We demand the leadership of CHFT, GHCCG & CCCG be replaced



The CCGs and Trust have behaved appallingly and should be removed

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


How the CCG have conducted themselves is shameful. They have to go!!

(HUDDERSFIELD , 2017-07-19)


The people of Huddersfield deserve more than no A & E, 64 beds, nearly 500 local medical job losses, no Doctor's evening and weekends and another PFI loan. These proposals are to save money, they are dangerous and families will die.

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


I have no confidence in the CCG. I do not believe they have the best interests of the local community. The pfi.bill should be written off by the government. The government should support an NHS hospital that provides for the Huddersfield community.

(holmfirth, 2017-07-19)


The present team are incapable of consulting with the residents, they have misled everyone.

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


I think it's a disgrace that they plan to sell a property they own so they can extend a property they lease. This is an absolute disgrace.

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


We need to save our A&E

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


I have no faith or trust in the ccg

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


This affects my family and i.

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


We are one of the biggest towns in the country and have one of the best universitys in England and for us not to have a major hospital would be a disgrace.

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


I have no trust in the members of the ccg or the trust running our hospital. We need a hospital in Huddersfield and the incompetent decisions made by these people are putting people's lives at risk.

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


They are putting people's life at risk, basically leiglised euthanasia.....hope they never need a bed in hospital as it's going to be a fight to find one....

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


If HRI was just down in 2008 my son would not have made it to another hospital and died! We NEED this hospital !

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


we need all of our hospital as does every other town or city in this country

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


I'm signing because... our town needs to keep it's hospital and A&E.

(Holmfirth, 2017-07-19)


I think decisions are being made that have no benefit to either community they are designed for and it's all to cover up the massive error that was the dpi at halifax

(HUDDERSFIELD , 2017-07-19)


I live in Shelley and travelling time to CRH is ridiculous even when not peak traffic times.

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


I think the plans are purely ridiculous

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


It is our hospital and their proposals put our lives at risk

(huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


I rely on the HRI

(Holmfirth, 2017-07-19)


I'm signing because it is scandalous to think a town of this size can cope with no A&E....and just 64beds for what they are planning as a replacement! It is a joke.....but not funny...lives will be lost! The CCCG and others have not listened to the public-we do NOT want this. WE are the ones who will suffer - they are not looking after our best interests/welfare at all. They must resign.

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


Huddersfield needs an AnE simple as that

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


I'm signing because the hippocratic oath is not optional.

(Halifax , 2017-07-19)


I'm signing because I believe there is very strong evidence of conflict of interest between the purpose of the CCG and their current jobs. I don't not trust them or believe they hold the best interests of Huddersfield residents in mind. Error after error have been made and their continuation in this role is untenable. Huddersfield needs a full sized hospital and accident and emergency services provision. No other option will do. Huddersfield residents are footing the bill for the building of CRH and lives are being put as risk with the current proposals.

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


It's a very dangerous situation to be in if your stuck in traffic to CRH. I know because I work in Halifax and travel from Huddersfield 4 days a week catching the traffic almost every day. We need full services HRI simply because our numbers are almost double to Halifax and 2 into 1 simply will not be a safe option for residents and students who have not been included in the plan

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


This hospital saved my life after double cardiac arrest.

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


I don't have any faith in them or their decisions.

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


It's a total disgrace

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


The Government and CCG need to fully understand that a Town the size of Huddersfield cannot be left without an A&E department at HRI or even worse, be left without a hospital

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


Shambles on every level I am appalled that this is continuing without any regard for for the majority's lack of trust in the present bodies who allegedly have the town's best interest at heart . If it wasn't so tragic it would be a joke

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


The decision makers are clearly not acting in the best interests of the public. The plans they have in place will essentially make a bad situation much much worse, and which will also inevitably create further problems down the line.

Common sense would be to find a solution to a problem. But these decision makers are finding worse problems to ''solve'' existing problems. They are inept and I question if they are pushing vested interest biased agenda. They need to go, and be replaced with decision makers who are competent, and acting in the best interests of the public.

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


What is happening to the people of Huddersfield is criminal. It's an absolute disgrace.

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


Because they are not fit for purpose and have no idea what our town needs or even doesn't care.

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


The proposals put forward by the CCGs and the CHFT will not provide a safe and sustainable service for the residents of Greater Huddersfield and Calderdale. The senior managers of the three organisations are now completely discredited; they are an embarrassment to the human race.

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


I have no confidence in these people at all

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


I totally oppose the planned closure of A and E and later Huddersfield Royal Infirmary , Huddersfield is a large town with many outlying areas , a large population and needs more than the 64 bed Hospital that is planned , it is also a very difficult journey to Halifax hospital , the CCG are completely ignoring all the problems the closure may cause , and ignoring all the public opposition for their crazy scheme . .

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


How one panel can have the monopoly over our hospital is beyond believe .

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


People are going to die because of these proposed changes. People before profit!

