Bridgeport skatepark



Nowhere to ride.

Phil Scharn (Stratford, 2018-05-27)


I love skateboarding, It helps me clear my mind along with singing and dancing.

Samuel Cobb (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)


I am a part of the skating community in Bridgeport and it is hard to fun place to skate without be kicked out since we have no place to go since the skatepark has been taken away.

Renan Quintanilla (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)


Bridgeport needs another skatepark

Steven Bouloubasis (Fairfield , 2018-05-27)


Im going to sign this petition because I was raised in Bridgeport my whole life, they need more outside recreational activitys outside..

Kyle Caschetto (Milford, 2018-05-27)


We need this!

George Otero (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)


I am signing because I have been skateboarding for 10 years and it's always great to see the next generation of kids at skateparks. Wether they are riding bikes, skateboarding, rollerblading or scooters it is always nice to know these people have an outlet and are staying off the street. A skatepark is good for the community.

Johnathan Goulart (Stratford, 2018-05-27)


Every town should have a skatepark! I miss riding seaside every time i would go to Bridgeport!

Jeff Martin (Bristol, 2018-05-27)


I’m signing because we need a new park in Bridgeport, there’s a large skating population and not everyone has the money/car to either take the bus or drive a couple towns away for a decent place to skate.

Derek Hall (Milford , 2018-05-27)


I’m signing this because I know how important it is for the people in the community to have something to do - a place to go to stay active and do something productive to stay out of trouble. It also allows them to learn a skill of which they can make a profession. Just like Baseball and Football, professional skateboarders make a great living off competitions and sponsors. Please help make this happen, the community deserves it.

Thank you very much for tou time
Luis Zuckerman

Luis Zuckerman (Palm Beach Gardens , 2018-05-27)


I’m signing this so that the youth of Bridgeport, CT and of surrounding cities can have a place to exercise and practice skateboarding. This could be a place to build friendships and memories!

Kelvin Albelo (Bridgeport , 2018-05-27)


Keep as many kids on skateboards or bike as you can. As skate park could lower the crime rate

Gino Cuzzi (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)



Fiona Kyle (Stratford, 2018-05-27)


All Bridgeport skaters deserve to have somewhere to skate

Brey Jackson (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)


Cause fuck you for takin my skating privallages

Daffy Duck (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)


If any city needs a skate park, it's Bridgeport. Keep the scene alive!

Jesse Tuozzoli (Torrington CT , 2018-05-27)


Bridgeport is my hometown and I want the youth to have something to do instead of turning to the streets or doing other bad things.

Julian Sierra (Kissimmee, 2018-05-27)


We need a skatepark because we have good skaters that keeps begging for one. So this is good for our community

Lorenzo Booker (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)


Bridgeport needs places for kids and young adults to express themselves!

Kate Kristy (Bridgeport , 2018-05-27)


It took away people’s source of joy.

Eduardo Gonzalez (Indianapolis , 2018-05-27)


Bridgeport has to offer something more to the community. Instead of taking everything away. Period

Kenneth DuBose Jr (Bridgeport , 2018-05-27)


I believe we could use another skate ramp for the people of Bridgeport.

Litzy Damian (Bridgeport , 2018-05-27)


I’m signing because the skatepark was an amazing idea for the city. Lots of kids and even adults would spend time at the skatepark. It keeps people away from the hoods and violence. Very productive and positive. Also makes city look even greater.

Sahir Rosado (Stratford, 2018-05-27)


Having a skatepark near me growing up kept me out of trouble and off the street and away from the wrong crowds. Youths in the bpt area NEED this... in the grand scheme of things this will cost a fraction of what many other town projects cost and will benefit the community GREATLY.

Collin Hill (Stratford, 2018-05-27)


Even though I don’t skate, it’s a huge part of Bridgeport culture. It’s fun, it’s active and one of the few activities that can be done since there’s not a lot to do in BPT.

Kernah Fequiere (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)


There needs to be more safe havens for Bridgeport youth to stay off the streets. Growing up skateboarding taught me so many lessons still used today. Perseverance, social skills, hard work, determination, enjoying a sense of accomplishment, and having a place to feel socially accepted among peers are all things that I will forever be grateful for skateboarding.

Dan NICOLARI (stratford, 2018-05-27)


We need a new park in bpt after parks and recreation removed our skate park at seaside without a replacement or exsplination why

David Alamo jr (Bpt, 2018-05-27)


I'm signing because CT needs more skateparks in general ! Hands down

Tyler Scales (Hamden , 2018-05-27)


Jacob said so

Michelle Orsini (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)


This City is filled with many young kids who have talent with skating or art we need to express this more. And make Bridgeport amazing.

