Reverse or delay No-mask mandate for Cumberland Valley School District students & staff

We, the parents(biological & adoptive) and legal guardians of children in Cumberland Valley School District, are requesting the school board and the school district to reverse the no-mandate mask, or delay at least until after all the students get an opportunity to vaccinate for COVID-19.

A group of about 150 CVSD families have gathered to file this petition and we hope to gather more signatures to support our cause. We believe that the no-mask decision had been made in haste without considering majority parents’ opinion. Below are the concerns/reasons that we would like the board/district to consider and reverse the no-mask mandate or delay at least until after all the students get an opportunity to vaccinate for COVID-19.

1.     We should not risk the student’s health with the no-mask mandate, at least until after the elementary & middle school kids also get an opportunity to get vaccinated. We can then rely on the herd-immunity, within the school, when we have a good mix of vaccinated and un-vaccinated students & staff in school.

2.     School buses are shared among elementary, middle, and high schools. There is no plan to sanitize the buses between the rides. Students wearing masks will protect the un-vaccinated elementary students., not to mention everyone else.

3.     We understand that a no-mask mandate means it is optional and students can opt to wear a mask. But a student opting to wear a mask can only be protected if other students/staff in the school also wears masks. So, we are dependent on other students/staff to wear a mask for protection of the student opting to wear a mask.

4.     We understand that the students can choose a virtual school option. All parents cannot afford to keep children at home for various reasons. And looking at the current school year, we had a low rate of infections when CDC guidelines (including wearing masks) were followed.

5.     We understand that we may have more kids joining face-to-face this year, so maintaining social distance will become impossible. Taking precautions with masks reduces the risk of infections.

6.     We understand that there could be various reasons, medical and otherwise, that a student cannot wear a mask, which we are sure the school allows such exceptions. So simply allowing exceptions to the minority of students, will make their life easier and protects many of the students by keeping the mask mandate.  


We also understand that parents do not have information on the vaccination statistics of the students & staff, and we rely on the well-informed judgement of the school district/board.

Our request is simple, one that has been in place, proven (by the statistics of last year) and that can reduce the infection & save lives of students. Again, we are asking to at least delay the no-mask mandate, only until every student gets an opportunity to vaccinate. We are sure the parents of students who cannot wear mask do understand our concerns and do support us too.  

Thank you!


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