(HUDDERSFIELD, 2017-07-19)


We are one of the largest towns in England with a large poulation spread over a big area to take away our hospital would be a homicidal act that cannot and must not happen !

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


The CCG are making a big mistake and there is no doubt that it will lead to many unnecercery deaths. They should be removed and replaced immediately.

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


This CCG is not fit for purpose to allow our hospital to be downgraded from over 400 beds to now they are sayng 64 and for planned operations only is disgusting we are a large town with a large University this can not happen

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


I feel that a town the size of a Huddersfield needs to keep its hospital.

(Meltham, Holmfirth, 2017-07-19)


time and again they have proved they don't listen and have little concept of what the impact their proposals will have

(Holmfirth, 2017-07-19)


I am signing this because hri has saved my life and the lives of others i love

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


The whole story is absolutely ludicrous we desperately need our hospital so for gods sake see some common sense & get rid of the ccg

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


We need a hospital and a&e big university town Halifax too far and not easy to access beyond belief these people need sacking should hang their heads in shame

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


I am signing bacause Huddersfield needs a hospital and I live too far away from Halifax in an emergency

(Holmfirth, 2017-07-19)


People in authority always think they are right and above scrutiny but they are wrong.

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


I have no confidence in the CCG of Huddersfield and Halifax to provide the residents of the towns with the level of care expected in the 21st century.

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


I have no confidence in the CCG, if this scheme goes ahead it will certainly mean lives lost, total madness.

(HOLMFIRTH, 2017-07-19)


I care

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-19)


It is incomprehensible that a town the size of Huddersfield should be without an A&E department or a fully equipped hospital.

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-19)


It's disgraceful to put the lives of my family and friends at risk

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-20)


I'm from Huddersfield. The last time we visited we attended HRI A&E with my son who needed medical treatment for his asthma. I work in a Public hospital and I'm appalled that the residents who use the HRI are going to lose vital services. People with a medical emergency need services nearby, not an adjacent area. People who are admitted need to be as close as possible to friends and family. If you want to centralise services you can do so with elective procedures such as day stay, eg cataract surgery. You cannot do likewise with emergency and non elective events.

(Newtown, 2017-07-20)


A town the size of Huddersfield should have an A & E and enough wards/beds to care for the huge town we are. It is absolutely disgusting that you even think it's OK we travel to Calderdale. WE DON'T ALL DRIVE!

(HUDDERSFIELD , 2017-07-20)


A town the size of Huddersfield cannot guarantee it's residents without a fully functioning Hospital.
Why should the populous be punished for previous administrations rubbish policy of PFI funding.

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-20)


I'm very worried that expert advice has been ignored and that plans are being pushed through regardless.

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-20)


No confidence in the leadership of the Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, Greater Huddersfield and Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Groups

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-20)


its our hospital huddersfield needs this hospital

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-20)


I feel the leadership of the chft, ghccg and cccg should be replaced for the good of the "let's save "HRI" campaign

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-20)


Huddersfield needs its A&E dept and a fully functioning hospital

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-20)


Huddersfield born and bred

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-20)


We need a fully functioning hospital in Huddersfield !!

(Holmfirth, 2017-07-20)


We need to save our HRI, when they moved the maternity the staff were too busy to give the care they wanted to,and we lost some very good staff because they couldn't give to care they needed

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-20)


The proposals are unbelievably stupid. Another PFI??? That's what got us into this mess to begin with. A town the size of Huddersfield with a 68 bed hospital and no A&E doesn't bear thinking about.

(Holmfirth, 2017-07-20)


I have no confidence in the committee and feel there should be members of the public elected by the local community to challenge the whole process of what appears to be blatant lies and cover ups the truth needs to come out as to why we should support the closure of HRI & why should we pay for the mismanagement of funds to support a failing CRH

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-20)


We need to save A& E. No confidence we will get the best deal.

(Holmfirth, 2017-07-20)


The CCG are proving to be incompetent, to lack judgement and to be wedded to their own ideas rather than the best interests of citizens. At best they lack yhe openness and honesty that is required if a public body and at worst they have become cynically manipulative and dishonest by misrepresenting the facts to citizens and those who pay for them.

probably to be either ab

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-20)


It's important.......& saved my husbands life!

(Holmfirth, 2017-07-20)


Clueless health service management, cut backs, waste, targets, ticking boxes. Patients and staff not important any more

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-21)


I don't want ro lose the hospital or A&E....the debt at Calderdale needs to be sorted.

(Shelley, 2017-07-21)


We need our own A and E and no more PFI please

(Huddersfield, 2017-07-21)


We need the hospital

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-21)


I have no confidence in the leadership

(Holmfirth, 2017-07-21)


We have to save our hospital..... with full services & A&E.....

(Huddersield, 2017-07-21)


I've been a resident of Huddersfield all my life. The town and villages are getting bigger and bigger. One of the top university's in the country. And we need a hospital in the town, which is big enough to be a city.

(Huddersfield , 2017-07-21)