Sign Language in BiH

Sign language

We demand the unconditional implementation of the Law on the use of sign language in BiH ("Official Gazette of Bosnia i Herzegovina", No. 75/09).

Article 9 of the Act provides:

(1) Deaf person has the right to use sign language in proceedings before the organs and institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(2) Deaf person has the right to use sign language in all other situations in which deafness meant interference in meeting their needs, including the process of international legal assistance.

(3) Deaf person has the right to be informed by adapted techniques in accordance with relevant regulations.

(4) The rights referred to in paragraphs (1) and (2) of this Article may be achieved by ensuring the right to a sign language interpreter.


Accordingly to cited provisions we require:

- The program on state TV to be subtitled or with translation into sign language,

- That our sign language is finally recognized by society and the law as a second language,

- The right to bilingual education in mainstream schools for the deaf,

- The right to a sign language interpreter at colleges, seminars, courses, meetings, health care, modeled after European states,

- The right to professional services and rehabilitation (practice listening and speaking), regardless of age.

Objectives are:

• The right to bilingual education in mainstream schools and colleges

• The right to a surdipedagogues, audiorehabilitators (practice listening and speaking) for all ages

• The right to interpretation services in educational institutions, hospitals, police, legal counseling, financial counseling, in the theater, sports facilities and many other areas.

• The right to family counseling for families with deaf members

• The right to equal access to information (on TV) subtitles or using an interpreter.

• The right to emergency notifications via SMS or over the subtitles on TV in the case of an emergency such as floods, fires, earthquakes etc.


Join us, and until then like and add suggestions.

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