Save Nu107 FM's rock music-oriented programming format!!!

There are rumors that the Progressive Broadcasting Corporation, that owns and operates DWNU FM (aka NU107) has already sold much of its shares to new personas, hence the impending change in its format from its current rock-oriented  programming to mainstream pop.  If this new format pushes through, listeners and fans will surely be disheartened, especially starting rock bands who aspire to make it big in the business.  The death of Nu107 marks the death of the rockstar dream, especially that it is the only station that hosts an annual Rock Awards ceremony.

Take note, this is is NOT a petition to prevent the new personalities from venturing into the station's business, but rather, to ensure that NU107 maintains their modern rock-oriented programming which has cultivated both the local and foreign rock consciousness in the country for the past 20 years.    This is a battle cry to all advertisers who think the rock audience is a remote, diminuitive, niche market.

Please sign the petition to show our unity, AND OUR STAND IS WE DON'T WANT NU107 AND ITS ICONIC PROGRAMS AND EVENTS TO CEASE TO EXIST!  There is safety in numbers, so please be counted!