This is to let EPIC games know we are sick of their game forcing us to compete against PC players who have outrageous advantages over console players ruining the game and overall experience. Turning off crossplay means you cannot play with xbox players and you cannot find a game. I waited over an hour and never found a game. Epic needs to use the smallest amount of intelligence to see that these should never be mixed due to the highly competitve nature of the game and the insane advantages of mouse and keyboard, fps, no input delay etc.. Its sad this even has to be done as this should just be an obviously stupid thing to have in the game. The option to play with PC is fine but forcing us to be in lobies where PC players run through dominating is just plain stupid. We do not run through mobile or switch lobies yet EPIC is ruining the experience for XBOX and PS4 users with their blatant ignorance and disregard for the console community. Fix your trash game please. 

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