ministers, taken on the proposal of Minister Dimov, allows building up of tracks, ski lifts and the relevant infrastructure on 48% of the territory of the Pirin National Park. This decision is unacceptable for us because it:

1. Infringes the European Union's directives on strategic environmental assessment, bird and habitats' protection.
2. Contradicts to the Bulgarian legislation: the Environmental Protection Act, the Biological Diversity Act, and the Protected Areas Act.
3. Violates the principles on having respect to citizens' opinions - it does not take into account over 1,000 written submissions and over 100,000 letters from citizens all over the world to protect the Park.
4. Enables cutting of centuries-old forests and large-scale construction at a UNESCO-protected World Heritage site.
5. The administrative act is vague, confusing and allows for a different interpretation.

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