Save the Penticton Creek Trees

The beautiful pathway that is nestled between the creek along Nanaimo Street and 335 Braid has gorgeous mature trees which are going to be cut down according to city staff "The trees have to go." The trees have been meticulously maintained inside the property line of 335 Braid and the owners, Brent & Judy Richards are petitioning the community to help save them.

So many trees along the creek have been destroyed​ and removed. It will take decades to see any such beauty & growth again. ​We'll lose the birds that love to nest in these trees as well. ​To see further devastation to this natural growth along the creek would be heartbreaking because it is totally unnecessary. The city is trying to strong-arm this decision because they feel the path is unsafe and by widening it, it would attract more residents to walk it, which is ludicrous. People already love and enjoy the trees and pathway exactly as it is. ​For Brent & Judy, in the 11 years at the residence, they haven't witnessed any such safety issues. Plus, the city could leave the trees and widen the path on the creek side.  

The trees need your help! Please help save the trees by signing this petition.

As you can see in this photo, no trees exist anymore along this section of the creek/pathway. penticton-creek-trees2.jpeg

In this photo, you can see some of the trees that are to be removed, as well as the property line that they plan to push back into the owner's yard.
In this photo, nearly all the trees in the red outline have been removed, except the trees in the yellow triangle - giving you a perspective of what we've lost and what we're losing.
Here you can see a couple of the trees that are to be removed.
The trees in the summer along the path.
Another photo of the loss of trees. The gorgeous orange trees are what the city plans to take. 
As you can see, these are old, mature trees that are being cut down.
Here are the trees inside the yard that are to come out.
Mature Creeping Virginia and some trees that will be lost. 
Trees that have been here for decades... gone.

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