Shell (viva energy) withholding my fuel bond!

As a lot of you are aware, I was the business owner of Shell Beauty Point. I was only in their for 7 months under a lease of the premise, however the premise got sold and the new owners would not negotiate on rent ($1000 per week in a small town, where I was only just making ends meet), so they evicted me immediately over text message. So 2 days later we were out.. 

Still with many outstanding invoices and now no income. I have lost my business! 

To order fuel with Shell (viva energy) you are required to have a fuel bond, which works as your credit limit. I had $20,000 of my money sitting with Shell so I could order fuel. As I was evicted from the premise shell held on to my bond as they may have to take expenses out - however my account was all paid up. I left the business at the beginning of July 2019 and only received half of my bond back at the end of October. Which didn't even cover my outstanding debts related to the business. 

I have been advised from shell (viva energy) they will remain to hold the rest of my fuel bond, as the NEW owners of the premise cannot find a "shell" tenant I am liable to pay approx $7,000 to get the site de-branded from Shell, as i was the one that had the contract with Shell I am the one liable. 

I have created this petition, as I believe being evicted by the NEW OWNERS OF SHELL PREMISE they then become liable of the de-branding fees if they cannot find a Shell tenant! Please sign this petition if you believe I should get my fuel bond back!!! 

On another note, the same week of the site being de-branded from Shell, new tenants picked up the keys and have turned the site into Caltex!!! 

How is this even right.... how am I liable for the costs to de-brand the site!!!!! 

Thank you for your time


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