Sistar's Lonely and For You deserves a printed physical album. Fans deserve to own a copy of it.

(Singapore, 2017-06-05)


It is time we got what we deserved

(Singapore, 2017-06-05)


I think LONELY be a physical album not only because it is the last album that SISTAR has released before disbandment but also because fans want something memorable for this

(Tasmania, 2017-06-05)


I want lionel album

(Jakarta, 2017-06-05)


It will be a perfect last gift for star1s around the world. The album will be a memorable gift for the fans to keep it. I am sure everyone will wanted to have as memories. Just for the this last time please. T_T

(Singapore, 2017-06-05)


I'm looking forward to the last album of SISTAR : "Lonely" had been release as soon as possible, please!

(Hong Kong, 2017-06-05)


SISTAR deserve better.

(Mannheim , 2017-06-05)


I'm a star1 since 2014. I love SISTAR so much . They are my first kpop group that can become my favourite.

(China, 2017-06-05)


Because I love Sistar

(HK, 2017-06-05)


Star1're all going to be lonely in summer
without SISTAR
너무 아파!

(Hong Kong, 2017-06-05)


Petition to demand a physical album release by Starship for SISTAR'S LONELY

(Hong kong, 2017-06-05)


I want a physical album of SISTAR's LONELY!! Please!!!!

(Hong Kong, 2017-06-05)


Sistar is the first Kpop group that I love. Physical album should be released as a memorable item for all star1 and supporters.

(Hong Kong, 2017-06-05)


they deserve to have a final album as memory with fans

(Hong Kong, 2017-06-05)


Star1 4ever

(Hong Kong, 2017-06-05)


All international star1's wants a physical album for SISTAR's lonely & for you

(Jeddah, 2017-06-05)


I love Sistar. I want to keep their last album as memories.

(Klang, 2017-06-05)


I love SISTAR so much!

(HONG KONG, 2017-06-05)


Because I love SISTAR!!!!!!

(Brisbane, 2017-06-05)


I'm signing because I would like to demand starship to release a physical album of sistar's lonely and for you

(Kwun Tong, 2017-06-05)



(Bandung, 2017-06-05)


Well it's going to be their last album, fans are going to need something memorable

(Jakarta, 2017-06-05)


tribute for SISTAR's last comeback :")

(Surabaya, 2017-06-05)


SISTAR THANK you for give me 7years beautiful songs in summer

(hong kong, 2017-06-05)


i love sistar and i want their last album in order to have a full ending

(Hong Kong, 2017-06-05)


we all want the physical album of SISTAR's Lonely and For You for memory!!!

(HONG KONG , 2017-06-05)


I love and support sistar

(Puchong, 2017-06-05)


star1s deserve to have a physical album to remember sistar.

(Singapore, 2017-06-05)


Sistar is best

(Daly City, CA, 2017-06-05)


I love SISTAR and this physical album will be their last gift to us Star1s

(Cavite, 2017-06-05)


Sistar deserves better than anyone else

(Jakarta, 2017-06-05)


all international star1's wants a physical album for sistar's lonely & for you .

(Qassim, 2017-06-05)


I want the last album

(新北市, 2017-06-05)


please dont bully my sistar

(malaysia, 2017-06-05)


I love Sistar and want proper good bye album.

(Bangkok, 2017-06-05)


im signing this because sistar worked so hard for their fans and i think starship coukd atleast let them release their photobook of lonely so fans can have one last memoir

(Los Angeles , 2017-06-05)


sistar deserves better

(Sepang, 2017-06-05)


I'm a STAR1 who want the physical album of SISTAR'S LONELY and FOR YOU.

(Taipei, 2017-06-05)


As a fan of Sistar, i demand starship to release a physical album of Lonely and For You.

(--, 2017-06-05)


This would be the last piece of memory that SISTAR could give to international fans. Please make the Physical Album happen.

(Quezon City, 2017-06-05)


Because it would be a beautiful way to end 7 years with SISTAR and have that last memory of them.

(Melbourne, 2017-06-05)


Please release the physical album of SISTAR'S LONELY AND FOR YOU.

(Yunlin , 2017-06-05)


I need this last album!!

(Perak, 2017-06-05)


We, star1 all around the world really want to buy sistar last album lonely since this is their last album together as SISTAR. There are so many sistar fans and non fans out there who wants to buy sistar last album.

(Terengganu, 2017-06-05)


i wanna remembered for the last time memories from sistar with the physical album.

(Brebes, 2017-06-05)



(Yogyakarta, 2017-06-05)


I hope have SISTAR last entity album!!n

(Hong Kong, 2017-06-05)


I'm signing because I am a STAR 1 and it is the last album

(Hong Kong, 2017-06-05)


Please release physical album

(Kuala Lumpur, 2017-06-05)


I'm signing because they deserve it better treatment as ot4 for the last time.i want to have their album too.

(Banyumas , 2017-06-05)


I love sistar

(Jakarta, 2017-06-05)


For our memories.....

(Hong Kong, 2017-06-05)


It's my wish , please!!

(Taipei, 2017-06-05)


I don't want to lost our sistar

(Phnom penh , 2017-06-05)


all the fans deserve a last physical album of sistar consisting of the two lovely songs that sistar released for their final stage as sistar.

(singapore, 2017-06-05)


It is right and fair to release a physical album of SISTAR's Lonely.

(Caloocan City, 2017-06-05)


I want Star1 can have a last and good memory with Sistar.

(HONGKONG, 2017-06-05)



(Semarang, 2017-06-05)


i love sistar and i want to have the fans to own the very last single sistar ever released

(singapore, 2017-06-05)


STAR1s and SISTAR deserve better

(Manila, 2017-06-05)


I'm signing because I want Starship Entertainment to release physical album for Sistar Lonely and For You

(Garden Grove, 2017-06-05)


i love sistar and i want them to release their album

(grenoble, 2017-06-05)


They've been role models to me and an entire generation, I believe that Star1s deserve at least one last physical album, therefore our chapter along with SISTAR members will be closed with a happy ending.

(Guayaquil, 2017-06-05)


For You is the first sistar song that was written by all members for the fans. It is not too much to ask for a physical album with the song that is dedicated to the fans

(singapore, 2017-06-05)


i love sistar

(singapore, 2017-06-05)



(Denpasar, 2017-06-05)


It is Sistar last album

(hongkong, 2017-06-05)


Please release the last album for SISTAR and STAR1!ㅠㅠ

(Taipei, 2017-06-05)


I'm signing because their last songs deserve to have a physical album. Also, i want to have one.

(Pagsanjan , 2017-06-05)


Sistar, Love

(Hong kong, 2017-06-05)


SISTAR has disbanded. Starship should release a physical album for fans instead of putting the song as a digital single.

(Kuching, 2017-06-05)


Sistar deserves to leave proudly. Or even make it a collection album.

(Penang, 2017-06-05)


I want them to get what they deserve for the 7years. I don't think it's so difficult for starship to give them their last physical album. Also i really want this album

(Singapore, 2017-06-05)


Please give STAR1 the last present.

(Hong Kong, 2017-06-05)


this needs to be raised to starship so we fans can get a physical album

(singapore, 2017-06-05)


i want sistar's last album physically

(singapore, 2017-06-05)


I'm relly love sistar,so please

(Taipei, 2017-06-05)


i love sistar and i need a physical album of sistar's last release

(singapore, 2017-06-05)


I love SISTAR. They worth it, please release the physical album of SISTAR'S LONELY AND FOR YOU.

(Hong Konh, 2017-06-05)


They worth for it

(Tokyo, 2017-06-05)