Save the old burial places of Aure Church

Do not destroy the old burial places of Aure! The address is addressed to the church authority of the Ylöjärvi parish regarding the old burial places of the Aurejärvi Church (Itä-Aure, Kuru, Ylöjärvi).
We demand that the burial grounds of the Aurejärvi Church not be removed from the old burial places with the funeral stickers even though they could not be found for redeemers to renew the management period. The place is valuable in many other ways than just the annual fees.
We are very concerned about the future of the Aurejärvi Church Cemetery. The Church and its milieu are a place for us to remember, to find a root and to self-study. The church is the most important tourist attraction in the region and it will not be shattered in the name of money. Despite the idea of ​​profitability, space is still sufficient. As the cemetery continues to grow, the space requirement per buried person is further reduced. According to the congregation, after 2010, 34 persons have been wounded and 11 people were suffocated. Nearly a third is already being ashes.
Valuable environments are preserved. Ideally, the temporal layer is even secured. The Aurejärvi Church with its surroundings has been defined as a nationally significant cultural environment. The congregation's assertion that "besides the East-Aureen cemetery, almost all the cemeteries in Finland are classified as valuable cultural environments" (see below, the text of the "Parish Decision") is founded. Ylöjärvi has eight cemeteries. Two of these are classified as nationally significant building environments, both Kurumba cemeteries. By neglecting this characterization, the congregation has shown its disapproval of other objects belonging to the same category. Places like Pyynik Observatory and the Cathedral of Tampere should be brought close to Aurella.
The old burial places must be preserved with their memorial and the following burial places are arranged by the parish in another way. We suggest that the deceased be buried in the cemetery for places where there is room. As a later solution, he was thinking of extending the cemetery, for example, where valuable old graves with their memorial should not be removed.
We hope that the congregation will propose an alternative way of avoiding the destruction of a valuable environment. There is no need to hear hunting within the deadline given by the congregation to relatives of probable relatives who have been extinct 100 years ago without the church providing a clear list of those persons who are now in possession of all the 237 tombs we can approach

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