Retire and release Kshamenk



Hello everyone! We need your help to make a big difference for a majestic creature. It's about Kshamenk, a beautiful orca who has been living in a small tank at Munro Arino Argentina since 1992. It's 2023 now, and we believe it's time for a change.


Why are we concerned?

Kshamenk deserves a life that's as close to his natural habitat as possible. Imagine being confined to a small space for over 30 years! His confirment in such a small space ( the smallest Orca tank ) in the world has led to him developing a bend in his body, beyond the physical impact he has been cut off from any other Orcas since his tank mate died in 2000. He was captured in 1992, and it's been way too long. His capture like other orcas was one so terrible he found himself and his family forced ashore and stranded, so they may be acquired for human entertainment in marine parks. Orcas are meant to roam the open ocean and experience the wonders of the deep sea. They have strong family ties and are bonded very close with one another orcas are not made to live a life of solitude.


Why we're petitioning

We're calling on Munro Arino Argentina to do what's right for Kshamenk. We want them to release him into a larger, more suitable environment where he can thrive. It's not just about Kshamenk's well-being, but also about the message we send to the world – that we care about the animals we share this planet with.


📢 How can you help?

Signing this petition can make a real impact. Let's show Munro Arino Argentina that there's a strong global community who wants to see Kshamenk live the life he deserves. Your signature could be the key to his freedom, and save him from the horrific outcome so many orcas that lost their lives in captivity and never got to be free be his voice because if he had one I promise you he would be fighting for his freedom!


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