Free Hindu Temples In India



Hindu Temples Need To Be Removed From Government Control In India. This Will Help Hindu Society Immensely In Various Dimensions. Mouli

Mouli Ghosh (New York City, 2018-04-30)


Government control of Hindu temples is a form of gross injustice to Hindus. This discrimination that harms all Hindus must end now, not later.



Temples should be independent, not under government control.

Subramanian Iyer (New York City, 2018-05-02)


In the preamble to the Constitution of India the PEOPLE OF INDIA solemnly resolve to constitute India as a sovereign, socialist, SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC, republic and to secure to ALL of its citizens LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, FAITH and WORSHIP and EQUALITY of status and opportunity.

Until Hindu temples are freed of government control, Hindus will be denied of their liberty of faith and worship and equality of status and the government is in violation of the solemn resolution of the people of India to constitute India a secular republic.

Paresh Trivedi (New York, NY , 2018-05-04)


I find it outrageous that in a secular country Hindu Temples are under Govt. control



Due to endowments control people with out knowledge are managing Temples. This is causing degradation in all aspects including following sanaathana dharma practices.

Mahesh Reddy Maramreddy (Plainsboro, 2018-05-04)


It's imperative that they remain free from state's control and use whatever they receive for people's good, it's people's hard earned money. No other faith is subjected to such looting by government officials for their own and their favorite outside entities. Religion and state have to be kept separate anyway.

Jainendra Jain (Woodmere, ny , 2018-05-04)


Double standards have to stop. It’s a rule made by British for destruction of Hindu sprit. They date not touch any Muslim or Christian places.

Rakesh Bhandari (London, 2018-05-04)


Religion is not a matter of the state... And should be left to the people.

Joy Vyloppully (Charlotte, 2018-05-04)


Most countries are christian,isamic,or communist Foolish congress leaders anti Hindus leaders , co declared India as secular nation .So the nation can be divided again. Unless India is declares a Hindu Nation Nothing that represent Hindus is safe. Hindu not unite.d has no future any where .
Claim temple by force and then you have some future

ARISH SAHANI (NY, 2018-05-04)


Regulation of Hindu Temples by the Government of India is nothing but blatant discrimination when Christian & Muslim places of worship are not regulated.

Arun Mehta (Vancouver, 2018-05-04)


Management control of Hindu temples by state governments is against all secular criteria and ethos of Hindu dharma. In a country where nearly 80% of people are Hindus, it is a shame that successive governments after 1947 have failed to remove this insulting law. We would like all state governments where BJP is in power should first make a joint declaration that they will remove the prejudicial anti-Hindu law.

Dhiru Shah (Johns Creek, GA, 2018-05-05)


Religious freedom is a right in all democracies.

Piyush Mehta (Dallas, 2018-05-05)


Hindu temples belong to Hindus and should be controlled by us! Our rights should be respected. When churches and mosques are not under Govt control, then why should Hindus temples be discriminated against?

Nikunj Trivedi (New York, 2018-05-05)


I m in favour of this petition

mohit garg (bhopal, 2018-05-05)


Why should the Governments control HIndu temples only and not Masjids and churches. It is very unfair.



This is unfair to all Hindus. Why should government interfere in the religious practices of Hindus? The governments are looting hundreds of millions of dollars from the temples

Anubin Kunnath (Trissur, 2018-05-05)


Temple money should be used for uplifting Hindu people rather then been used against them

Shashank Shukla (Bhopal, 2018-05-05)


We are silently sufferring from this vicious attack on our rights to follow our dharma the way it is. Why should Govt interefere when it calls itself secular?

Sandeep Nair (Bangalore, 2018-05-05)


High time temples get to use their money on hindu charities

Indu Dey (Atlanta, 2018-05-05)


Why Hindu temples are under Govt. Control for so many years, if Muslim and Christian places of worship are not in a Hindu majority?

Shashi Sidhaye (Peachtree Corners, 2018-05-05)


I'm signing because every Vedic temple should be free to manage itself instead of being controlled by the state.

Stephen Knapp (Detroit, 2018-05-05)


Government control of Hindu temples in India is the most egregious political maneuver that anti-Hindu politicians have foisted on Hindu majority for so many decades while clamoring to be secular by keeping Christian and Muslim places of worship free of any Govt control. What an irony! This must be corrected for India to become a truly secular democratic country.



