Save this baby girl from abuse!

Please Help: I want to get the word out. I want to see changes made. This should make you angry. These two amazing people so filled with love where missing one thing. A child of their own. They are not able to conceive one of their own so they prayed for a miracle. They wanted to make a difference in the lives of others and so they became foster parents while continuing to look into adoption through foster care. One night they got a call of a child in need and they were quick to answer. This baby was abandoned and needing a family. They spent a week in the NICU with her before they took her home. They were asked if they would want to adopt and to them The Lord was answering a long unanswered prayer. They applied for adoption and were selected as final candidates. They were told by CASA and many others they would be pushing to keep her with them and not traumatized this baby by ripping away the bond clearly made already with this loving family. After 5 months of loving and caring for this baby they received the worst call imaginable. Another family was chosen for her based on simply that they had adopted before and had a higher education. These people are are fully capable of loving every bit as much as someone who has already been blessed with children. This family has a home, solid employment for over 15 years at the same place. She is a stay at home wife who loves this baby every bit like she birthed her herself. I've seen lawyers that make the worst parents. I've see doctors whose children intentionally poop their pants so their parents have to come get them just so they see their parents at all. A higher education doesn't make them more qualified. These faces are all she knows, their voices are what comforts her. They are taking a perfect family and tearing it apart for no real good reason. This is our warped foster care system.
It would be one thing if this child was always intended to be reunited with her biological family. But to remove the child from one adoptable family she has been with since birth just to place her with another is wrong! They say CPS has the best interest of the child in mind. I don't believe you do! What reason do you have to traumatized this child? She is happy and loved. Your Christmas present is to tear her away from that? Take a good look, when will we as a people have enough of the political bull crap. I've had enough! This is my family and it's being destroyed over politics. Please I beg of you all to rally against this. I held my sister as she shook
uncontrollably crying about how she didn't want to lose her baby. I watched my brother cry as he rocked his baby to sleep knowing they are going to take her away. Please don't let this happen! Social media is powerful! Please help us use it for good!

We need to stop traumatizing innocent children without a voice. The state needs to stop wasting tax dollars on adoption processes when the current foster parent who has the child wants to keep the child. We lose good foster parents all the time because they are chastised for standing up for and representing the children who have suffered enough. This baby should not be forced to suffer when the foster parents are already deemed worthy of having her. When the bio family supports this foster family adopting and they all agree to keep the adoption open and the bio extended family may stay notified of how well this baby is doing. There is no reason to hand her over to strangers. This senseless trauma should
be avoided should be illegal. This is legalized kidnapping. The bio family next of kin should be respected. This baby is already home.