He's ruining our country and doesn't give a rats ass about the west!! He can cram his open border policy too!!

Judy Schapansky (Winnipeg, 2018-02-09)


Trudeau and the entire liberal government has put the lives of every man woman and child in danger he is a terrorist supporter

Gordie Howe (Miramichi , 2018-02-09)


We need a Prime Minister who puts his country first the safety of Canadians first, Free speech, religion etc should be the choice of each Canadian not the choice of the Prime Minister. Canadian Veterans, Senior Citizens, and the homeless need to be funded, they are being ignored whilst Justin Trudeau is freely giving away taxpayers hard earned money to foreign countries. He is a liar, a traitor and a thief and he has to go.

Ann Hindley (Kamloops, 2018-02-09)


Trudeau does not have the best interests of Canada or Canadians and letting Isis fighters back in he is putting the country an everyone in danger

Jamie McCann (Toronto, 2018-02-09)


I’ve had enough of what he’s doing to Canada

Don Thorson (Atikokan Ontario, 2018-02-09)


Treudeau is a ******* and needs to be stopped .

Dean Dunkley (Prince George British Columbia , 2018-02-10)


Jajhadi Justine Trudouche TRAITOR TRASH needs to be PAY taxpayers back that he STOLE. Charged for TREASON as well as ALL the Liberals which are Lying, cheating, scamming,corrupted scumbags as well.

Norma Jean (Calgary, 2018-02-10)


I am signing because Justin Trudeau has turned his back on the Canadian Citizens, He is running down the immigrants who developed Canada and fought in the wars for the democracy and freedoms we enjoyed before he came into power. As a Prime Minister, he is supposed to protect and defend the citizens and invest the taxpayer's money in Canada to make our lives better. Instead, he has given away billions of dollars of taxpayers money to Islamic countries, the Clinton Foundation and and has put Canada into billiobs of dollars in debt! He is richly supporting the Islamic refugees with taxpayers' money while our Veterans, Seniors and homeless who have worked and contributed to Canada, are doing without the necessities of life. He is allowing ISIS terrorists who have murdered and tortured men, women and children with heinous crimes back into Canada and supporting them in a free lifestyle which Canadians must work hard for and do not receive as much. He uses taxpayer's money for his vacations and does nothing at all for the Canadian people. He must be removed as he is a traitor, a dictator and is taking away our freedom of speech, freedom of worship and our culture! He is a Globalist and has sold Canada out to the New World Order!!

Gale Johnsen (Coleman, Alberta, 2018-02-10)


We have to save what is left of Canada

Noreen Troock (Edmonton, 2018-02-10)


He is destroying Canada, Leaving a legacy of debt for our children and grandchildren

Geri Hood (Harvey Stn, 2018-02-10)


justin trudeau is a traitor puppet.

Alan Hegglund (Fort McMurray , 2018-02-11)


because someone that is autistic should not be running the country !!!

claude clusiau (ottawa, 2018-02-11)


Trudeau's a ******* idiot.

Anthony Biggs (Edmonton, 2018-03-23)


He thinks rape is okay, publiclly saying it becaise a Muslim mam was in jail for so long so it would be understandable all he cares about is trying to impress Muslims letting them keep the good parts of their country leaving the bad stuff behind all the while letting them change things about our culture and screwing the middle class,aboriginal and senioirs. Bring in refuges who dont even wanna be here. Also not to mention that he would not give students grants during summer work exoerience if they didnt agree with abortion or gay marrige. He cares more about being a celebrity living a life of lavish with his wife kids chefs and two nannies letting tax payers fit the bill while they travel all over the world when it has nothing ti do with bettering our country. He is a goof and is making our county look like a joke while he lets everyone come take advantage of our system while the poor and middle class suffer.

Tara Krasnicki (Calgary, 2018-04-16)


..Because, 'Just-in' Trudeau is going in sane ! He sold out this country for fanatic terrorists, Globalists, Zionists,fascists, and communists..etc.. He want to normalize rape,murder, beheading, child abuse..etc.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Csilla Deak (Toronto, 2018-05-23)


Because of reasoms explained in this petition

Peter Salemi (Whitby, 2018-05-27)


I don't want to pay for imagration

Clint Richardson (petrolia, 2018-06-01)


He is a very sick individual. Should be formed but this will suffice

Stephanie Merklinger (Brampton, 2018-06-05)


I am signing to get liberals out of office before they destroy our sovereignty our economy our way of life as we love it. Etc. Etc. Etc...

