Dear Sir, Madam,

We, parents of kids, living in Cyprus would like to express our disagreement about mandatory masks. We DO refuse our children to wear the mask because:•    There has never been a proof of mask to work. There were many proves that masks don't work including respirators, therefore you have no right to put the health of our children at risk by your thoughts of what you think is right! And exactly because of no one can prove masks works and are healthy to wear in many countries of EU high courts has diminished mandatory masks. 


•    NO! It has been proved by many specialist  worldwide, that it does not work.

 •    On each packages of surgical masks bought, you can also read „ not for use of viruses“, as surgical masks are pretty much just for surgeons, when they perform surgeries, so they hair, sweat etc. do not fall in patients open body or for mild dust

•    Fabric masks or respirators also do not work, because the virus is in NANO particles (supertiny size) which means, as long as air gets in and out, so will virus! Mask can stop saliva, but not virus!

•    It has been proved, that anyone wearing mask, will have less oxygen which is hazardous for a health! Not enough oxygen in body makes perfect place for viruses as it makes blood acidic. REGULATION IS NOT A LAW. ONLY LAW CAN BE MANDATORY. THEREFORE YOU BREACH OF LAW.

•    Mask shall wear only those who believe in it and want it and if mask work then those who are for wearing the mask, shall NOT be afraid of those who don't wear it as their mask shall protect them!

Yours Sincerely, " parents of cyprus"

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