Sibling Guarantee at The European School Copenhagen

Fellow parents at the European School Copenhagen:

It has been brought to our attention that Copenhagen Municipality will not guarantee siblings of current students a place at the European School Copenhagen. We are very concerned about this situation for the following reasons:

- Family logistics. Having children enrolled at different schools make the daily logistics in a family much more difficult

- Participating in and supporting school activities. Participating and supporting school activities and parental commitees at several schools instead of just The European School will doubtless mean reduced parental support and commitment for The European School

- Attracting international families. We are concerned that The European School will not be able to maintain its international environment if sufficient international families do not choose the school for their children. International families will look at whether or not a school offer sibling guarantee.

- At a Danish "folkeskole" siblings are guaranteed a place if the oldest child in a family is enrolled at the school even if the school is not the catchment area school. We do not understand why the European School should be any different.

 The Contact Parents in 2.DK have written a letter to the municipality and we plan to send it friday 11th November so the municipality has it in advance of the start of the admission process.

Please sign the petition no later than wednesday 9th November if you agree that the European School should have sibling guarantee. Also, please state your nationaly so we can show the diversity of the school and why it is so important that we maintain this.

On behalf of the contact parents in 2.DK