Atlanta(moon veins) and Rona Kelly (Garden City, 2018-02-22)


I get it he's done stupid things but he's our stupid pickle WE MUST SET THIS DORK FREE

Bianca Mora (Fort benning, 2018-02-22)


I feel that Murdoc deserves to be with his bandmates I absolutely love this band and Gorillaz really need their leader with them. Murdoc should be set free

Suzuki Noodle (Burnsville , 2018-02-23)


We must free him... he’s the leader and the best bass player out there. Without a bass there’s no REAL point in music, or Gorillaz...
Free Murdoc!!!

Raechel Wyatt (Azle, 2018-05-18)


#Freemurdoc we don't want a cheap knockoff.....

Bob The bulider (Wichita, 2018-05-24)


I gotta free my nigga,murdoc ya feel me folk

Bill Cipher (Hell, 2018-05-24)


I am signing because no Powerpuff character is going to replace my pickle man

Caitlyn Thompson (Liberty, 2018-05-26)


We need to free Murdoc even if he's done just about everything and more.

Marie Miller (Oakland, 2018-05-26)


I'm signing because...

Joseph Waugh (topeka, 2018-05-26)


I'm signing because he is our lord and saviour.

Mary Brichta (Rio de janeiro, 2018-05-29)


#free murdoc

Tiara Smith (Detroit, 2018-05-29)


Murdoc should be free.

Amanda Rowe (Long Beach, 2018-05-29)


what has the world reduced to locking up such talent..

Please let him come back
I grew up watching him jam

Kalob Fansler (Newport News , 2018-05-29)


Keep out Murdooooooooooooc!!!!

INFINITE GAMER (London, 2018-05-30)


We need him back for the new album

Anthony Podowski (London , 2018-05-31)


I ******* love Murdoc!

Wade Winchester (Mora, 2018-05-31)


U can start a band without murdoc

Yoseph Rivera (Oceanside, 2018-05-31)


He was framed. I do not respect the man, but in these courses of Human Events, it is only fair if he is freed on these terms.

A.K. Morris (Vernon, AL, 2018-05-31)


He's my baby

Rockeeo Golfclub (Fort Worth, 2018-05-31)


I'm signing here to free our favorite satanist

Julia Grubbs (Hell, 2018-05-31)


We have to get rid of this powerpuff fool

Madison Ruter (Everett, 2018-05-31)


To get my nigga Murdoc out

Joseph Franciosa (Doylestown, 2018-05-31)


I'm signing this because murdoc niccals is a nice man and does not deserve to be in jail

Bryana Spannagel (Wisconsin rapids, 2018-06-01)


It's the right thing to do

Que Daugherty (San Marcos Texas , 2018-06-01)


I’m signing because Murdoc is one of the most needed members of the band and he was basically framed by mierda. Plus I’ve been listening to gorillaz for years now and now that murdoc is gone, everyone in the band is acting strange

Rachel Mitchell (Cincinnati , 2018-06-01)


I'm signing this because I don't think Murdoc derserves to be in jail. I'm a hardcore Murdoc fan and I hate seeing Ace in his place, considering Murdoc is 40% responsible for creating Gorillaz

Vilhelmina Lana Krajcer (Zagreb, 2018-06-01)


Without Murdoc Niccal's who's going to kidnap the band back together?

Benson Hewat (Ballarat, 2018-06-01)



Ellie Lengden (Redditch, 2018-06-01)


Free this perverted psychopath! He's one of the band's core members, even if his methods are questionable. I'm a Gorillaz fan ever since I first heard the song "Feel Good" back in the 2000's.

Nick Salazar (Calimesa, 2018-06-01)



Ariana Michelle (Los Angeles , 2018-06-01)


For the love of sweet Satan

Bri O'Malley (Edmonton, 2018-06-01)


It’s funny to see a band member in jail but it’s bad so just to get the poor thing out

Alex Wyntre (Port st john, 2018-06-02)


Its my nigga murdoc. My fiance loves him more than me.

Dillan Ledet (Gray, 2018-06-02)


pickle needs freedom



Murdock is bae.

Alexandra Benamou (Marly le roi, 2018-06-02)



Jenna Lynn (Folsom, 2018-06-02)



Katy Vazquez (Macon ga, 2018-06-02)


Murdoc is the sickest bass guitar player and we need him to kick Ace's butt

Cadence Chambers (Picayune, 2018-06-02)


Murdoc is orginal to the band, he shoudnt be replaced by Ace from power puff girls. I lovr murdoc he is strange and has issues just like me.

