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image_(5)2.pngSAVE THE POLO FIELDS PARK     The Polo Fields Park is located in District 3 of Forsyth County Georgia, and it has been an integral part of our community since it was developed in 1986. The park originally served as a Polo Field, and the original owner hosted several players and teams from Europe and South America. Prince Charles and the British Polo team, headed by Major Ronald Ferguson have played on the Polo Fields.  Sadly, the original owner passed away in 2002 and the property was passed to his Heirs. Since that time, they have allowed the Polo Fields, zoned R2R residential to be used as a park, and today it hosts over 1000 young soccer players, and a stable with horses.   The Heirs to the Polo Fields have decided it’s time to sell, and are currently working with Century Homes to build 58 homes on this beautiful park.  Not only would this planned subdivision add to an already dangerous traffic issue, the increased water runoff is planned to empty into a beautiful wetlands pond in the middle of our community.   Upon learning about this plan, the surrounding community, the Polo Fields subdivision, tried to find any way to stop homes from being built.  The Polo Fields HOA discovered that Forsyth County had purchased land nearby to develop as a park to be named Denmark Park, and after the purchase they lost funding to develop the land into a park with 4 fields. Given that it was roughly the same size as the Polo Fields, the Polo Fields HOA went to our District 3 Commissioner Todd Levent, and asked him if a land swap would be possible. Century Homes could go on a large portion of the land where the planned Denmark Park is, and then Forsyth County would buy the Polo Fields, which is already being used as a park, with 6 active fields.   Mr. Levent loved the idea, and has taken it forward. He first met with Parks and Rec and the Forsyth County Attorney, and they agreed it was a good idea. Todd, along with Parks and Rec, have had meetings with Century Homes, and worked out a deal, but the deal will require the land purchased for Denmark Park to be rezoned.  Todd Levent has initiated the request, and the other Commissioners agreed to open up the zoning process, but we need your support to make this happen. All of the Commissioners have to vote and agree upon this zoning request, and if it passes they will have the ability to do the land swap.   Please sign this petition to show the Commissioners that you are in favor of saving the beautiful Polo Fields park that is the home to over 1000 young soccer players who will have nowhere to go if the park goes away. Youth programs such as this are integral to our community, and given the high rate of development, we need to preserve this green space.  

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