Tshovhilingana Bundu For Muvhango



he is the best actor and comedian to come out from Venda

(Johannesburg, 2017-02-04)


I'm signing because i believe in home brewed talent and bundu has proven to the masses thats hes good at what he does. I believe if he could get a chance to showcase his talent on tv that could put Venda and South Africa on another level.

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


He is talented!

(Johannesburg, 2017-02-04)


Bundu is our well known gifted movie player who seem to be not recognized in the movie industry I m requesting if you can find a part of him to place

(Pretoria, 2017-02-04)


We need to see more of local talent televised. Bundu on SABC channels.

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


He is very funny

(Pretoria, 2017-02-04)


I'm signing because... i value good talent more than anything else...to increase your viewers you might aswell have him in the cast

(Pretoria, 2017-02-04)


He is a magnificent actor and deserves a chance

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


Bundu deserves a space in the broader entertainment industry

(Johannesburg, 2017-02-04)


I'm signing because i want bundu in muvhango

(louis trichardt, 2017-02-04)


The actor has proven his worth

(Port Elizabeth , 2017-02-04)


I love his acting n comedy he is very good n would love to c changes

(Thohoyandou , 2017-02-04)


I'm signing because... He Is A Real Entertainer And Many People Love Seeing Him On Screen. If He Become Part Of Muvhango He'll Make People To Stay Glued On Their Televisions Waiting To See Him Every Weekdays At 9pm

(Johannesburg , 2017-02-04)


I wouldn't wanna miss a show that guy is in. He's a good actor with great humor too. Having him on the show would definitely get me tuning in every night

(Katlohong, 2017-02-04)


I am a big fan

(Johannesburg , 2017-02-04)


I want him to act on muvhango

(Kempton park, 2017-02-04)


I believe Bundu can bring some vibe to our favourite drama,muvhango.

(Gauteng, 2017-02-04)



(Johannesburg, 2017-02-04)


Im signing because Bundu deserves the chance to showcase his talent for nation wide to see.

(Pretoria, 2017-02-04)


He is a worthy actor with years of experience

(Makhado , 2017-02-04)


Bundu for Muvhango

(Johannesburg, 2017-02-04)


Bundu has proven to be a great and talented humorous actor and deserves a chance at mainstream television, more especially SABC 2's Muvhango, since it is mostly comprised of local talent.

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


Because this guy is exceptionally talented, and deserves a chance with national television. He's probably the greatest entertainer in the whole world!

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


Bundu can bring more excitement

(Pretoria , 2017-02-04)


The guy is very talented and he can spice things up

(Pretoria , 2017-02-04)


We need him

(Johannesburg , 2017-02-04)


I'm signing because... (optional)muvhango have tried stars like (emtee)bt ddnt work out so these can be a very good opportunity for muvhango to make nomber 1 soapie in sabc 2 because youth and adult of south africa love bundu and can make people rate it as nonber 1 soapie

(thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


I want to see him on National TV

(Johannesburg , 2017-02-04)


I like having opinions on issues and I think this would be a very good thing if it happens

(Thohoyandou , 2017-02-04)


He is talented, love him acting

(Thohoyandou , 2017-02-04)


He deserves it

(Pretoria, 2017-02-04)


I'm signing because...he is the best comedian and a very good entertain

(thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


I believe the story needs to take it back to vho Ratshitanga days

(Pretoria , 2017-02-04)


Bundu he know how to make people happy n peole they love him

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


Because i knw he is bettr than many who r in TV today. Give him a chance and u will be ameized

(Pretoria, 2017-02-04)



(thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


I'm signing because... (optional)he always keeps me laughing and he deserve a chance to show his talent

(brits, 2017-02-04)


I love bundu too much i watch his movies everyday after school

(makhado, 2017-02-04)


I want him on muvhango

(thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


I believe he is talented and can make Muvhango to be more interesting.

(Alberton, 2017-02-04)


I'm signing because... This man can put muvhngo on next level and best soapie

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


I see a great talent out of this man, He have his own character that is different to another and lot of fellow south africans would love to enjoy it.

(Soweto , 2017-02-04)


I'm signing because... bundu is very talented and will make muvhango more interesting

(Cape Town, 2017-02-04)


He is more than talented

(THOHOYANDOU, 2017-02-04)


I am signing in because am his biggest fan n hes the best comedian and actor ....so i think the Sabc should recognise him too

(Senwamokgope, 2017-02-04)


He is a great actor and should b granted a challenge.

