Bellalago Traffic Light Petition



There have been far too many serious car accidents at this intersection. We need a signal light to help save lives.

glenda lewis (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)


My parents live in Bellalago and I visit them often.

Egypt Tobin (Ocoee, 2018-04-21)


There are too many accidents in this location and this is a prime location for accidents to occur!! This is a dangerous spot for a 5mph zone and no light!! Too many people do not obey the speed limit anyway!!

VICTORIA CLEMENT (Kissimmee , 2018-04-21)


The exit from Bellalago main gate is dangerous and yesterdays horrific accident proved it. If lights are not installed, someone will be killed. Let's not wait for that to happen.

Maddy Byron (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)


A traffic light is needed for the entrance of a 1700 home community

Brian Torpey (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)


This intersection is dangerous. The speed limit is 55 mph and most drivers exceed that limit. During high traffic hours getting across the intersection is quite difficult. A traffic light would help greatly.

Teri Johnson (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)



Sotero Martinez (Kissimmee , 2018-04-21)


I witnessed the horrific accident yesterday. This intersection definitely needs a light to control traffic flow.

John Gutowski (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)


Something Needs to be done!!!!

Luz Garzon (Kissimmee , 2018-04-21)


When I leave my home and arrive, I am in danger of the life of my family. This location is very confusing for everyone involved crossing over to the other side with the speeding and consistent amount of traffic which is increasing daily. The fact someone lost their life should be enough of a reason to add a light. This location is extremely dangerous with a bus stop right there as well, the ability to lose visual when bus is stopped is frustrating.

Tina Sadenwater (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)


We need to be able to safely pull out of or into our community without taking our life in our hands due to terrible drivers.

Patricia Duttlinger (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)


We need this traffic light.

Jayne Dimick (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)


It is necessary that a traffic signal be installed at this exit to and from Bellalago, this could have been any one of our loved ones, so let's be responsible and slow down, install a signal, and watch out for each other.

Barbara Jackson (Kissimmee , 2018-04-21)


The drivers drive fast and recklessly down Pleasant Hill

Martha Land (Kissimmee , 2018-04-21)


Pleasant Hill Rd is dangerous. We need a light at the main entrance to Bellalago.

Brian Holcombe-Hernandez (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)


This intersection is DANGEROUS! There needs to be a traffic light so people coming in and out of Bellalago can do so safely. Too much traffic and to many speeders makes it very dangerous to pull out or turn into Bellalago safely!

Steven Sprowls (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)


There are numerous accidents on Pleasant Hill Rd. that we need more speed enforcement in the area ASAP!!!!!

Mike Smith (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)


I live in Bellalago and it is hard pulling out and comimg in due to drivers speeding.

Sharon Vwlez (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)


It’s imperative that a traffic light be installed in order to prevent more serious accidents and loss of life.

Carmen Parrilla (Kissimmee , 2018-04-21)


David Gibson

David Gibson (KISSIMMEE, 2018-04-21)


I have lived in Bellalago for 14 years when speed limit was 55 mph back then was to high. The traffic has gotten so bad over the years plus for four schools built and a college. I have had so much trouble getting into Bellalago main gate and have almost gotten hit myself. To protect our families we need a traffic light at the main gate so no one else gets hurt. Our family prayers our with your daughter and your family.

Sandra Boehnke (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)


I have seen too many accidents in this area. Cars are constantly speeding.

Iris Santiago (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)


The installation of a traffic light at the front entrance to the Bellalago community will aid in controlling the flow of traffic, decrease accidents and save lives; men, women and our

Marjorie McIntyre (Kissimmee, 2018-04-21)


Agree that we need a traffic light at Bellalago main entrance.

Virna Sebelen (Kissimmee , 2018-04-21)


Resident of Bellalago this traffic light is long over due !! Please we need this traffic light

Alexander Lopez (Kissimmee , 2018-04-21)


We need to put Saftey first.

Leticia King (4842 Rockvale dr, 2018-04-21)


I live in Bellalago and see accidents and almost got in a few myself

Rachelle Williams (Kissimmee, 2018-04-22)


There have been so many accidents at this exit. It is unsafe to enter Pleasant Hill either right or left due to unsafe speeding distracted drivers. Please help by putting in a traffic light.