Buck Waters (Minton, 2018-06-15)


I have no confidence in the liberal government.

alain beauregard (Lavaltrie, 2018-06-24)





PM Trudeau needs to be gone. Is ruining our country Canada.
All the world is laughing. Has not done one Iota to keep even one of his promises except his pot.
No help for Natives, no help for our Constitution, change our Canada Anthem and his fiminism is all he know. Shame on him. Wasting our money on other countries. Our Veterans need help desperately.

Heidi Munch (Seba Beach,Alberta, 2018-06-25)


Trudeau is not able to be a prime minister,he is a traiter again the nation like is father.

Girard Réal (Rouyn-Noranda, 2018-06-26)


Where do I start?
Illegal immigration
Ethics breaches
Gender identity issues
Beastialty legalization
Lowering consent age for anal sex
Pardons for gross indecency
Carbon tax scam to name a few

Peter Lebrun (Calgary , 2018-06-27)


We need a fair and just government....

Lois Harke (Edmonton, 2018-08-04)


This government is destroying Canada

Ken Morrice (Camrose, 2018-08-04)


Just Trudeau is a thief, treasonous, a fraud and numerous other things but the thing is not is HONEST, LOOKING OUT FOR CANADIANS AND RESPECTFUL TO THE VEYERANS PAST AND PRESENT.

Bella Greene (Chatham, 2018-08-04)


We need him out now before he causes more damage than he already has....we dont want our country to become irreparable...

Bonnie Webb (Espanola , 2018-08-04)


I'm tired of Trudeau making a fool out of us. Over spending and the crookedness. Tired of him thinking he owns the place and breaking the law. Him trying to define on his terms what it is to be Canadian. He is ridiculous and needs to be fired. I would tell him to his face that he is a pig and has to be mentally Ill. He doesn't think or believe rationally. He does not represent most canadians in our beliefs our ideals and our way of life. Bye bye Trudeau

ashley caston (espanola Ontario , 2018-08-04)


Justin Trudeaus policy are destroying our Country

Mark Chadwick (Nanaimo, 2018-08-05)


He needs to get out of office before he causes anymore damage

Pamela Webb (Espanola, 2018-08-06)


turdeau is a treasonous, enemy of the future of Canada as a free, democratic western culture. he is also incompetent and unfit for office for a myriad of reasons. he is intent on ruining the fibre of the Canadian dynamic as we have known it for generations. he is pariah.

john burkitt (oshawa, 2018-08-07)


Canada can’t afford this Liberal government any longer. Time for a “real” change, back to PC, when life here was great!

Ed Hofman (Hanna, 2018-08-07)


He is incompetent not qualified and they are destroying Canada with everything they try to do.

Dave Anderson (Maple ridge , 2018-08-08)


Control the language you control the culture. Control the media you control the masses. That is what the Trudeau Government is doing. He is not building or inspiring to make Canada great. Trudeau does not achieve only oppresses and controls. He is a Dictator of the worse kind. people.

DarrylH Hyson (Limoges, 2018-08-08)


i think justin t and the liberal party are out of control and have lost touch with the canadian people

Mike Cardiff (ridgeville, 2018-08-14)


Trudeau s main interest is to weaken Canada like Obama did to the States

Valerie Lundgren (Calgary, 2018-08-16)


Trudeau and his cronies are destroying the economy and his antics are an embarrassment. The world now thinks Canadians are a bunch of idiots.

Steve Cossey (Tofield, 2018-09-23)


The liberals have destroyed our once great country. They must be removed, Justin Trudeau is not fit to lead.

Lee Billwiller (Grande Prairie, 2018-11-24)


The Trudeau government is slowly eroding our country's economy and with the present deficit is ruining our country

John Prys (Cold Lake, 2018-11-25)


Justin Trudeau's has repeatedly demonstrated poor leadership under his liberal party but more importantly are risking Canada's national security inviting illegal immigrants and weakening our border relationship with our US alies, while derailing our proper legal immigration policies. Open borders will allow extreme groups ability to set up, mobilize, plan and execute, also reducing our relationship with the US. Justin Trudeau demonstrates a globalist perspective narrow thinking, that does not have the Canada's best interest and he and the liberals are creating a dangerous division in Canada and threatening our peace.
His actions with inviting ISIS members back without criminalization are actions of traitor to Canada irregardless of his position as PM.

Dennis Asselstine (Kanata, 2018-12-12)


Canada is being taken away from Canadians! This is a massive take over and criminal act from the actions of this prime minister. He and his government are signing our freedoms and sovereignty away from we, the Canadian people!! It must be stopped!!