I want the temples free from the government.

Dhananjay Singh (shadnagar, 2018-05-06)


We need to end this

Ravi Reddy (Bangalore, 2018-05-06)


Hindu Sanatani Temples Must Be Out Of Govt Control. Why Should Temples Feed Christian and Islamic Believers, While They Enjoy Charity Via Govt AT THE EXPENSE OF SANATANI HINDU INSTITUTIONS ?

Aniruddha Mukherjee (Kolkata, 2018-05-06)


Nowhere in the world does a government control religious institutions except in Communist and other authoritarian dictatorships. It is unbelievable that in India, the birthplace of Sanathana Dharma, they are under government control. We should throw out these criminal politicians who helped pave the way for this abomination. They wouldn't touch the Churches or the mosques for fear of backlash and riots. Supreme court should step in and abolish this criminal and unconstitutional discrimination against the Hindu religion.

Ambalavanar Somaskanda (9 Hepburn Lane,Pittsford,NY14534,USA., 2018-05-06)


States and government should not have any role in temple these are to benefit humanity, for their transformation or development.

Govind Nath (Trivandrum, 2018-05-06)


To stop mischanneling of temple fund

Chandraraj Raj (PENANG, 2018-05-06)


We need gov to implement secularism correctly
Why only temples why not churches and masjids ?
Leave temple or capture all

Krushi Vaddi (machilipatnam, 2018-05-06)


This Hindu temples loot by Indian gov must stop. Hindus are victim in their own country by their own governments. Sad!

Sachendra Chauhan (Hong Kong, 2018-05-06)


I am signing to free Hindu temples in India from government control just like mosques and churches.
Ramjee Pathak

Ramjee Pathak (Flowery Branch, 2018-05-06)


Temple should managed by faithful Hindus. Temples are the most ancient and effective social institution in the world. For thousands of years the Indians had a successful and widely reached temple centred educational system with. Temple kepet our ancestors united by settling most of civil and criminal disputes. Temples functioned as a village treasury. Even after independence our politicians misusing temples for their personal interest as British. Each and every Indian should come forward to realise temples from this antisocial and anti-national forces.

Manikandan Nair (Chennai, 2018-05-06)


The world's oldest, most ancient, most peaceful, universally harmonious, Hindu culture is being destroyed by transient , upstart, violent, disrespectful cultures. Hinduism and the world can be saved only by saving the Hindu temples.

Narendra Devadas (Hayward, 2018-05-06)


This is the birth right of Hindus and must be given to them..

Rhythm Singh (Pune, 2018-05-06)


I am signing this petition because it is just and is very much overdue;-almost 70 yrs

nihal agar (Longueville, 2018-05-06)


If other religious instituitions are not controlled why hindu temples are controlled.
I support the control by local communities.

Anurag Saxena (Epping NSW, 2018-05-06)


Every Hindu is likely to get a decent religious education, better facilities, better treatment and improved services if the temples are managed by the local Hindu communities where they exist.

Madhusudan Jhaveri (Lakeville , 2018-05-07)


To protect our culture and our traditional in India

Ramjee Pasam (Vijayawada, 2018-05-07)


Hindus are not treated fairly in India. All religions should be treated equal. We also need a Uniform Civil Code.

Pravin Mundkur (LEXINGTON, 2018-05-07)


Hindu temples run by community belong to the community and NOT government.

AZad Kaushik (Morriston, 2018-05-07)


Hindu temples are in hand of non-hindus, Anti-Hindu , conversion gangs. Temple collections must be used only for hindus like Christianasim & Islam. Tax free.

Jitendra Yadav (Mumbai, 2018-05-07)



Nathu Nalua (KOLKATA, 2018-05-07)


Apni Mandir Apan chalayenge.....Jai Sriram

Nanda Chatla (Atlanta , 2018-05-07)


Politicians abusing the hindu culture and looting the temple money

Vinod Gopi (Tripunithura, 2018-05-07)


Every government's are looting Hindu temples and do nothing for the Hindu community.thete is no free schools no free ashrams for the real devotees.if you go there even for Darshan we have to take tickets.moreover Hindu believes in transferring even knowledge for free so then why we need to pay.

Preethy Nair (Dubai, 2018-05-07)


I am a proud Hindu.