Beverly Reid (Kissimmee, 2018-04-22)


The main gate is the only option for vendors and guests to enter the community. Often times crossing over pleasant Hill Road is treacherous. Furthermore, with 3 new housing developments going in by our south gates, that entrance and exit will only be a viable option for so long for residents.

Leon Hall (Kissimmee, 2018-04-22)


It’s a dangerous road with heavy traffic. Making a left turn is incredibly dangerous. Too many accidents.

Yeralis Perez (Kissimmee, 2018-04-22)


Slow down speeders

Corey Deleon (Kissimmee, 2018-04-22)


I live off Pleasant Hill and want to make sure it is as safe as possible.

Jerry Alix (Kissimmee, 2018-04-22)


Way to dangerous

Lenin Vizuete (Kissimmee , 2018-04-22)


Too many accidents are happening on pleasant hill rd by people speeding and dangerous intersections. The speed limit should be lowered to 45 due to the new homes being built and schools.

Elizabeth Ramos (Kissimmee, 2018-04-22)


To many accidents in this entrance

Maria Robles (Kissimmee , 2018-04-22)


Frecuent accidents in that intersection.

laura wurster (kissimmee, 2018-04-23)


I do not live in Bellalago but I do have friends I visit and I do drive from my home in Pleasant Hill Heights to my parents in South Point (and further to WalMart) and I tired of having cars speed through as if driving the autobon! IF a signal light was there it would prompt a break up in speeding areas.

connie williams (kissimmee, 2018-04-23)


Please help us before someone dies.

Monique Simpson (Kissimmee, 2018-04-23)


I live in the Bellalago community and agree completely with the author of the petition. Due to the dramatic increase in traffic over the past ten years along Pleasant Hill Road, safety has become an utmost concern. Due to the very heavy traffic, many aggressive drivers are taking esceptionally dangerous risks. A traffic light at this intersection will make it much safer for traffic into and out of Bellalago Drive.

Peter Smullen (Kissimmee, 2018-04-23)


I’m signing because I believe that it is very much needed as the posted speed limit is not slow enough to prevent traffic accidents from happening.

Dr. Timothy Williams (Kissimmee , 2018-04-23)


I live here and and they need to do something to avoid accidents like this from happening again.

Dakota Springfields (Kissimmee, 2018-04-23)


I live in the community

Jackie Day (Kissimmee , 2018-04-23)


It is long overdue that a light at this community is needed and lower speed limit down Pleasant Hill Rd to 45 the whole way from Poinciana to John Young. The accidents in this area are far too many!

Donna Flood (Kissimmee, 2018-04-23)


I live in Bellalago and we need a light. It is very dangerous at this intersection!

Susan Scherer (Kissimmee, 2018-04-23)


omg wow that crazy I hope that she is felling better and she will be held in the name of Jesus I will be praying for her and the family

Maria Pardo (Kissimmee , 2018-04-23)


I am signing because I live on Pleasant Hights and I travel Pleasant Hill almost everyday, and people are speeding, they are not doing 45 MPH. More like 70 MPH and on their phone.

Ruth Covarrubias (Kissimmee , 2018-04-25)


Im also signing because I would like to see more law enforcement making traffic stops, the amount of people speeding on pleasant hill rd is ridiculous.

Edwin Garcia (Kissimmer, 2018-04-25)


Trying to get out of my neighborhood is very dangerous even making a right hand turn. Left hand turns are more difficult. Children are at the corner waiting for busses and cars are pulling out cutting off other cars. Only a matter of time before someone swerves and potentially hits a child.

Robert Gioia (Kissimmee, 2018-04-29)


I totally feel it’s needed

Carmen Ferrer Guerra (Kissimmee , 2018-04-29)


save lives.

antonio feliberti (kissimmee, 2018-04-30)


The accidents are getting worst on Pleasant Hill Rd. And a light will at least slow everyone down. They also need to pass the law of no texting and driving..most of the accidents is because of that..

Hope we can get that light up on Bellalago..God bless our children.
Haydee T.

HAYDEE TORRES (Kissimmee, 2018-04-30)


I believe it is needed

Thomas Alix (Kissimmee , 2018-05-03)

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