Stop Gamagara IDP & Budget



That is a high unfair increase on tarrifs

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


It is unreasonable and not affordable to inflict such high tariff increases.

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


Budget is unaffordable.

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


Unreasonable increase of municipal tariff

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


Ek stem nie saam met die voorgestelde begroting nie omrede dit vir ons as in inwoners van Kathu onaanvaarbare onbekostigbare begroting is.

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


Its unreasonable increase in tariff!

(kathu, 2017-06-17)


No maintenance are done and we are paying for the lack of maintenance and the municipality wasting.

(Kathu , 2017-06-17)


I am unhappy with the situation

(Kathu , 2017-06-17)


I live in Olifantshoek. Service delivery is a joke and the landfill site not even licensed and it is an environmental mess there. We dont even have water most of the time and now they want to raise the cost. Haha!!! What does Gamagara think we are!!!

(Olifantshoek, 2017-06-17)


Im signing against the high rates

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


The municipality get water for free at the mine and sold it then to people in the town. They do not want to buy it from sedibeng because then they score nothing

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


I'm signing because I agree with all facts stated in the petition.

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


Buitensporige verhooging.

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


The budgeted tariffs are unaffordable and unjustified. Also shows that local government just do what they want, never mind the community.

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


Its not possible to pay that increases

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


Omdat water en elekrrisiteit belaglik duur is hier,

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


Unreasonable increases

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


I'm signing because the rates in this town are sky high and the infrastructure for water and sewerage pipes are falling apart!!!

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


Fees increase unacceptable

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


I believe in justice and fairness.

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


I am not agree with the budget of water and electricity

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


Way to much. Cant afford it

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


I agree with the reasons as stated in the petition, unreasonable to expect the community to pay SO MUCH for SO LITTLE service in return.

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


It is completely unreasanable. We are normal salary earning people and cannot afford to pay that

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


The proposed budget at the last meeting was ridiculousl and poorly detailed and could not be justified with facts and hard proof.

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)



(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


Dit is buite sporig en hulle bespaar niks nie

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


Can not afford it.

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


Cant afford it

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


I'm signing because i can't afford it

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


i dont think increases are used for unneeded causes

(kathu, 2017-06-17)


The municipality is incompatant as is, to give us, the citizens of Kathu, the service we are paying for. They need to save within before burdening the community.

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


To stop the tariffs going up. Its schocking to see what people need to pay.

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


The increases is a rip off they want to buy new maserattis with our money.

(Kathu, 2017-06-17)


The costs is too high

(Kathu, 2017-06-18)


Costs too high

(Kathu, 2017-06-18)


The several increases are absurd for this area and also happening for the first time ever. Salga needs to investigate ASAP

(Kathu , 2017-06-18)


It is unaffordable

(Kathu, 2017-06-18)


want d is mal..wie kan dit betaal....

(kathu, 2017-06-18)


Swak diens. Rekeninge laat. Paaie in swak toestand. Ure in rye staan vir rekening en agterstallig. Ten minste 1 keer n week geen water. Dorp vertoon verwaarloos by hoof ingange en taxi rank n disaster

(Kathu, 2017-06-18)



(Kathu, 2017-06-18)


The ANC is taking the little poor and middle class have

(Kathu , 2017-06-18)


It is unacceptable!

(Kathu, 2017-06-18)


I am signing this because of poor service rendered

(Kathu, 2017-06-19)


The increases are WAY TOO High. Once we see proper interest and service delivery for ALL. And employees WORKING FULL DAYS then and only then we would agree to an increase of at MOST 5%.

(Olifantshoek , 2017-06-19)


Its a rediculous increase

(Kathu, 2017-06-19)


The rate the electricity&water is going up is too high. We can not afford to pay this. Alot of us is struggling.

(Kathu, 2017-06-19)


I and my family cant afford this.

(Kathu, 2017-06-19)


Unexceptible increase

(Kathu, 2017-06-19)


I an signing this petition because it is outrageous to expect the public to pay that much for services that are elsewhere in south Africa these services are available for free.

(Kathu, 2017-06-19)


Ek stem saam.Die increases is belaglik.Ons salarisse word nie eens met 10 percent gestyg nie.Sukkel alreeds met die krag en water wat so duur is.

(Kathu, 2017-06-19)


Their service delivery is poor and the budget they have come up with cannot be justified.

(Kathu, 2017-06-19)


It is unaffordable and unfair

(Olifantshoek, 2017-06-19)


Because value of our properties went down duo to issues in mining.

(Kathu, 2017-06-19)


The tariff is much to high, we dont get the service we pay for

(Kathu, 2017-06-19)


10% anual increase, not 40-50%

(Kathu, 2017-06-19)


Tariff increase

(Kathu, 2017-06-19)


Its unfair

(Kathu, 2017-06-19)


This is our home...... The paying of taxes and levies must be fair for all. We all use the services of the municipality and we pay their salaries.......... But they are milking the cow dry.

(Kathu, 2017-06-20)


Against new budget there is now no service in olifantshoek so why must I pay more for less

(Olifantshoek , 2017-06-20)


I am already paying higher than normal fees because of the overvaluation of the property

(Velddrif, 2017-06-20)


To stop the budget

(Kathu, 2017-06-20)


I'm signing because I am an affected home owner.

(Kathu, 2017-06-20)


The rates is higher than in Cape Town. How absurd.

(Kathu, 2017-06-20)


i also want development in gamagara.

(Kuruman, 2017-06-21)


Against the tariff increase on water,sanitation and refuse removal.

(Kathu, 2017-06-21)