Say NO to 'make room' by City of Melbourne council!

You might have heard that the City of Melbourne council is planning to open a homeless shelter on the corner of Rose Lane and Lt Bourke St. Works are to commence August 2021. This has been done without speaking to residents and businesses within the vicinity and will have a profound effect on Rose Lane, Lt Bourke St and surrounds, and ultimately the entire CBD. 
There are young families with small children, students and retirees living in the neighbourhood calling it home. This 'New York' side of the city has become increasingly unsafe in the past several years, and by concentrating people experiencing homelessness from Flinders St Station, King St and Southern Cross Station right at our doorstep, the council has narrow-mindedly respected only one party in the equation.
Society should support people experiencing homelessness when it can. We are not against helping them at all. We note simply that there are superior alternatives - somewhere near the police station on the corner of Spencer Street, for example. Good view, not crowded, fresh air and secure. 
Residents have been working hard to improve our neighbourhood to make it safe for people to live in. The police are called frequently to handle anti-social behaviour. The collective efforts of residents will be futile if this project goes ahead, as it will expose our community and its residents to further assualts. 
Residents have experienced being followed, attacked (stabbings and robbery), approached aggressively, and have witnessed substance abuse. We do not feel safe in our own home and are asking for help!
We are asking you as your fellow neighbours to sign this petition to stop the council from commencing this project, due to start towards the end of 2021.

Sign this petition now to stop this from happening!

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