Stop the Deaths at Route 36 and Cross Cove Road, Roaring Spring PA



We need to make it known that we are done with the crashes and deaths at the intersection of Route 36 and Cross Cove Road in Roaring Spring PA.  Please join our fight to have a full stop light and signage put at this deadly intersection.

Whether you live in the cove or not, many have been through that interesction and witnessed how dangerous it is. Even lost loved ones. 

There is a serious flaw in the road that creates a blind spot for cars trying to cross Route 36 while traveling on Cross Cove Road. There is also a light pole that creates the need to pull further out onto  Route 36 to look for traffic heading North. While speed may play a factor, it is not the sole danger of this intersection.

Too many people have lost their lives while others live with life long physical problems from accidents at that intersection.

These issues must be fixed! Let's make it know that our community is tired of losing our neighbors!

Please sign this petition to hopefully make this a safer intersection.

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