(For Chandra) To sustain the incarceration of individual that murdered our daughter in 1993.



No means no and no one should suffer at the hands of an abuser. Miss Johnson paid the ultimate price her life.

(Detroit, 2018-05-30)


I don’t want this person on the streets!

(Florissant, 2018-05-30)


I'm signing because he should not even be considered for parole after taking an innocent life. When there is people in prison for drugs for life but murders are getting out easily.

(Columbus, 2018-05-30)


I know the victims

(Los Angeles , 2018-05-30)


Murder is serious. Especially within relationships. It should not be treated lightly nor those found guilty of a crime like this be released.

(Los Angeles , 2018-05-30)


I know all the victims to the family. I grew up with them

(Los Angeles, 2018-05-30)


Wilberforce Universairy is a family and we stand together! Domestic violence needs to stop!!

(Detroit, 2018-05-30)


This young lady had a remarkable future that didn't include a troubled life and person. This person violated her by following her to college and took her life and joy from her parents.

(Cincinnati, 2018-05-30)


“For Chandra” And also this animal does not deserve to see the light of day.

(Long Beach, 2018-05-30)


Murder should be punished...

(Philadelphia , 2018-05-30)


I'm signing this petition to keep him in jail where he belongs. Thank you

(Detroit, 2018-05-31)


I was a student at Wilberforce University when my peer, Chandra, was murdered. I will never forget that day. She was young, ambitious, and pursuing her education so that she could go out into the world and make a positive difference when this person murdered her, in broad daylight, in cold blood. He does not deserve to be freed as this world will never know the positive difference that Chandra would have made.

(Warrensville Hts, 2018-05-31)


I’m signing because I support the memory of my College sister and her family.

(Durham , 2018-05-31)


I met Chandra back in August 1993 at Wilbeforce University. She was beautiful inside and out and what he did to her has forever impacted me

(Cincinnati , 2018-05-31)


I was a friend and classmate of Chandra at Wilberforce University when she was senselessly murdered for no reason. Ronald Dancy should remain in prison for this evil act.

(Washington , 2018-05-31)


She would be turning 43 this year, but he decided against it. WU c/o ‘97

(Washington, DC, 2018-05-31)


I was a freshman at Wilberforce when you MURDERED HER! She pleaded for her life and you still took it...PLEASE stay right where you are sir

(Ocala, 2018-05-31)


I was her classmate and my roomate was one of her best friends. I saw it first hand!

(southaven, 2018-05-31)


Taking someone’s life, especially in a brutal and deliberate way, should result in the murderer’s lifelong sentence.

(Gahanna, 2018-05-31)


I was a freshman at Wilberforce University in 1993 and I was there when Chandra was murdered. I remember it like it was yesterday and it had an impact on me and all of us that were there at that time.

(Columbus , 2018-05-31)


Because he had all inentions on taking this girls life. He doesn't deserve to be out to put more people in danger. Families have already suffered enough. Don't let him hurt another family !!!

(Columbus, 2018-05-31)


Because of the brutal crime and innocent life lost

(Dallas, 2018-05-31)


Please keep this murderer behind bars so he doesn't do this again.

(Golden, 2018-05-31)


Chandra deserves justice for such a heinous crime.

(Chandler, 2018-05-31)


WU Alumni

(Chester, 2018-05-31)


I was an RA on campus. I was there the day he came onto campus, and not only killed Chandra, but left her classmates and our entire WU family scared and grieving.

(Cleveland, 2018-05-31)


He killed an innocent woman and he doesn't deserve to be released. She is gone forever because of his selfish and evil actions.

(Spring, 2018-05-31)


A Horrible crime was committed

(Dayton, 2018-05-31)


WU alum

(Lithonia , 2018-05-31)


I was currently going to Wilberforce when happend....Such a Tradagey...Praying for her Family

(Youngstown, 2018-05-31)


Will do anything to keep him from granting parole he deserves to remain behind bars

(BATON ROUGE la, 2018-05-31)


He deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life

(Southfield, 2018-05-31)


I was a student at Wilberforce when this occurred. This was a senseless crime and I do not believe that parole should be granted

(Cincinnati , 2018-05-31)


Dont let his bitch ass out

(Chicago , 2018-05-31)


I am signing because I am an Alumni at the university that she attended. We are family. He hurt our family.

(Columbus, 2018-05-31)


His needs to stay behind bars!! Her life is over and his should be also!!

(Saint Louis , 2018-05-31)


It’s for a reasonable cause...

(Fullerton, 2018-05-31)


I went to Wilberforce and remember this. This was very traumatizing. The Johnson family was robbed of being able to see their daughter excel and be fabulous in this world due to this senseless act. He needs to stay in prison and rott the rest of his life for this.

(Altamonte Springs FL , 2018-05-31)


I'm signing because nobody should have to go through this, not the victim not their parents and family. Her parents pain in their hearts will never vanish.

(College Park, 2018-05-31)


No one has the right to take another human's life

(602 Hathaway Court, Accokeek MD, 2018-06-01)


I worked at Wilberforce when this happened. It was my saddest day there. This was a savage, senseless crime that took not only the life and dreams of the victim, but the peace and sense of safety of the entire campus.

(Indianapolis, In, 2018-06-01)


I'm signing because I am a graduate of Wilberforce and this tragedy affected many of my friends who were on campus at the time.

(Charlotte, 2018-06-02)


I remember this day- I was there... he needs to be in prison forever!

(Chicago , 2018-06-02)


What he did was cold and calculated. He took the life of an innocent young woman and affected the lives of the students on campus who witnessed this tragic event.

(Liberty Twp, 2018-06-02)


I support this family. That was my classmate. Our 1st year of college. May God Bless you!

(Northfield, 2018-06-02)


I care

(Chicago , 2018-06-02)


He should stay in jail forever

(Chicago , 2018-06-02)


Because I care.

(Los Angeles, 2018-06-02)


This piece of shit needs to die

(Clearwater , 2018-06-02)


I remembered this. I attended the college at the time.

(Indianapolis , 2018-06-02)



(Chicago , 2018-06-02)


Chandra didn't deserve to be murdered. I support her family and our Wilberforce family all impacted by this crime.

(Cleveland, 2018-06-02)


I’m signing because Ronald Dancy committed an unprovoked heinous crime. He should not be be released on parole, but should serve the full sentence received for this premeditated act.

(Atlanta , 2018-06-02)


It’s disgusting that the US judicial system would even consider releasing this animal.

(Ellenwood , 2018-06-03)


That man does not need to be on the streets.

(Chandler, 2018-06-03)