Please sign this petition if you do NOT agree with euthanizing police dogs after being retired Romanian Police officers are not encouraged  to have a dog during their service, and as well they are not encouraged to adopt the police dog - if they have one during their duty.

Most of the police dogs end up in shelters where they are killed after 14 days. Let’s not forget how much these animals help the police officers, how brave they , true heroes.

With this petition, we want to obtain the following changes in the current legislation regarding Police dogs:

 1. When dogs retire they should  receive a pension, a so called "renta viagera" from which the future owner or the actual owner can use to buy food and treatment for the dog if necessary.

2. The treatments that the dog might need should be performed by the same doctor  that treated him while he was serving the Police or other doctor from the area where the dog lives in.

3. Cops that work with dogs should have provided with facilities such as a space for changing work clothes and shower after duty.

4. Police officers that work with dogs should receive a raise (20-25%)to stimulate using Police dogs as company for officers.

5. After retirement the dog should be offered the following opportunities:a) the dog could be adopted by the officer that worked with him by his sideb) an auction could be organized for the sake of the dog to decide who will care for himc) the dog could be donated to a person outside the institution MAId) the dog could be taken in a private shelter or NGO to live the rest of his life with other retired dogsPlease support us, every signature matters ! Let’s save the heroes !