SADE ry's eligibility for state aid must be extended

With the reform of the Youth Law, the Ministry of Education and Culture has decided to revoke SADE ry's eligibility for state aid (eligibility is required in order to apply for operating grants aimed at youth organizations). 
This means that SADE ry will lose 100% of its operating grant, and with that the association's activities are in danger of ending completely. The new Youth Law entered into force on January 1, 2023 and will affect the grants awarded for 2024. SADE ry has the opportunity to submit a rectification claim by 30 July 2023, and we now need help from the entire Finnish street dance scene to verify that we cover a large part of the street dance activities taking place in Finland with our activities.
We hope for your support and reasons for why SADE ry's youth work through hip hop culture is significant in Finland, with street dance and hip hop culture. In all of our activities, we have always strived to make our activities as accessible nationwide as possible and to support the development of young people and opportunities for action in hip hop culture.
We would like your help now so that we can remain within the scope of the operating grant and can continue to enable our operations widely throughout Finland.
In 2023, we have implemented our operations in more than seven provinces in Finland, and we will continue to strive to strengthen our operations in new areas.
Despite this, OKM has decided that the activities of SADE ry are not sufficiently achievable and the activities will not be carried out in the area of ​​the seven provinces (they are reviewing our report on the activities of 2022).
In 2023, at SADE ry, we have taken into account this change in the law, however, and the operation has been expanded to cover more counties. If we run out of funding, we will not be able to produce SADE events, workshops or jams and Call out Suomi will stop completely.
As we are a non-profit association and the majority of our activities are youth-oriented, free of charge, low-threshold activities, it is only possible to cover a fraction of the costs of our activities with sales income. SADE ry has a great desire to continue developing and promoting cultural youth work through elements of street dance and hip hop culture in the future as well. If you have found our activities significant, the biggest support for us right now is to sign this address. Thank you for your support <3