Save our 85 dogs and 20 puppies in Serbia!

Dear animal friends and Animal welfare activists!

Unfortunately, this time we have no good news for you. Very sad news reached us from Serbia. The communal politicians of the municipality of Bac (Serbia) have decided to vacate our shelter or kill the rescued dogs!

All documents that we have submitted (which were requested by the community), have "disappeared". We thought that if we do everything the legislator requires from us, we should be safe. We were proud of our performance and the home we built for the dogs, the health condition of our dogs and we thought that the law enforcement in Serbia is representing the law.
But this is already the 3rd time within two years that our documents disappear. So far we have received only postive notices and praise by the inspector of the veterinary inspection of Voijvodina. He kept saying, that we are an exemplary project. But now there will be the 4th local political election during the last two years. Just a month ago, we spent € 1,000 for taxes for the submitted documents. Thank God we still have the copies of the documents.

The eviction notice was thrown in our mailbox like a sheet of advertisements! Without even envelope or stamp!
We all know that these dogs, captured by dog catchers will most likely not survive any longer than 24 hours!
Only 2 weeks ago the community has said, everything will be fine and everyone is willing to legalize our shelter. They have lied and are now using these poor animals to promote their elections, as they have not achieved anything with their mandates so far!!!

Dear animal friends, please raise your voice against lies and corruption, against all and every human outrage towards animals.
Please sign our petition and ask your friends to do the same.
Please help us to save 85 dogs and 20 puppies. Let us not allow that humanitary darkness like in the Middle Ages captures Europe!

We want to ensure, that the inhumane and reckless eviction notice from the municipality is withdrawn through our pressure and we can go on with our work for the animals!

Tierschutz Lassie Villach    Contact the author of the petition