Save Bulls Rugby

This petition represents an opportunity for Bulls and SA rugby supporters to support a movement to bring change and improve Bulls rugby and its administration.

The Bulls are currently completing their 7th consecutive losing season. Once again, the Bulls wont make the playoffs. Over the past 7 seasons, under the current regime, the Bulls have compiled more losses than wins.

The bar has been set extremely low at Loftus. Our habitual losing simply does not match our top tier level of talented rugby players. It is now time to reflect and investigate the competency of the Loftus regime and determine if they are fit to lead this once proud rugby union.

Our program has been tremendously inferior to our rivals and competitors for a few years now. Our young players are not receiving the proper teaching of their individual position skills, and in-game scenarios. Therefore, the majority of players in our program are behind the curve in regards to their readiness to advance to their respective levels.

Many players are played out of position at the coaches discretion, and  offensive play calling is extremely predictable. Defensively, they struggle due to lack of in-game adjustments from the coaching staff.

It is now time for your voice to be heard and your signature will be the driving force to induce change for the greater good of Bulls Rugby.

Let us stand up and get involved on behalf of the past, current and future supporters of Bulls Rugby.

If we do not act now it will be too late. We need new leadership, and the time for change is now!

This petition will be delivered to the Bulls Rugby union.