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


I'm signing because... (optional)bundu he is so talented

(makhado, 2017-02-04)


I'm signing because... (optional) he has talent and more experience of acting

(naturena, 2017-02-04)


I feel he deserves a chance on sabc 2 drama mu hango because he has proved without any reasonable doubt that he is a t.v natural

(Pretoria, 2017-02-04)


I support Mr bundu and he is well talented

( Thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


He makes me happy, his acting talent is more than what you could say acting,,he is multi talented

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


I dont usually whatch muvhango but i'm sure I will whact the soapie everyday if mr Bundu is acting there.

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


I feel Bundu should be given a chance on Muvhango

(Heidelberg , 2017-02-04)


I think he is a talented actor

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


is a good idea every one love this man

(MAKHADO, 2017-02-04)


He is talented and if there is an investor should come on spot to fund this young man, he so talented that he could do better in Muvhango

(Thohoyandou , 2017-02-04)


I really belive that bundu will improve muvhango and put it somewhere and make us proud as venda to have a comedian like him

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


I'm signing because... Bundu is so much talented and have a lots of followers, not only vendas But all around S.A. so if he can be part of Muvhango acters. muvhango is going to earn lots of followers campares to other Sopies.

(Randburg, 2017-02-04)


I'm signing because bundu is talented

(gauteng, 2017-02-04)


I'm signing because... I know that he is a good actor and he has a potential to be a big attention pulling actor in muvhango .noone will miss muvhango anymore and those who miss it they will want to see a repeat.

(thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


His talented and very funny

(Johannesburg , 2017-02-04)


Tshovhilingana Bundu

(Thohoyandou , 2017-02-04)


i lyk dis guy... he is a complete talent

(thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


I'm signing this because I what to see venda soapie on a map.

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-04)


Bundu is a very talented actor

(Pretoria , 2017-02-04)


I'm signing in because because I wanna see Bundu on sabc.He's talent can't be ignored.Its time for him to show his talent .

(Nzhelele, 2017-02-05)


I want to see tshovhilingana bundu as an actor at muvhango

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing because... he got the talent for actong and it would be better to have someone we know from early age .and ofcouse he brings all his venda followers with him .by that i mean the whole venda tribe

(thohoyandou, 2017-02-05)


The Guy is talented, he deserves a role on Muvhango

(Pretoria , 2017-02-05)


I want to see Bundu in muvhango

(soweto, 2017-02-05)


Lets give him a chance please. Muvhabgo needs someone like him to make us laugh and am sure everyone would enjoy it

(Pretoria , 2017-02-05)


I want bundu to be on muvhango

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-05)


Muvhango its kind of boring this days i bilive it needs the spark of bundu personality

(THOHOYANDOU, 2017-02-05)


I want 2 c muvhango reaching the level which wil end up been no 1 viewed soapie in mzasi

(germiston, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing this petition because this person is talented, funny and he knows how to entertain peoples so he deserves a chance to show his skills and talents

(Messina, 2017-02-05)


I believe Bundy has a potential his role May spice up the drama itself

(Johannesburg, 2017-02-05)


Na nne kho toda uvhona vho-bundu kha television

(Johannesburg , 2017-02-05)


Tshovhilingana bundu is a talented man, i think he can be a good actor. and many people will like to watch muvhango because of him

(johannisburg, 2017-02-05)


Im signing up so that bundu can b in muvhango

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-05)


I know he is a brilliant actor and he's adored by many people

(Kempston park, 2017-02-05)


I believe he got talent and he will make muvhango exciting

(Cape Town , 2017-02-05)


Sign him

(Thohoyandou , 2017-02-05)


Bundu s talent is natural and he can put muvhango on the map

(Pretoria , 2017-02-05)


I want thovhilingani to be given a role in muvhango

(Phalaborwa, 2017-02-05)



(makhado, 2017-02-05)


He is the best actor

(Makhado, 2017-02-05)


I have have seen his talent

(Johannesburg , 2017-02-05)


He is a good actor

(Thohoyandou , 2017-02-05)


I believe that Bundu should be given a chance on Muvhango.

(Milton keynes, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing because he is talented

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-05)


He is funny.. Creative and can bring lots of excitement to audience.

