(For Chandra) To sustain the incarceration of individual that murdered our daughter in 1993.



It is only fair and just that Ronald Dancy continue to serve his sentence.

(Indianapolis , 2018-05-21)


I am signing this petiton because this tragic and precalculated murder impacted me and my entire family, but most of all the Johnson's. As Chandra Johnsons best friend since the fifth grade, I carry this senseless and horrific event with me everyday of my life and I will never be the same. We, Chandra’s family and friends will never be able to forget the way Ronald snatched Chandra from our lives after stalking and beating her for a period of time. I saw first hand the villianous way that he behaved as he pursuded her and treated her like a possesion. Chandra was a beautiful part of my life and even today I miss her terribly. The murderer, Ronald Dancy, should never ever be able to enjoy simple things like freedom, time with family or a nice home cooked meal as his victim Chandra will never be able to do these things. He took a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin and best friend with his selfish and egregious act. Please do not make a mistake and release this individual back into society. He must pay for taking this precious life and never have an opportunity to do such a thing to another innocent woman. I miss Chandra dearly, we all do, and we can never bring her back. However, knowing that her murderer is locked behind bars where he can never do this again is what we have to accept as Justice. Thank you for hearing our plea.

(Southfield , 2018-05-21)


I'm signing this because Chandra was one of my sister's best friends.

(VALPARAISO, 2018-05-21)


He need to stay in jail for the rest of his life.

(Detroit, 2018-05-21)


I do not want to see him free and able to do this to someone else. He should be here until he passes away, he should never forget Chandra and how her family and friends grieve for her. No matter how many years it has been and no matter what changes he has made will repair the emptiness and hurt that she is no longer with us. He should continue to pay the price of murdering another human being and hope that God has forgiven him and God can do that but us as humans forgive him for our sake but hope that his release never happens.

(Oak Park, 2018-05-21)


He is a cold blooded murderer who could kill again.

(Detroit, 2018-05-21)


Ronald Dancey lost his freedom when he brutally murdered Chandra Johnson. He should remain in jail for life. He stalked, physically abused and emotionally tormented Chandra until she decided she had enough. Since he couldn't control her, Ronald took her life. He's calculating and dangerous. He should pay for the crime by staying in prison for the maximum life sentence.

(Detroit, 2018-05-21)


My son was murdered.

(Southfield, 2018-05-21)


Because my children are missing out in an opportunity to know their aunt. In addition, Mr. Dancy's actions continue to affect the Johnson family still to this day in so many ways.

(West Harrison, 2018-05-21)


He need to stay in jail for the rest of his life.

(Detroit, 2018-05-21)


Murderers should not be allowed the life of a free citizen, while the victim will never be able to enjoy so why give the murderer what they stalked and purposely denied the to the victim.
Remember the family are victims also .

(Sunrise , 2018-05-21)



(Detroit, 2018-05-21)


Cold-blooded murderers don't deserve parole opportunities.

(New York , 2018-05-22)


The matter in which Ronald Dancy was convicted is a heinous act that stole the life this family’s daughter. No amount of time can heal that or bring her back.

(Southfield , 2018-05-22)


I LOVE this Family and their BEAUTIFUL daughter who tried to get away from this animal who stalked and brutally murdered her and left the family and friends a lifetime of heartache and pain.What a damn shame.

(Novi, 2018-05-22)


We are family and justice must be served.

(Wixom , 2018-05-22)


I am signing this petition to make sure Ronald Dancy stay in prison for the rest of his life. He took away my neice, Chandra life.

(Redford, 2018-05-22)


Predators like Ronald Dancey should remain behind bars... His reign of terror ended after he murdered my 2nd cousin and was sent to jail. His sentence should be served to the maximum - life. It is free same sentence he imposed on Chandra after months of harassment and abuse.

(Westland, 2018-05-22)


The extent that he went to murder this girl. Heartless and the family will never have her back.

(Canton, 2018-05-23)


He does not need to be released

(Memphis, 2018-05-23)


He deserves to be in prison

(Southfield , 2018-05-23)


She was like a sister. A beautiful, intelligent and genuine spirit that was taken way too soon. Ronald Dancy should rot in prison for the rest of his life. And rot in hell thereafter!!!

(Lathrup Village , 2018-05-23)


I am a family friend of the Johnson family.

