Save Schaumburg Wetlands

In 2018 the village of Schaumburg entered into a contract with Experior Transportation for them to purchase the land near Rodenburg and Irving park road next the Schaumburg Metra Station. The plan is to build a 140,000 square foot corporate headquarters, warehouse space and fueling station for trucks.

This means that the wetlands will be modified which will upset the natural ecosystem, kill and force wildlife out of the wetlands and destroy the natural flow of the water drainage system that could lead to flooding on the near by roads and for the residents on Long avenue. Experior plans to build a refueling station, storing tanks with large amounts of fuel can lead to possible contamination of the underground water table. All of the properties on Long Avenue have a private well that uses the underground water table to supply fresh water inside the homes.

Pollutants from the diesel exhaust can cause respiratory damage, respiratory irritation, cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer and other sicknesses. Saint John's Church that houses a children's school, preschool and all the families with children in the surrounding neighborhoods will be impacted by the unhealthy pollutants from the Experior trucking company and refueling station.


Why are wetlands important ?




Underground fuel storage tank hazards

Underground storage tanks hold toxic material, such as gasoline and waste oil, which contain dangerous substances that can cause cancer and harm developing children. Chemicals in underground storage tanks can quickly move through soil and pollute groundwater. There is no safe level of exposure to many of these toxic substances.


Please sign to stop Experior building, polluting and destroying the wetlands. Save Schaumburg Wetlands !


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