Dilip Pish (Sydey, 2018-05-08)


Temples are places to worship hindus so should manage by Temple authority and not by government for use and benefit for Hindus only.

Shailesh Nirban (Parbhani, 2018-05-08)


I'm signing because I trust in your fair judgment and authority to implement the correct and desperately needed action, transferring the Hindu temple management from government control to the rightful owners who are knowledgeable and respectful of the faith. We have been ignored and taken advantage of, for too long.

Venugopal Menon (Pearland, 2018-05-08)


Free all the Hindu Temples from govenament undertakings.

Otherwise, you should take over Mazids & Churches as well.

Srikanth Modi (Neenah, 2018-05-08)


The injustice by a predatory government done to Hindus because of the nature of a religion that preaches peace, should not be allowed. This unequal treatment of religious institutions is also unreasonable.

Venugopal Menon (Tenafly, 2018-05-08)


I’m signing because I feel the government managing the Hindu Temples may include people who do not have the interest of the Hindu people in their mind rather use religion for political gains.

Nakuleshwar Pandey (Atlanta, GA, 2018-05-08)


We don't want government interference in temples ...

Prashanth Nayak (Udupi, 2018-05-09)


This matters to me

Devidas Koyadan Chathoth (Atlanta , 2018-05-09)


Hindu Temples Need To Be Given Back To The Hindu Population Of Their Locality In India

Srikant Mookerjee (Princeton, 2018-05-09)


I agree with the proposal

Shyamala Nair (Temple, TX, 2018-05-09)


temples are spiritual energy centers no outside interference should be tolerated

megha sharma (secaucus, 2018-05-09)


The governments of the time have denied us HINDUS the right to worship freely without interference and also have misused the funds meant for the development of HINDUS and their TE.MPLES ! This is against the CONSTITUTION and severe punishment should be meted out to the GUILTY POLITICIANS who GOVERN INDIA !

A.V. Prasad (Hyderabad, 2018-05-10)


Because I want to get back my temples free from government intervention and bring justice to all my brother Hindus.

Mahesh Balasubramaniam (Chennai , 2018-05-10)


Secularism means treating all religions equally, and there's no reason why the Indian government should control just temples. Either control all religious institutions or release them all with the realization that a secular government shouldn't have religious assets.

Sucharita Jayanti (Boston, 2018-05-11)


I am signing because it's matter to me that why we as Hindu in our own country scrutinize whlle others faith remains without any restrictions.

Kantibhai Patel (Harrow , 2018-05-13)


I want freedom in India from neo colonial rule

Rudranath Talukdar (Waco, 2018-05-21)


I want money donated by us for temples to be only used for temples

Aditya Hari (Kollam, 2018-05-24)


Absolutely. We need a fair and uniform laws in India. It's injustice to have Hindu Temples and Places of Worship are under Govt. control and other religions enjoy complete freedom to run their institutions.

Sree Palepu (Wheaton, 2018-05-28)


Hindu rights

Prashant Hadge (Nagpur, 2018-09-09)


M concerned

Mrunali Bhat (Coimbatore , 2019-01-17)


I'm signing because I'm a Hindu, requesting overall development of Hindu communities, addressing their pitiful state as compared to minorities and requesting equality for the majority community.

Rahul Nair (Dubai, 2019-11-24)


Free our temples .give freedom for our temples

Lingala Mamatha (Hyderabad , 2020-05-25)


I believe this is only fair, if churches and mosques are treatd this way.

Ram Gupta (Carlisle, 2020-08-23)


I feel that hindus in India are deprived due to votebank policies of Indian politics since we form the economy of this nation without legible rights

Vigneshwar Shathoor (Hyderabad, 2020-09-06)


It is really important to safeguard hindu temples and protect them from misuse,even the pundits of temple are not paid properly due govt control, which is very discouraging to the hindu tradition and detrimental to existence of temple system. Grave injustice is being done here

sirisha vempaty (Banglore, 2020-09-28)


I am appalled by what is going on to Hindu temples

Krithi Ramamritham (MumbAi, 2020-09-30)


It is necessary in a true secular country.

banda venkata lakshmi rao (VIJAYAWADA, 2020-10-13)


Need to be freed from gov has every thing offered belongs to god.

Kishor Soban (Bangalore, 2021-02-07)


I want to preserve secularism and Santana dharma in India.

Vamshi Ayneni (Hyderabad, 2021-09-10)

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