Save Dog Shows and Docked Breeds In Northern Ireland

New proposals from MLAs in the Northern Ireland Assembly regarding the 'docking issue' will mean the end of Northern Ireland dogs shows as we know them. They intend to bring in a complete ban on docked dogs being exhibited at any of our shows by virtue of making it illegal for 'a person to show a docked dog at an event to which exhibitors pay a fee or members of the public are admitted. ' This effectively means that it will no longer be viable to hold all breed championship shows, open shows, or many breed shows in N Ireland, as financially it would be impossible to survive with the loss of entry of breeds such as Dobermanns, Rottweilers, Boxers and the many other 'customarily docked breeds'.  The Assembly should be reminded that this could see the loss of perhaps £1,000,000 to the economy currently spent by the many exhibitors from the Republic of Ireland and GB who annually spend money on everything from hotel accomodation, restaurants, car fuel, and general shopping when attending our N I shows. The tourist board reckoned a spend of over £350.000 through Belfast Dog Show just a couple of years ago. Add to this the 4 All Breed IKC shows (Bangor, Newtownards, Banbridge & Portadown), accounting for a sizeable influx of visitors from ROI and GB, not to mention the loss to the hard pressed RUAS where these shows are held. Can the Assembly justify this loss? Mr Roy Beggs, who is supported by Messrs Gibson, Moutray & McCartney but opposed by Mr Molloy, states that his reasoning is to 'change the whole ethos within the dog breeding fraternity and the showing fraternity' - at what cost???

This comes on top of the proposed ban on docking all breeds with the exception of selected 'working' dogs.

  For an example of their discussions, and the names of those making these ill informed and thought out proposals follow the link to the minutes of their most recent meeting below

We call upon the members of the Assembly to moderate their proposals regarding both these subjects to read.

1. Docking of dogs of any breed may take place under veterinary supervision

2. All dogs docked before 1st January 2012 may be exhibited at dog shows in Northern Ireland

This will bring our laws re dog shows into line with those in the rest of the UK - we may not be able to stop the tide of opinion altogether, but we can postpone it until a better thought out plan and sensible informed consultation can be made.

Please sign our petition and stop Northern Ireland becoming a dog show wasteland - save our dog shows now!!!

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