Tyquan Johnson (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)


The more skateparks the better for our youth to have a safe and fun place to hangout and enjoy themselves and friends.

Ryan Burns (Orange, 2018-05-27)


Those the homies <3

Nessanastyy Myb (New haven , 2018-05-27)



Noah Bruyson (North Haven, 2018-05-27)


Im signing this because we really do need anotber skate park in Bridgeport. If you want all of the skateboarders to stop damaging private nor regular property, then i suggest give the people/skateboarders what they want.

Selvin Segura (Bridgeport, Connecticut , 2018-05-27)


The youth of Bridgeport need something to do that positive #bringbackbpt

Michael Kessler (Bridgeport , 2018-05-27)


Skating is a way to help the youth and keep them focused on something else that has promising outcomes.

Steven Tobey (Stratford, 2018-05-27)


I'm signing because I grew up skating seaside skatepark and when I saw it getting demolished it was way to sad of a day. Me and many others miss and want Bridgeport to show they care about there youth again and build a skatepark. Doesn't have to be any thing crazy. But you know a cool skatepark built by bridgeports own "rampage skateparks" would be a great way to keep kids out of the hair of the police, security and anyone else who doesn't like the act of skateboarding/bmx. Well they have to at least enforce the rules, I don't know if they actually don't like it.

Alex Collins (Bridgeport , 2018-05-27)


I’m signing because ima skater and we need a Skatepark

Brandon Ortiz (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)


I believe that a skatepark can create a safer and tighter community , giving all different types of people a true experience and chance to develop and grow and being apart of a community

Bry Da (Bridgeport , 2018-05-27)


I’m signing because I am apart of the Bridgeport youth that will be enjoying this park on the daily

Michael Nieves (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)


The youth of Bridgeport needs more positive outlets ,where kids and teenagers can go to have fun and ride !

Luckner Predestin (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)


We need a skatepark!!

Zach Ourfalian (Milford, 2018-05-27)


I skateboard and having a skatepark in bridgeport would be extremely positive for the kids and the culture. less drugs, less violence.

William Mantz (Monroe, 2018-05-27)


Skate or die

Sam Coutts (New milford , 2018-05-27)


The more skateparks the better!

Jordan Syrop (new Haven , 2018-05-27)


We should have skate park in bpt!!!

George Perham (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)


Bridgeport is in need of recreational spots that support the demands of local skaters and bikers. It would be beneficial for the youths to have space to thrive and improve in the activities that they excel at.

Bianca Colon (Bridgeport, 2018-05-27)


Keep skating alive

Tyler annunziato (Branford , 2018-05-27)


I will skate it daily if you build it. :)

Raye Mokarry (Bridgeport , 2018-05-27)


John Romano (Milford, 2018-05-27)


Signing this petition Because I was born and raised 17 years in Bridgeport Connecticut . I believe how can you be the Park city without a skate park it’s a foregone conclusion you have a ramp manufacture in rampage in the city also I was one of the pioneers at 17 years old that got seaside skatepark originally built In 2005 . Please understand that Bridgeport is a perfect place to have a plaza concrete skate park possibly the biggest one in the state of Connecticut if done right . I understand that the city is in the process of possibly building a casino but the truth of the matter is that a skate park is for the youth of the city keeping them out of trouble keeping them focused on a different activity than basketball baseball soccer etc. that is all awesome but you might as well throw skateboarding rollerblading and BMX in there too it’s something that they use all day it is something that the city needs especially the kids in the city and let’s all hope that you believe so as well thank you . Ryan Springer.

Ryan Springer (Shelton , 2018-05-28)


This city needs a skatepark because there’s lot of talent there that needs to be untilized

Brendan Lynch (Lowell , 2018-05-28)


Skateparks are a great way to get kids outdoors and doing active things. Having a skatepark in Milford kept me in line while going through hard times in life. The community of people who use Skateparks is growing every day so eventually we will run out of room

Mike DiBlase (Milford, 2018-05-28)


I’m signing because my friends and I need somewhere we can grind without getting bitched at by the pigs

Nicole Thibodeau (Milford, 2018-05-28)


I Aprove this message

Robertson Fils (Bridgeport , 2018-05-28)


I support public skateparks and Bridgeport should have one!

Dan Tedesco (Shelton, CT, 2018-05-28)


I will be using this skatepark frequently with many of my friends if it is built.

David Forte (Monroe, 2018-05-28)


I’ve noticed a lot of inner city kids come to these places not just for a hobby but to keep themselves away from trouble. Taking the only safe and happiness away from them is just asking for more domestic problems within our city. You gotta understand where most of these kids come from and how they’re growing up with these influences around.

