Save In Vacanza Food Truck and Keep it in Lower Lynn Neighbourhood

We are a small business that was dreamed up and created in the height of COVID-19.  Our goal has always been to build community in the Lower Lynn neighbourhood through food and conversation, and for the past year we have had the privilege and honour of living out that dream.  I cannot stress enough that building this business and seeing it grow community in this neighbourhood has been my greatest life accomplishment to date.  Thank you to all of you for your support, generosity and enthusiasm. 

This morning we received an email that broke my heart. Long story short - due to industrial strata reasons, we are no longer  in the loading bay of the Woods Spirit Co.  An exact quote from the email received is: "The space is primarily intended for parking and deliveries. Its (the food truck's) occupation further restricts the intended purpose and therefore activity there spills over taking away our tenants use of their space."  

For context: Our business' hours of operation are 5 p.m - 9 p.m. Wednesday through Friday, and from 3 pm - 9 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday; opposite of the business in the neighbourhood. May I also emphasize that we are parked in a back alley of a light industrial neighbourhood, with roofing vehicles and large trucks blocking the alley at any given time.  We are a stationary food truck that never moves. 

We have been given until November 30th (at the latest) to vacate the space in which we are parked, regardless of the fact that we have been issued a Business Licence from the District of North Vancouver which only permits us to operate our business out of this one location.  We have followed all the rules, jumped through all the hoops, paid all the licensing fees and in 2 weeks we may be forced to close our business.

We need your help.  We would ideally like to stay where we are as we have created a beautiful symbiotic relationship with the neighbouring cocktail bars (who are required to have a food option) and in many ways feel at home in our little alley.  Not only does us being forced to move effect our business but it effects these other two small businessses as well.

If we can't stay then we need the District of North Vancouver to re-evaluate their food truck policy and allow us to either a) park in a designated parking spot; or b) park and serve on the street.  All other municipalities welcome food trucks. We have fought tooth and nail to be where we are and we plan on staying.

Please feel free to share this petition with everyone you know. We are invested in this neighbourhood and will fight to stay here and continue to grow our community. 

Eryn MacKenzie on behalf of In Vacanza Pastificio    Contact the author of the petition

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