We have a Doctor in Sweden, who has saved a lot of lives, that now has lost his licence.

The reason is that he with certain, more difficult cases of tick borne diseases, has prescribed longer and tougher courses of antibiotics, then what is general practice and whats allowed here in Sweden.

We need help to organize support for Dr Kenneth Sandström.

A doctor's primary mission is to alleviate symptoms and heal disease, which Dr. Sandström did, where other doctors for years failed to make the correct diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment, due to carelessness and ignorance. He is a doctor, that with great empathy and expertise, puts a lot of time into helping his patients. Furthermore, He achieves an outcome that the conventional care doesn’t come close to. Swedish doctors spend the least time in Europe on their patients, which is partly due to that our health care system is built around economic interests rather than patient needs.

He is a member of ILADS and has been taught by the best specialists in the world, with great knowledge of the complex Lyme disease bacterium and its co-infections. He has participated in conferences around the world to gain a unique insight. In Sweden, knowledge is low among physicians and other health professionals, largely because there is no requirement for continuing education, as in most other countries.

Tick borne ​​diseases has low priority, despite the fact that there are around 40,000 patients a year who contract Lyme disease (according to Scand Tick) and other tick infections in Sweden we know very little about. The big problem is that about 5 -10% of those affected by Lyme disease develops long-term, chronic symptoms and these patients are in most cases without any help from health care.

There are some doctors in Sweden who see this problem. They see, the usually difficult but characteristic symptoms and the patient's suffering, but do not dare to treat, for fear of being reported and thus lose their licenses. If Dr. Sandström loses his license, these doctors would hesitate even more and perhaps resign from helping the desperately needing and suffering patients.

Lyme disease is a rapidly spreading disease worldwide, and with the warmer climate, the spread is likely to increase even more in the future. Anyone can become afflicted and there is a risk of misdiagnosis and improper treatment. This can lead to unnecessary suffering and long sick leaves. ILADS guidelines for treatment and therapy regarding persistent Lyme disease has been proven in studies. Over 90% gets better or completely recovered.

It is important that the swedish doctors should be able to treat and cure their patients without having to worry about any reprisals and retracted licenses. In the United States legislation is put to order that will protect such doctors under the same conditions.

Our support for Dr. Sandstrom is pathfinding, and our hope is that it will encourage other doctors to learn more about tick-borne diseases, and to treat according to ILADS recommendations.

To punish Dr. Sandstrom because he has chosen to continue his education in this field and to let the knowledge be of benefit to patients is completely unacceptable! 

It is therefore important that as many people as possible to sign this petition!


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