Johnny Young (Bridgeport, 2018-05-28)


Cause I love skating and rampage

Connor Lowe (Sherman , 2018-05-28)


The skate community has an important part about in Bridgeport history for years. Many artists, musicians, and innovators come from this community. I believe they deserve somewhere that is their own so they can continue to foster creativity.

Angelica Sistrunk (Bridgeport , 2018-05-28)


I grew up in Bridgeport, and the only thing that kept me from falling any deeper into the drug culture was skateboarding. Long days and nights skating at Seaside Skatepark and Rampage skateshop were the single thing that kept me from being on the block. Without skateboarding and the culture it gave birth to, there wouldn't be the art scene today. Skateboarding saved my life, and skateboarding will save Bridgeport.

Ky Ortiz (Bridgeport, 2018-05-28)


Kids teenagers and people of all ages need somewhere to skate thats meant for them!!!

Sarah Paige Learnard (Fairfield, 2018-05-28)


Skateparks bring in creativity and activity

Jack Gaber (Monroe, 2018-05-28)


Kids should have a skatepark to ride.

Joel Duenas (Chicago, 2018-05-28)


skateboarding is an amazing way to keep high energy kids focused

Zachary Hutter (Milford, 2018-05-28)


I’m signing because the community that utilizes these parks were stripped away of one which isn’t fair, which now limits us to a smaller one right next to a very busy road and not easily accessible/safe unless you’re old enough to drive. Bridgeport is a large city, so to avoid having cops patrol around when we use private property and “vandalizing” as some would say, they can direct their attention to other things that are worthwhile, not people just trying to have fun. We need to express our passions, and with a new skatepark that isn’t at a beach where everything eroded and rusts away, it’ll be heavily beneficial to not only the experienced people but to recruit youth and lead them to a better path.

Billy Stodolski (Waterbury , 2018-05-28)


I’m an avid skateboarding and I would hate to see people not have a proper place to skate.

Kyle Foy (Fairfield Ct, 2018-05-28)


The more skateparks we have in CT the better. Skateboarding is a positive outlet for our youth and a huge stress reliever for “us” old folks! Build something worth it!

Ryan Sutherland (Bristol , 2018-05-28)


Here to support anytning that has to do with outside activities that allows us to be creative with whatever hobby we choose while at these parks, love the idea hope it follows through !

Joshua Romano (West haven , 2018-05-28)


The skate and Bmx community is more alive than ever in the area yet we have nothing to ride and we really need something or else all the local businesses and companies will hate us

Jack Erazmus (Stratford , 2018-05-28)


Skateboarding is tight

Tom Wright (Seymour, 2018-05-28)


Please provide a safe haven for the kids so they can stay active and off of the streets.

Eric Vro (Bridgeport, 2018-05-28)


Even though i havent skated in yrs I still have mad love for it. Our community needs one. Come on Mayor Joe Ganim lets get this park started. #$kate4life#BRIDGEPORT$KATEPARK#

Aimee Valle (Bridgeport , 2018-05-28)


Resurrect seaside !!!!! Bpt needs a park again

Tim Tim (Bronx, 2018-05-28)


Skateparks are a great place to learn

Carlos Ramos (Newington , 2018-05-28)


Every city deserves a skatepark, just like it deserves a playground, or a baseball field.

Paul Crosby (West haven , 2018-05-28)


BPT needs this!

Brian Pitz (Bridgeport , 2018-05-28)


Bcuz the skate community need it.,

ELVIN THE-UNICO ( Bridgeport , 2018-05-28)


Bridgeport’s youth can use a place to go and skateboard in a controlled, welcoming atmosphere.

Jeremey Everlith (Bridgeport, 2018-05-28)


I don’t Wana get arrested for skating.

People At Jennings are snobs

Matthew Solicito (Bridgeport , 2018-05-28)


Union Ironworker who is working in Bridgeport would love to be able to skate after work but realized seaside is gone now

Sean Sullivan (West Haven, 2018-05-28)


Kids need a place to go

Danny Quaranta (Bridgeport, 2018-05-28)


Skateboarding is amazing

Jake Narkawicz (Silverthorne , 2018-05-28)


Skating is sickkkk

Henry Beebe-Center (Newton, 2018-05-28)


Skaters deserve to shred!!

Chelsea Fuller (Shelton, 2018-05-28)


Skating is an activity that helps people not only develop physical skills but their brain as a result. The vestibular system is trained through movement. This is a very beneficial thing

David Mychajluk (Bridgeport, 2018-05-28)


Be easy

Izzy Federle (New Milford, 2018-05-28)

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