Dawn Curtis (Kingston, 2018-12-12)


to many reasons to list Trudeau is a traitor to canadains

trevor hubick (waldeck , 2018-12-13)


tired of the insult placed opun us canadian workers. acts like a dictator. the UN agreement shude have bin voted for. enviroment tax is another scam. this government does not represent and work for me.

johannes montfort (wymark, 2018-12-13)


Canada should come first.

Ryan Armstrong (Victoria, 2018-12-13)


I have no faith in Canada’s bigoted prime minister Justin Trudeau

Mark Smid (Edmonton , 2018-12-13)


We nee this man who should be fired, and tried for treason gone!! He is destroying this country and running up a tax bill so we can fund other countries except our own, disgraceful..

Samantha Henry (San Clara, 2018-12-13)


Our PM has not made one positive bill for Canadians and has signed on to the UN Global Compact with out the blessing from Canadians it should have been through a referendum . Truly he is is not working for Canadians

Marian Joudoin (Brockville, 2018-12-13)


Canada deserves so much better!!

Sherry Weber (Guernsey, 2018-12-13)


I want my Canada back!!!!

Paul Girard (Hearst, 2018-12-13)


I cant stomach the stupidity anymore..Trudeau is an ambarrasment ro our country

Neil Shatula (Warman, 2018-12-13)


I am signing because Justin Trudeau is ruining the Canada that I love.

Bridget Yablonski (Balmoral, 2018-12-13)


I love Canada

Pamela Dafoe (Saskatoon, 2018-12-13)


Trudeau is selling us out to Globalists. He cares more for refugees than he does for his own people.

Lynne Wright (Ottawa, 2018-12-13)


I believe he is destroying canada

Laurie Putnam (Martensville , 2018-12-13)


I'm signing because I'm tired of this prime minister giving billions of tax payers hard earned money away, and for misrepresenting me as leader of Canada

David Bourgeois (Quinte West , 2018-12-13)


trudeau is killing Canada it needs to stop

nikki Robak (bonnyville, 2018-12-13)


I care about my country. He does NOT.

Cam Muller (Calgary, 2018-12-13)


Trudeau is not fit for prime minister

Theo Faber (Abbotsford BC, 2018-12-13)


Because Justin Trudeau has shown to many times how unfit, and Traitorous he really is. With zero accountability for his actions.

Laurie Martin (Abbotsford, 2018-12-13)


I'm tired of the corruption in this Liberal Gov't. I'm tired of being taxed to death and not looking after our own population before helping out dictatorships around the world. Tired of the virtue signaling and promising everyone everything just to get votes.

Darcy Pearson (Dawson Creek , 2018-12-13)


I don’t want my children to live in a third world country, which Trudeau is turning Canada into.

Diane Hughes (Coronation, 2018-12-13)


He's the worst most embarrassing mistake Canada ever made

Raymond Drake (New Waterford , 2018-12-13)


im signing because,he has done nothing for Canadians,hes bankrupted our country,he funds terrorism,hes brought in a death cult,he has left our borders open to terrorists,hes joined a Muslim death cult,he is racist towards Canadians,he doesn't give a shirt about Canadians,hes flooded our welfare system with illegal imagrants,hes taking away freedom f speech for Canadians and giving it to muslims ,hes signed our country over to un witch is run by muslim brotherhood,hes taking everything away from our army and vets,hes nothing but a lying piece of shit traitor,and should be charged with treason and hung

Rob Drexler (Vernon, 2018-12-14)


Trudeau is the biggest threat to Canada ever !!

Carol Darbyson (Abbotsford, 2018-12-14)


Trudeau and his liberal cohorts hid their true agenda from the voting public.

Bonnie Chisholm (Calgary, 2018-12-14)


I am away from my home in BC temperaly and want my say in this

Angus Macleod (Bangkok, 2018-12-14)


I hate the liberal government and fear for our future

Akeyla Heuven (Calgary, 2018-12-14)


Iam Canadian and I love this country not the dick that is so called trying to destroy it

Grant Spies (Hillsburgh, 2018-12-14)


I am signing this petition because our PM has lost the confidence of the people he is supposed to be protecting and ensuring that OUR rights are not violated.

Ron Bordush (Calgary, 2018-12-14)


I'm signing because
Trudeau is a traitor to real Canadians

Gord King (Hamilton, 2018-12-15)


Justin doesn't care what Canada needs and wants.

Murray Lane (Sackville , 2018-12-18)


I have been miss represented by Justin Trudeau.

Shawn Merwin (Fort St John, 2018-12-20)


I fully agree that this self serving crook should resign. Our country is being ruined and what we have worked hard to create is quickly being devalued by Trudeau.

