Roseman EBR Petition

This petition is designated to change the wording of the Roseman student handbook in order to allow each person in the course to do their own EBR individually as opposed to doing one EBR as a team.  


- Each individual would be allowed to use their own computer and submit EBRs on examsoft while still being allowed to consult with their respective team. 

- Allowing students to do the EBRs on their own computer will allow each student to submit which EBRs they think should be assessed without forcing multiple people to take turns doing an EBR, leaving the potential for them to run out of time or leave someone out.

- This would be a more efficient process, particularly for those groups that have a larger amount of individuals in them. There are time restraints for the EBR process and there is a chance that one or more individuals can be left out. 

- Making this change would allow for a fairer approach to the EBR process while still facilitating teamwork and expanded learning. 


Once enough signatures are gathered, this petition will be submitted to the Student Affairs council for review on the matter. 

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