Save John Gorilla Yardsticks

The City of Moreland requires John Gorilla cafe to remove the unique and colourful yardsticks that line the front coffee servery window at 49 Pearson Street, Brunswick West.

The Council argues that the yardsticks are not "in-keeping" with the deco facade of the building and they are quite right. The yardsticks are deliberately different to the original facade so that no confusion can be made between the old building and the new.

This practise is standard in most heritage guidelines, even the Council's own. See: What Should The Addition Look Like? in the City of Moreland Heritage Guidelines:

These yardsticks are the key design feature of the cafe and bring much joy to everyone. Just "Google Image" search John Gorilla to confirm this fascination or read any review of the cafe where the yardsticks are always favourably mentioned.

Council needs to support small business, particularly cafes, who add depth to local communities by offering meeting places for its people.

Ironically, the establishment of John Gorilla involved spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to save the beautiful but decaying deco building in which it is situated and restoring many of its original features.

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Kind regards.

All oif us at JG.