Lydia Marie (Garrettsville, 2018-06-02)


Murdoc shodn't be replaced by Ace form the power puff girls, he was in the band for soooo long. And he did come up with the band.

Julie Walls (Garrettsville, 2018-06-02)



Florpy Johnson (chicago, 2018-06-02)


I don’t want Ace in the band

Ginger McCormick (Cheyenne , 2018-06-03)


I'm signing because Murdoc didn't do anything wrong, and we all know it!

Athena Joseph-Mack (Stoke-on-Trent , 2018-06-03)


Murdoc is God

Isabella Bohner (Waterville, 2018-06-03)


hes always been my favorite now let him out you*****s

Dantë Trancë (vancouver, 2018-06-03)


ace is ugly

Holly Bryant-Spaulding (kilsyth, 2018-06-03)


I love Gorillaz and murdoc is a crucial part of the band

Josephine Moore (Sydney, 2018-06-03)


Murdoc is a moron
But is OUR moron, and we can't just leave him in that place xDDD

Aracely Beatriz Novoa Manns (Reumén, 2018-06-03)



Becky Broughton (Hartlepool, 2018-06-04)


I've been a Gorillaz fan for the last 17 years and I hate to see the leader/bassist Murdoc behind bars! Murdoc is being framed for the crime he didn't commit... release him now!!! #freemurdoc!!!

Afsara Mehrin (Dhaka, 2018-06-04)


I love Muds! ❤❤

Lela Black (Birmingham, 2018-06-04)


Murdoc Niccals is my hero. I look to him for help when i'm down i need his sweet satanic love to help me through the tough times. <3 be strong Murdoc I'll be there for you.

Ethan Little (mount gambier, 2018-06-04)


love you murdoc

Emma Treskow (Mount Gambier, 2018-06-04)


The band gorillaz has been with me since I was born and have helped me through every tough moment and every great moment in life with their epic music, so***** yeah free murdoc! Don’t leave your fam behind.

Meg Maroni (Albany, 2018-06-05)


I’m crying, my pure baby murdoc, please escape. do whatever it takes, please. we all hate ace, and he’s replacing you, so please get yourself outta there, and I hope nothing bad happens to you. cheers.

Cobaalt Vixen (Los Angeles, 2018-06-06)


Free Murdoc.!!!

Ab van Dijk (Zaandam, 2018-06-06)



Lola Tannock (Dunedin, 2018-06-08)


I signing because i love gorillaz,and i not wanted Murdoc in jail.I saded for Murdoc going on jail. :'(

Regiane Thais Dos Santos (Almirante Tamandare., 2018-06-13)


I'm signing this because... I mean it's fookin murdoc Niccals

Keanu Swanson (Kapolei, 2018-06-14)


I’m signing because I think he was falsely acussed of something he didn’t do

Edward Garrett (Forest, 2018-06-21)



Jacob Humble (durham, 2018-06-24)


Murdoc is god

Crystal Soho (Concord nh, 2018-06-25)


Ace doesn’t belong in the gorillaz band FREE MY BOI MURDOC

Angel Saldana (Painesville, 2018-06-26)


I’m signig this because murdoc was framed

Gc Cruz (Springfield , 2018-06-28)


I want him back.

Joshua Durham (DUMFRIES, 2018-06-30)


Murdoc deserves getting oout of prison ans having a better life.

Margarida Sedas (Lisbon, 2018-07-02)


I'm signing because 1) murdoc is god and 2) gorillaz isn't the same without him

Tom Niccals (Hull, 2018-07-02)


I love murdoc and we need our bastard bassiest back!

Rayna Anaya (Maold, 2018-07-04)


I'm signing because I want murdoc free and out of prison he did no wrong and his band needs him to write songs.

Noel Hartman (Harrisburg, 2018-07-14)


Im signing because I didn’t come for Ace.

Jana Rambová (Prague, 2018-07-18)


Murdoc has the right to be free and be with his band mates

Gracie Jacelike (Lac Du Flambeau, 2018-07-18)


The pickle needs to be free!!!

Jonina Strumann (Reykjavík, 2018-07-20)


Murdoc is my precious baby

Hayley Millan (Glasgow, 2018-07-25)



Evelyn Nolen (Dallas, 2018-07-27)



Asher Parsley (St.John's, NL, 2018-08-15)


The new bassist is fine, but he’s just not Murdoc.

Ellen Sippel (Atlanta, 2019-06-27)


i love murdoc

gabriellaa airpods (palm harbor, 2020-10-26)

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