PETITION to SAVE & IMPROVE THE SALT LAKE COUNTY EQUESTRIAN PARK Purpose: To bring to the attention of the Salt Lake County Mayor, Commission and Legislature the need for The Salt Lake County Equestrian Park to:

1. Stay as is – An Equestrian Facility

2. Get much needed funding for capital improvements.

The people signing this petition are in favor of and urge the County and legislature to leave the Equestrian Park as is and increase funding to maintain and improve the existing race track, arenas and stalls.

The Salt Lake County Equestrian Park is the largest equestrian park in the State of Utah. Used by thousands of horse owners yearly, repurposing the park and eliminated the equestrian facility would impact thousands of people who depend on the horse industry for not only income but a way of life.

We have used the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park for 30 plus years. As long time clubs, organizations and users of the Equestrian Park, we are petitioning to keep the Park an equestrian venue. Following are very important factors to be considered:

• The County has hundreds of special interest parks for soccer, baseball, golf, etc., but only ONE Equestrian Park. • The central location is perfect for many different types of equestrian and non-equestrian events.

• There are regional and national equestrian shows that come to this park because of the central location, arenas and the facility as a whole. There are many other events that would come if additional improvements were made.

• Economic Impact (Equestrian Park Task Force Evaluation of Programs, Functions and Services Report April 2010 – April 2011) The EQTF determined that there is a substantial economic impact to Salt Lake County due to the programming and usage of the Equestrian Park. The National Reining Horse Association held its regional show at the park in 2009 and the NRHA estimated that the economic impact of that show was $3,500,000. Another example is the Intermountain Kennel Association holds its regional show at the Park every year. They estimated the economic impact of the show to the community was $550,000. The EQTF determined that there were approximately 44,000 overnight, out of county visits, to the park in 2009. It estimated there would be an additional 15,000, overnight out of county visits, to the park with the addition of a covered arena and an additional 40,000, overnight out of county visits, with the addition of Event Center “B”.

People that come to the park, whether they come for 1 day, 3 days or a week; whether they drive 2 miles or 200 miles spend money and bring revenue to surrounding businesses including gas stations, convenience stores, fast food, restaurants, tire stores, grocery stores, Veterinarians and hotels.

The Park is a one-of-a-kind centrally located equestrian venue used by horse-people from Salt Lake and surrounding counties. The 4 outdoor arenas are in use by riding clubs every week night from April through October and some contract for year round use. The indoor arena is booked nearly every weekend throughout the year and is in very high demand.

The Park provides us with year round boarding and arenas for boarder’s use. Equestrian clubs and horse owners from throughout the county use the facility to ride, both outdoors and indoors 365 days a year. The race track is used by the American Quarter Horse Racing Association, Utah Chariot Racing Association, and other racing organizations year round. The track is a vital year round training track for racers, many of them boarding horses at the park. There are no other parks like this in Salt Lake County or anywhere close.  The show barns, outdoor and indoor arenas are used by numerous organizations and clubs throughout the year, including:

 Utah Barrel Racing Association – has held a contract and used the outdoor north arena for over 25 years for barrel racing jackpots with 100+ entries weekly during the summer. Races are held in the indoor arena through the winter with 100+ entries 2 – 3 times per month. Members use the arenas nightly through the summer and weekly in the winter for riding and conditioning their horses.

 Barrel Buddies – has held a contract for over 20 years for use of the outdoor north arena for weekly riding and barrel racing jackpots with 70+ entries each month. Their club members use the arenas nightly through the summer and weekly indoors in the winter for riding and conditioning their horses.

 Intermountain Kennel Assoc Regional Show - Holds their regional show every year bringing in hundreds of people to the park.

 Utah Mounted Thunder

 Utah Paint Horse Association has held a contract for 10+ years bringing their National Paint Horse show in for 7 days with over 400 entries

 Wasatch Horse Show Association

 Zane Danise Roping and Team Penning has held a contract for 15+ years holding practice nights weekly and roping events in the indoor arena with 500 + entries.

 The Utah Cutting Horse Association

 The Utah Reining Horse Association

 Utah All Breed Horse Association

 Utah Hunter Jumper Association  Utah Arabian Horse Club  Utah Dressage Society

 Andalusian Horse Association

 The Utah Horse Council has held a contract for 15+ years holding the Utah Horse Expo - a week long equestrian event with 5000 average attendance and a barrel race with 300+ entries.

 Utah 4H the greatest impact will most likely be to Utah’s 4H Association - one of the most important groups using this facility. Their focus is teaching youth leadership and responsibility skills which is far too lacking in many of our youth today. In additional to their equine program their curriculum includes citizenship and civic education, service learning, environmental stewardship and soil conservation. 4H uses the park weekly during the summer and holds their Utah State horse show there and are greatly involved with the Salt Lake County Fair. 4H and FFA still play a big part in The State of Utah and if the equestrian park goes away, they would literally have nowhere else to go.

Turning the park into a public park, closing down the equestrian facility or relocating to Salt Lake City would have a negative impact on thousands of riders from all over the State of Utah. This would impact clubs and organizations who’ve been riding together, some for over 50 years. We have a one-of-a-kind park. We urge Salt Lake County to invest into this existing park and follow through responsibly after the millions of dollars already spent on the amazing indoor and covered arenas and outdoor arenas. This facility has the potential to be a world class facility hosting regional and national horse events with improvements like additional stalls, RV parking and hook-ups, improved arena footing, long overdue equipment upgrades, additional restrooms and improvements to existing stall barns for boarders. These are reasonable requests for a park used every day of the year by equestrians and organizations that literally have only this one park to use. The current location has proved to be ideal.

We ask the Salt Lake County Mayor and Council to consider all the people this will impact if we lose the equestrian park and to also consider how beneficial the Park can be to Salt Lake County in the future with the needed improvements. 2016 Petition to Save The Salt Lake County Equestrian Park Sincerely, Sheri Young, President – The Utah Barrel Racing Association 2149 West 14200 South, Bluffdale UT 84065 801-834-8888

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