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-05)


I think he should be given that chance and the writers should make plans on how are they going to fit him in the drama. Honestly speaking the good man Mr Bundu his talented.

(Durban , 2017-02-05)


because i have watched this man called mr bundu in all his movies and his talent is magnificent..i think muvhango needs a guy of his comedic geneus to add more flava to the soapie..i say he deserves a chance

(pretoria, 2017-02-05)


Im signing because i dont wana miss that unique character of MrBundu.. i will not regret watching him on my television everyday

(Tshakhuma, 2017-02-05)


His a great character

(Pretoria , 2017-02-05)


Bundu has talent and deserve a chance in a Notional Television. HE WOULD BRING MUCH ENTERTAINMENT ON MUVHANGO. #BunduForMuvhango

(Makhado, 2017-02-05)


The guy is talented

(Pretoria, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing because... Bundu is a great actor and he can bring excitement to muvhango

(cosmo city, 2017-02-05)


Bundu should given a chance on muvhango

(THOHOYANDOU , 2017-02-05)


He is a pure talent and he can make me watch Muvhango every week

(Tembisa, 2017-02-05)


Because his so Fanny and talented

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-05)


I am supporting mr bundu

( makhado, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing because... (optional) Bundu he is the best

(pretoria, 2017-02-05)


Mr Bundu is talented and his talent can make muvhango to have many viewers

(pretoria, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing because...bundu have more talent he deserve to be on muvhango as one of leading actor. #bundmuvhango

(Johannesburg, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing because... (optional) I believe Bundu will make a huge difference in viewers roll

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-05)


He's talented

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-05)


He is such an excellent actor. Talent like that is hard to find. Wish him well.

(kuruman, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing because I see it fit for Tshovhilingana to be one of the Leading Actor on Muvhango.

So far I rate him as 1 of leading actors amongst the Venda speaking people and also one of the best actor in the Country and in the world.

He is Creative, Talented and gifted and he must be supported by being given a Chance to further prove himself in the acting industry.

I Thank you.
Rex Mushanganyisi

(Pretoria, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing because he truly deserves a chance since MUVHANGO is a Venda drama and in evry chance he gets he brings out the best in us

(Pretoria , 2017-02-05)


Its the right thing to do, muvhango is too boring...

(Johannesburg, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing this because I know this guy is talent and his talent should be recognized worldwide

(Johannesburg, 2017-02-05)


I think bundu deserve that chance

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing because he is a great and talented actor

(Limpopo, 2017-02-05)


I believe in Bundu and his capabilities.

(Springs, 2017-02-05)


I really think it will bring more excitement in muvhango and I will enjoy watching it again.

(Musina, 2017-02-05)


He's a great actor.

(Johannesburg , 2017-02-05)


I believe Ntambudzeni is talented and would make a great star for the soapie

(Makhado, 2017-02-05)


I enjoy his talent

( Limpopo, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing because... I also believe in Bundu's talent

(Ha-Lambani, 2017-02-05)


Bundu must play in muvhango

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-05)


I love bundu

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-05)


Bundu deserves a change to glaze our screens

(Johannesburg , 2017-02-05)


I'm signing because his a good actor and the show needs someone like him

(johannesburg, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing because... (optional) a very talented man who deserve to be on the telecast...

(Pretoria, 2017-02-05)


This man he is so talented and I think he deserve this opportunity to make something different and it will also bring more audience to muvhango.

(Thohoyandou, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing because. Bundu he is very talent in acting

( thohoyandou, 2017-02-05)


The guy shows great talent and he's forever eager to learn

(Johannesburg , 2017-02-05)


He is talented funny and good actor

( Limpopo, 2017-02-05)


I'm signing this petition because I want BuNDU to be muvhango actor

(Makhado, 2017-02-06)


I'm signing because... (optional) i believe every one will enjoy his effort to act. He will make people laugh as in series we deserve to laugh not only to worry about seriousness of the actors... Joke sometimes bring joy where their is a sadness.

(Germiston, 2017-02-06)


I have never seen such talent,

(Johannesburg, 2017-02-06)


I'm signing because i love this he is the best ever

(Johannesburg, 2017-02-06)


he is good and talented

(Gauteng , 2017-02-06)


I'm signing because he can be an asset

(polokwane, 2017-02-06)