Shangra-la Mission ISIS

We, the members of The Shangra-la Mission, state that Shangra-la is and has always been a viable organization sponsored by the Ascended Masters.


We, the undersigned, do agree that we have always seen the organization of The Shangra-la Mission as a valid and progressive religious/spiritual movement to which we consider ourselves as members. We were founded on January 12, 2003 as a non-profit religious mission. We believe that this mission is the chalice for the teachings of the Ascended Masters, and a place where we can come together to share our Hearts and grow. Shangra-la has a vibrant and active community spread across the world. The community of Shangra-la has invested much time and money in keeping the mission going for we believe in what it stands for. We founded a school on March 1, 2009, the school of Being, for which our beloved Messenger, Lorraine Michaels, became the spiritual director. We came together in oneness, and raised $130,000 to purchase  a place for the school.

Many of us have been with this mission for over five years, and some of us from the very first year. We have contributed our financial resources to support the Messengers for Shangra-la, and the mission’s goals that came through the Great Divine Director and other Ascended Masters.  The Shangra-la Mission is our church and mission, for which we have Loved and invested so much. Shangra-la is not just about the delivery of the Word in the form of teachings from the Ascended Masters, it is a place where we are all learning to Be More, learning to share our Hearts, learning to Serve each other and the World through prayer and the sharing of the message. When we donate money to Shangra-la, it is for the support of the Mission of the Messengers which is also the Mission of the Ascended Masters.

We DO NOT regard Shangra-la and its assets as marital property that can be divided between the current and former Messenger, Kim Michaels. Shangra-la is about Community and is a Church of the Holy Spirit. Anyone who claims we are not a valid church and mission is not validating the laws that we were founded and protected by.  But we are also protected under  the Laws of God that goes beyond the person to encompass Being I AM.  To violate this sacred union is violating Holy Ground, but it will not pass!

We Love Shangra-la. We ARE Shangra-la. Let God’s Will Be done and justice prevail!

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