Stop destroying Punic Ports at Carthage

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Al Massar North Suburbs Section


Stop destroying Punic Ports at Carthage


Responding to requests from residents, a delegation from the North Suburbs section of Al Massar went Sunday, April 13, 2014 to the Punic Ports of Carthage.


The delegation was stunned by the state of degradation in which the site is located and found :

- Undue presence in the Punic Ports of yachts while this is total banned on an archaeological site listed as World Heritage

- The deterioration of this historic site on the dual esthetic and environmental

-The revolting disfiguration of its banks and its surroundings.

Also, the delegation of the Massar Northern Suburbs section, while denouncing the resignation and reprehensible inaction of the authorities towards the danger which threatens this unique site heart of Carthage , requires municipal authorities and the ministry, the urgent following actions to safeguard our heritage , environment and the image of the historic city of Carthage :

- Immediate ban on anchoring of pleasure boats in the Punic ports,

- The elimination of all lawless and invasive plants such as dilapidated bridges installed on the banks,

- The immediate adoption of appropriate measures to stop the degradation and Carnage of the Punic Ports and rehabilitate them.


"AL MASSAR " North Suburbs Section

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