Help us save AIR MOLDOVA NATIONAL company!

PETITION FROM Air Moldova employees


  Through this petition, Air Moldova employees and colleagues of civil aviation of the Republic of Moldova, express with concern the critical situation in which the airline is now.  

Air Moldova airline is in a deep financial crisis. The bank conditioned the company to increase the deposit amount to guarantee the refund of unused tickets. Thus, a deficit of funds necessary for the company's activity was formed. This abusive blocking by the bank is financially constraining the company.  

  • Air Moldova is currently unable to pay:      
  • Employee salaries for the months of February, March and April
  •    The services of the Chisinau International Airport State Enterprise Contracted aircrafts  
  •   Aircraft fueling  
  •   Payment of debts to all service providers

All of the above lead to mass flight cancellations and the inability of the company to honor its obligations to passengers, partners and employees.   In this way, we ask for your involvement in the created situation, being our last chance to save the National Operator Air Moldova.

  Otherwise, in less than a few days the company will go bankrupt, and we 285 civil aviation specialists will lose our jobs, more than 70 thousand passengers will lose their purchased tickets and the state budget will lose one of the bigger taxpayers.  

  Based on the above, we ask for your involvement to save Air Moldova from bankruptcy, through the following actions:

  1. Partial unlocking of the deposit imposed by the bank, in order to be able to pay for aircraft servicing, which would stop mass flight cancellations.

 2. Unblocking by state bodies of the company's assets, this can be used to cover the company’s debts. 

3. Unlocking the capital of Air Moldova, this would allow attracting investors. 

Through this petition, the 285 Air Moldova employees, our family members, colleagues of civil aviation and the company's passengers, pursue common goals: 

Safe flights for Moldova and International citizens, jobs for the country's civil aviation specialists and considerable taxes for the state budget. 

We want to continue our activity, here, at home, in better conditions, in a better country.

 Help us save AIR MOLDOVA NATIONAL company!


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