Architects to DOE and EPA Senate Hearing Committees



Because unfortunately Global warming is real

(Washington , 2017-02-01)


My companies commitment to make buildings more energy efficient.

(Phoenix, 2017-02-01)


as a responsible architect it is important to design responsibly keeping in my the environment.

(Indianapolis, 2017-02-01)


I care about the future

(Indianapolis, 2017-02-01)


I believe we need to increase environmental protections.

(Chicago, 2017-02-01)


I am siging this petition, because i believe the success in the future for our country must include sustainable initiatives.

(Winter Garden, 2017-02-01)


Protect our Environmental health

(Washington DC, 2017-02-02)


The biggest crisis we currently face is climate change. Climate change will lead to a lose of human life and vital resources, which will escalate tensions between nations and groups and could lead to wars. We cannot afford not to make changes.

(Indianapolis, 2017-02-02)


I am signing this petition as I am gravely concerned with the direction this administration is taking the country regarding the environment and the use of energy. The administration is destroying the world (let alone this country) by not recognizing the human impact our decisions make.

(Indianapolis, 2017-02-02)


This is important to myself and the future of my children

(Fairbanks, 2017-02-02)


As an Architect and Legislator and a human being I stand against this madness and bigotry

(Framingham , 2017-02-02)


As a practicing architect and STEM educator we need to be fully aware of the buildings and the impact on sustainability and the environment as a whole.

(Saratoga Springs, 2017-02-03)


LEED AP, BD & C and I am in a field that has a significant impact on climate change...we must all do our part to ensure the survival of our planet

(loganton, 2017-02-03)


Because I care about what happens to the world after I die.

(New Orleans, 2017-02-04)


I'm signing for the future of this planet. We are supposed to be stewards and it is our duty to respond to the knowledge we now have about our impact on our planet. I sign because I believe that the government should be dedicating its resources to the protection of our planet, not defunding them.

(Washington , 2017-02-05)


I am an architect who has spent my entire career training to make more efficient buildings. Undercutting efficiency regulations will destroy highly-skilled jobs like mine, and will significantly diminish my earning potential.

(Alexandria, 2017-02-06)


CBECs in particular is one the best tools the industry has for benchmarking of building energy performance, and is critical to the industry in terms of improving energy efficiency of our building stock. It's important to recognize this initiative has many benefits that benefit our clients regardless of political persuasions.

(Washington, 2017-02-06)


Environmental protection is the bases to lead the American industry into sustainable growth over the next decades and to create a livable environment for that work for this industry. If live and work is out of balance the industry will not prosper.

(Baltimore, 2017-02-06)


The information and data produced by the DOE and the EPA are critical to our work to ensure that we produce projects that are not only environmentally sustainable, but also economically and socially sustainable.

(Washington, DC, 2017-02-06)


This country cannot afford to go backwards on these issues after so much critical progress has been made.

(Ester, 2017-02-06)


We are at a critical junction of ethics and metrics. Supporting national environmental benchmarking tools provided by the EPA and DOE ultimately facilitates protecting our planet, fostering a respect for all creation, and demonstrating care for our common home. “The deterioration of nature is closely connected to the culture which shapes human coexistence.” Encyclical Letter Caritas in Veritate (29 June 2009), 51: AAS 101 (2009), 687

(Washington DC, 2017-02-07)


As an architect, we depend on the EPA and the DOE's data and information on a weekly basis to help guide our design process toward not only environmental sustainable, but economical and social sustainability for our projects.

(Washington, DC, 2017-02-08)


We cannot afford to go backwards!!!

(Bethesda, 2017-02-08)


Robert Davidescu

(WINTER PARK, 2017-02-08)


Ensuring the health and safety our water, land and people is never complete.

(Oakland, 2017-02-10)


I'm signing because we need to be responsible for our treatment of the planet, in order to secure a bright future for our children!

(Morris Plains, 2017-02-16)


Both candidates are unqualified for these positions and their appointments are contrary to the mission of each department. The appointment of Pruit in particular would be disastrous to the health and wellbeing of both the natural and built environments and their inhabitants. Global Warming deniers have no place in these crucial roles at this critical era.

(Scotch Plains, NJ, 2017-02-16)


I care about the impact of Architecture on our precious planet... Unlike the current administration.

(Cedar Rapids, 2017-02-16)