Bring hot apple cider back to tim hortons



JJ Lewandowsmi

John Lewandowski (Brownstown , 2017-12-12)


:'( I really loved that cider

Elvis Nguyen (Brantford , 2018-05-11)


I miss apple cider !!!

Kelsey Brewster (Newbridge, 2018-08-23)


Even if it was bunging up your machines, bring it back and sell it in the bags or k-cups for those who want it. For those who shouldn’t drink anything with a stimulant in it or for kids it’s a better option.

Gwen Woiken (Regina, 2018-12-01)


Because it was the only hot drink I could have that didn't upset my stomach.

Joe Doolittle (Ohsweken, 2019-05-01)


Why don't you just rip my beating heart straight out of my chest

Tony Koenig (Belleville, 2019-09-09)



Lauren Plasky (East Lansing , 2019-10-21)


I'm signing this cause I miss hot apple cider. It was literally my childhood.

Niamae Benson (Williams Lake, 2019-10-31)


I want hot apple cider.

Marlene Liz (Buffalo, 2019-11-03)


I'm signing this because I loved TimHortons Apple Cider. It's the perfect drink during the fall and winter season. Please bring it back!!

Josee Charbonneau (Dowling, 2019-12-01)


Only hot beverage I ordered at Tim Hortons

Helen Perron (Sault Ste. Marie, 2019-12-15)


That was my fav, still waiting for it every winter 😭😭

Anylee Mercier (Quebec, 2020-01-16)


I want it back love it i look forward to it every fall season more then pumpkin spice

Val Showers (Kitchener, 2020-09-17)


I have fond memories of this delicious beverage on a cold day

Dragan Jurković (Banff, 2020-09-18)


This is the only drink I like. I don’t even like water. Please

Laura Pavona (Grand Rapids , 2020-09-20)


I love Tim Hortons apple cider and want it brought back. It is one of my favorite things to get at Tim Hortons

Jessica Zeller (Columbus, 2020-09-22)


I love the cider and I'm not returning until they get it back.

Sakinah Kinchen (Farmington , 2020-09-24)


I want Apple cider!

Stan Leonowicz (Toronto, 2020-10-01)


I’m signing because Apple is the superior flavor of fall not pumpkin.

Amanda Klinger (Buffalo, 2020-10-03)


I'm signing because Tim Hortons apple cide was amazing. I’m so disappointed that I won’t be able to get it this fall season.

Tanya Delesie (St Marys, 2020-10-16)


I’m signing because hot apple cider is a blessing from on high and we deserve to have it readily available at any timmy ho’s.

Zachary Jancevski (Buffalo , 2020-10-23)


Apple cider is the bees knees. I need this in my veins.

Jack Rice (Buffalo, 2020-10-23)


It’s delicious, gone too soon

Ryan Rintoul (Stittsville, 2020-10-27)


I am really missing it

Nick Blocher (Buffalo, 2020-11-09)


Love apple cider only thing I can drink. Coffee and tea off limits for me

Brenda Shewfelt (Aylmer, 2020-11-26)


It was my favorite drink

Nicole Zurschmiede (Las Vegas, 2020-11-29)


It was a real treat that my whole family enjoyed. It gave those of us who wanted a hot beverage an option other that coffee, tea, or cocoa. Miss it very much!!

Laurie Mundy (Ransomville , 2020-12-19)


Apple Cider from Tim Hortons is perfect all year round but it's not christmas without it

Marla Patriquin (Maitland, 2020-12-29)


I absolutely love hot apple cider! It's a staple during Canadian winters, a definite must have for Tim Horton's and I'd love to see it back on the menu!

Paola Bauer (Ottawa , 2021-02-14)


It was the only drink I ordered because I don't drink coffee.

nakia brown (Flint, 2021-02-18)


Apple cider is a delicious holiday drink for the cold season always loved drinking them growing up and id probably buy one very day during the winter.

Adreyan Taylor (Port Perry, 2021-09-04)


Tim Hortons apple cider is very good and I miss it! It need to come back

Brianna Taylor (Port Perry, 2021-09-05)


I just really want Tim Hortons Apple Cider. Please bring back the jelly roll too. They were the best!