Tim Perrault (Breton, 2018-12-22)


I am away at this time and want my say

Oie Ma leod (Bangkok , 2018-12-23)


I do not trust that Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have the best interest of the Canadian people at heart. He is destroying our civil rights and freedoms. I want my Canada back!!

Donalee Wallace (Salmon Arm, 2018-12-23)


Trudeau has severely harmed our country and shouldn't have any opportunity to make decisions that harm Canadians and Canadian sovereignty.
He is a pathetic leader.

Damian Sovdi (Calgary, 2019-01-05)


I’m scared of what Canada will become more and more everyday trudeau is prime minister.

Jessica Reid (Grande prairie, 2019-01-24)


Gross abuse of power with no regard for the future of our children.

Dylan Hobbs (Calgary, 2019-01-24)


I am signing because Trudea is making an effort to turn Canada into a third world country by inviting migrations

Boyd Inn (Pond Inlet, Nunavut, 2019-01-29)


trudeau has lost the confidence of Canadians. He only cares for his home province of quebec. He is not a leader.

Mike Kot (Saskatoon , 2019-03-03)


I have never had confidence in Justin Trudeau, nor the Liberals. And after watching what this party has done to our government over the last 4 years is criminal.
Justin Trudeau is not for Canadians.
He's not for low or medium class Canadians.
Justin Trudeau's priority is only himself, how he can line his own pockets. Help out his friends, bail out/ payout convicted terrorists. And continue raising taxes, that Trudeau doesn't have to pay himself and even if he did,he has such deep pockets, it would be like a drop in the bucket for him.

Joshua Toushek (Wilno, 2019-03-17)


Trudeau has to go!

Austin Callahan (Burlington, 2019-03-22)


He is a criminal

Micah Allen (Bonnyville , 2019-04-03)


Trudeau needs to go!

Grant Farquharson (Winnipeg, 2019-10-22)


I love Canada as my country, and I don’t want it to be destroyed and all of its citizens to live in poverty.

Chase Zanewich (Winnipeg, 2019-10-22)


He is a domestic terrorist

Kelly Wolfe (Mississauga, 2019-12-09)


All politicians are scum.

Bob Mitchell (Montreal pq, 2019-12-11)


Trudeau is ruining our country

Jeannie Marchant (Millet, 2019-12-12)


Justin Trudeau is a criminal and deserves to be punished like any other canadian guilty of a crime and sure doesnt deserve to run the country. Just finishing what his father started.

Dennis Hleucka (Salmo, 2020-01-16)


Letting in 10'000 that will not westernize & have 7+ kids per wife vs 1.6 for western culture is insanity.

Timothy Edmonds (Victoria, 2020-01-19)


My father was KIA in Afghanistan when I was young, now Trudeau hands out money to terrorists - jihadi and corporate ones alike. Then he taxes the rest of us to death. I can’t believe he got re-elected in the first place.
P.S. Banning guns will do nothing to stop criminals and I happen to believe that a well regulated militia is necessary to a free state.

Tristan Payne (Mallorytown, 2020-01-28)


This irresponsible monster is spending beyond tax payers limits.

Crystal Paul (ONOWAY, 2020-01-30)


Things need too change

Ruth Weller (Spruce grove, 2020-01-31)


I believe This government does not reflect the the views of the majority of the citizens of Canada. I believe this government is misappropriating our tax dollars. I believe our electoral system needs reform to make a fair representation of both western and eastern Canada

Brenda Neufeld (Elnora albertA, 2020-02-03)


I am signing because we don’t want to be governed by a criminal!

Paul Keeris (Langley, 2020-02-03)


Trudeau is a traitor.

Don Loveless (Grand Valley, 2020-02-03)


Trudeau has proven himself a failure by every measure of leadership. His policies are destroying Canada, which is obviously his intention since he wants to do away with Canadian borders.

Daniel Silvan (Toronto, 2020-02-04)


The present hijab c Co by hbu

Peter Straw (Orangeville , 2020-02-04)


He’s destroying Canada & neglecting Canadians ! While supporting foreign aid ! He’s broke the law x2 then hides the evidence stops his ministers from speaking He’s lied to all Canadians ! His Bills are changing our Constitute free speech ! Etc!!!!!! Please remove

Robert Inglis (Halifax , 2020-02-04)


Trudeau is ruining canada and is a dictatorship in the making .. Canada is fractured ..

Gail Milliken-Meier (Edmonton, 2020-02-04)


Troudeau is giving our money away instead of taking care of Canada and letting Isis back info Canada is a no no

Fred Brooks (Rouyn-Noranda, 2020-02-04)


OMG - GUESS... isn't it OBVIOUS? I'm signing because I "agree" with this petition!

Tom Grbich (Calgary, 2020-02-04)

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