(Southfield, 2018-05-23)


The actions of this person have stayed and made a very lasting, hurtful stain in my heart and soul since it occurred in 1993 as I and Chandra’s brother were in the six grade together. I will never forget the day that the news was informed to myself and my other classmates of the devastation and I will never forget the look on Antoine‘s face when he returned to school trying to go on with life without his older sister making him an only child. As I am now a mother of a daughter these types of horrific actions and evil behaviors from this person force me to be more of a protector for her and her well-being as she gets older and more prayerful of her life and the destiny that God would have for her.

(Adrian, 2018-05-23)


I don't know the pain of losing a child. Yet, I do know that the parents and other family member of Chandra still experience a lot of pain behind her death. I do know that it would not be fair and just to have them feel so much pain while their daughter's killer walks the streets. Inmate #288442 should remain locked up for the rest of his life

(Southfield, 2018-05-24)


Lasting effect on friends and family which caused my mother to have a stroke resulting in her passing.

(Long Beach, 2018-05-24)


He needs to stay incarcerated

(Southfield , 2018-05-24)


It's the right thing

(Detroit, 2018-05-24)


Dangerous pre-meditative psychopathic killers are not welcome in society. Dancy is far from penitence. In life there exist things that are absolutely unforgiveable. The past actions of inmate #288442 are such that he should never breathe 'free' air again.

(Victoria, 2018-05-24)


For Chandra...

He doesn't deserve to be free... Ever.

(Toronto, 2018-05-25)


Justice needs to be served

(Detroit , 2018-05-26)


I have known this family for over five years. In spite of their unfathomable loss, they have shown courage, strength and humility. I support them in this effort for continued justice for their daughter.

(Detroit, 2018-05-27)


Even though the physical crime has ended the emotional damage is on going as should the punishment.

(Warren, 2018-05-28)


The right thing to do

(Warren, 2018-05-28)


Because he should stay in jail

(Charlotte, 2018-05-28)


He has taken someone from their family and friends causing much grief and pain that doesn’t quite ever leave. She Is unable to live out her life to her full potential so why should he get a second chance to walk and roam this earth when he has taken life. Keep him from harming others and causing more pain to others.

(Detroit, 2018-05-28)


HeS a murder!! He should never be free. He should have been given LIFE!! YOU TAKE A LIFE YOU LOSE YOURS.

(Southfield, 2018-05-28)


This is an individual who took a life with no remorse. This is a person selfishly thought of himself. This is a person who had no heart. This is a person who took our beautiful Chandra away, my childhood best friend. He took a life over 25 years ago and she was never able to have an adult life, children, marriage, nothing. It still breaks my heart and this year makes 27 yrs of her death. Since he took a life, he has no right to freedom. He has received what he deserves and should continue to serve a life sentence.

(Covington, 2018-05-28)


Not a day goes by that I don't think about my niece she should have justice no matter what.

(Detroit, 2018-05-28)


Chandra was my first cousin, more like a sister and her murder changed our lives forever. Ronald Dancy should remain behind bars because he drove for hours from one state to the next to intentionally take her life. Therefore he does not deserve to enjoy his life as a free man. I implore all persons who review and take these statements in to consideration that you put yourselves in our position. If this horrible crime happened to one of your loved ones, would you exercise the same leniency?

Please deny his request for release and continue to require him to remain incarcerated. He took Chandra's life therefore he decided to give up his own.

(Farmington Hil, 2018-05-28)


Because of the brutal and savage nature of this inmate’s crime, Ronald Dancy should not be let out into society. He should remain confined for as long as the law permits. No other parent should have to go through this terrible ordeal.

(San Diego , 2018-05-29)


I am signing because he could have left her alone he did not have to take her LIFE

(Redford , 2018-05-29)


He committed a horrible crime

(New York, NY 10030, 2018-05-29)


I believe this person should stay in jail because the family is still hurt from there lose

(Detroit, 2018-05-29)


I am signing because this is my cousin , I am 23 years and never got to meet her because a guy took that away from her. However her story doesn’t change and hasn’t stopped , with other woman still getting harassed , stalked, and abused every single day. something needs to be seriously done. These men need to be off the streets for the safety of woman all over! Keep us alive and my cousin deserves justice. Keep him in jail, he’s also a murderer!

(Detroit, 2018-05-29)


He premeditated murdering a promising young woman intentionally and deserves life behind bars, since she has no life to live.

(Detroit , 2018-05-30)


I do not think this killer should be in the public arena. He cannot be trusted to walk around females that are trying to enjoy the simple things in life like attending college classes or graduating from college and potentially becoming president of USA or becoming a loving mom & wife! What a life of opportunities Chandra had ahead of her if her boyfriend wasn't a self centered life killer. please do not give him parole.

(Huntersville, 2018-05-30)