Crystal L. (Fort McMurray , 2021-09-26)


If i dont have this cider i will die

Alyssa Olaf (Gasport, 2021-10-09)


I love this drink and don’t like pumpkin it’s nice to have something different in fall and hot cider was one of them. The smell is relaxing and taste is great

Jennifer Morton (Oshawa, 2021-10-11)


Hot cider is so good

Carly Luk (Buffalo, 2021-10-14)


Fuck u Tim’s. Give me my cider.

Mackenzie S (Hamburg, 2021-10-16)


I prefer the iced version, but if they have hot, they can ice it! Bring it back, please! It was a staple for me!

Elizabeth D (Albion NY, 2021-10-16)


I look forward to Tim's apple cider all year

Nicole Mackenzie (New Waterford, 2021-10-21)


I love the apple cider!!!
Bring it back!

Alex Glendenning (Belleville, 2021-10-23)


We would love Tim Hortons to bring BACK HOT APPLE 🍎🍏CIDER for every fall season for many years now and to come for customers and my husband that loves hot apple cider and that ask my husband and I everyday/all day at our Tim Hortons Restaurant at N. Broadway St. Grove City,OH. location we are both 2nd shift supervisor at this store and We both have at least 10 to 15 people who ask us if we still have the hot apple cider on our menu. It would be a benefit to both customers and business to bring back the delicious hot apple cider from Tim Hortons. Thanks

Danielle Bennett (Columbus, 2021-10-31)


It is the best to cure the common cold. Works better than medicine. Please bring it back. I believe it would help covid patients if caught early, from building up to much muscus in their lungs.

Marquita Collins (FLINT, 2021-11-01)


The apple cider is amazing

Calvin Nienhuis (Ridgeville , 2021-11-06)


I want apple cider

Lydia Butler (Charlottetown, 2021-11-15)


I want Tim Horton’s to bring back their apple cider

Catherine Scott (Belle River, 2021-11-15)


I'm signing this because...I think it was stupid to remove it. Screw fancy espresso! At least make it a winter drink

Christina Brooks (Truro nova scotia, 2021-11-17)


It's the perfect specialty drink between a tea and French vanilla! Plus it's my favorite

Kristin White (Thamesford, 2021-11-20)


I want apple coder back!!!! CHRISTMAS ISNT THE SAME WITHOUT IT!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!

Kelly Cooper (Sarnia, 2021-12-07)


My husband loves apple cider and he has it in his head that only certain Tim’s sell the Apple cider so every after thanksgiving into Christmas he always starts his search for it at every Tim Hortons in the city and surrounding area.

Jerrica Thomas (Saint John NB, 2021-12-28)


I’m signing because this was the best drink ever at Tim Hortons! 🍎

Michelle McDonagh (Clinton, 2022-01-07)


I want my hot apple cider supremes and Tim hortons had the best hands down

Jaylee Willis-Kosnik (Angola, 2022-03-06)


I’m signing because my young son loves tims hot apple cider, and always hopes and prays they bring it back one day ;) please and thanks!

Marisa Doyle (St Thomas , 2022-03-23)


I ❤️❤️❤️❤️The apple cider… they got rid of a good thing..

Cindy Bewlands (Albion, 2022-08-06)


Im signing this because I need this back not want NEEEEED

Delaina Espinosa (Buffalo, 2022-09-06)


Their hot apple cider is good. That is the only thing that takes me to Tim Hortons.

Charlene Singles (Wayne, 2022-09-18)


I was obsessed with the hot apple cider! My favorite go to fall drink.

Shannon Letina (Tonawanda, 2022-09-20)


I love the hot apple cider. Bring it back!!!!! Im tired of timmies taking away the classic items to bring in new items that frankly are disgusting!

Angela Costain (Elmwood, 2022-09-28)


Im sighing because I miss the hot apple cider.

Mitchell Savard (Sudbury, 2022-10-14)


Hot apple cider was THE BOMB and only thing I drank

Megan Augustine (Aldouane, 2022-10-15)


It’s good!!!

Winona Briggs (Livonia, 2022-10-25)



JESS WYLES (Waterloo, 2022-11-18)


Bring back hot apple cider

Jamie Chilberg (Las Vegas, 2022-11-27)


I’m depressed without apple cider would have never started going to Starbucks would come back to Tim Hortons as a regular customer if they had hot apple cider again

Shakira Evans (London , 2022-12-03)

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