Reunite Gotham City!

For the past 15 years, traditional heavy metal has gone from being a niche to a movement. With bands, old and new, the scene has grown to the pont where a tiny country like Sweden has several festivals dedicated to true heavy metal, with Muskelrock as the leading star.

But something is missing. Something spectacular. Something that in Sweden Rock Magazine's list of the 100 best swedish heavy metal bands got to position 56 (Source) despite their limited repertoir. The band that got a lot of people interested in true metal in the first place. Of course, the band in question is Gotham City!


One of Swedens (and the worlds) best bands needs to make a comeback and show the world that metal is alive and well!


This petition exists to prove once and for all: Gotham City belongs on club- and festival-stages all over the world, and deserve to be recognised as the fantastic band they are!

Black Man is he tonight, bring you fire! fire!