Rule 14.11 Boccia Rules 2013

Dear Chair of the Development Sub-Committee, BISFed

1. We would like to understand the reason(s) for changes to Rule 14.11 of Boccia Rules 2013. Why is there a need to decrease the time limit for all divisions of play by one minute?

2. We agree with imposing a time limit for propelling the Jack but why should the time limit be decreased for the rest of the coloured balls?

3. As you would know, BC3 athletes have the most severe form of physical disability across all disability sports. Therefore, BC3 athletes require more time to execute the following activities (in no particular order) to prepare a shot and/or propel a single ball:

(a) Adopt a strategy/tactic
(b) Communicate their desired shot to their Sports Assistant
(c) Position the wheelchair or instruct their Sports Assistant to position the wheelchair
(d) Instruct their Sports Assistant to orientate the ramp for desired aim and to adjust the height/angle of the ramp
(e) Communicate selected ball and instruct their Sport Assistant to place the ball at a specific point on the ramp
(f) Stabilise arm/ head-pointer/ mouth-pointer to touch the ball

4. Regardless of the order in which the activities in paragraph 3 are executed, it is not easy to propel at a rate of one ball in less than one minute. The reduction in time limit is likely to result in ball(s) rendered as invalid due to insufficient time.

5. We do not agree and oppose the change in Rule 14.11, particularly for the individual BC3 division of play. The reduction in time limit would be detrimental to the quality of BC3 division of play. We therefore recommend that the time limit not be reduced by 1 minute.