Astro in Europe



I want to see Astro in Italy!

jessica pavanello (Tessera, 2018-09-25)


I love astro and i want they in Italy Milan

Lyan Marina Centurión Rueda (Milano, 2018-09-25)


I want to see the boys in my country to show the how much Italy loves them

Chiara Corrado (Bologna, 2018-09-25)


I'm signing because I love astro and I want to see their show in France !

Hugo Chevalier (Boulogne-sur-mer , 2018-09-25)


Astro is one of my favorite. My dream would be to see them on tour in France ❤️

Ziane Imene (Toulouse, 2018-09-25)


Because i really love astro !

Alessia Russo (Bologna , 2018-09-25)


I love Astro and seeing them in Germany would be a dream for me. Please hear us!

Monika Schön (Trier, 2018-09-25)


I want them to come in France please !! Thank you ♡♡

Kimberly LEGROS (Roquettes, 2018-09-25)


I want to see ASTRO in Russia!

Roha Aroha (Moscow, 2018-09-25)


I love astro

Badaoui Mounia (Ivry Sur Seine, 2018-09-25)


We love Astro. We want to see them! Please, please!

Sasha Lee (Voskresensk, 2018-09-25)


I believe that I can see Astro

Юлия Атяскина (Москва, 2018-09-25)


I want to see Astro in Europe^^

Vika Matwieiewa (Червоноград, 2018-09-26)



Agnese Baroncelli (bollate, 2018-09-26)


Because Astro is my ultime group and i want to see them in concert in Paris

Salino Tracy (Grigny, 2018-09-26)


I signing because I want Astro to come to Paris. It would be awesome !

Gwendoline Yang (Beaurepaire, 2018-09-26)


Je signe parce que je souhaite vraiment voir astro en France

Lou Mazoyer (Tours, 2018-09-26)


Я полностью поддерживаю вас друзья мои

Байсангур. Sokol05.33уровень Байсангуров (Дагестан , 2018-09-26)


I want Astro in Europe!!

Dominique Pavone (Barletta, 2018-09-26)


I love Astro very much
I want to get a chance to see them and give them my love

Miley Cyrus (Moscow, 2018-09-26)


Because I love Astro! I really wanna see them on stage!

Marielle Karst (Heckenransbach , 2018-09-26)


I love astro

Vimarshi Asurappulige (Busto Arsizio, 2018-09-26)


I really love Astro and I think They need more love from their arohas so if I can give that love I will

Lou GB (Maen Roch, 2018-09-26)


I'm signing in because I really love Astro and even if I won't be able to go to their concert I want all European fans to have a small chance to see them. Those boys really deserve it.

Marine Aledo (Dax, 2018-09-26)


Amo las canciones de Astro, su personalidad, lo duro que trabajan en sus coreografías tan sincronizadas. Y quisiera verlo en directo.

Karla Flores (Madrid, 2018-09-26)


because i REALLYY want to go astro's concert

Bengisu Ates (Mersin, 2018-09-26)


I'm signing because I know that many people from Europe love and admire this group of boys so much and I think they deserve to have a concert of them because this can be an incredible and unforgettable experience for them too

Coni Monserrat (Salta, 2018-09-26)


I love astro so much, I wish I could see them live here in Italy.

Francesca Riva (Monza, 2018-09-26)


I love kpop and i want that the astro’s fans can meet his fav idol

Gloria Putzu (Cagliari, 2018-09-26)


yeh astro lesgettit

Nika Opiure (Москва, 2018-09-26)


Because i need to see them

Nerea Solé (Barcelona , 2018-09-26)


Amo y adoro a Astro

Natalia Aranega (Barcelona, 2018-09-26)


They are one of the four K-pop groups I would definitely buy concert tickets without even thinking uwu I love them

Busem Bayer (Istanbul, 2018-09-26)


I'm signing because I want to see them on live and I love them.

Maria Jesus Lazaro Mayorga (Seville, 2018-09-26)



Ayşe Nihal (İstanbul, 2018-09-26)


I’m singing because I am an AROHA who wants her friends finally meet their favorite kpop group, ASTRO.
I have some friends from Spain and France, so I really want their dream come true.
I hope this protect will become true

Yeraldy Torres (Los Ángeles , 2018-09-26)


Im love Astro so... tour in Europe is good idea!!!

Patrycja Potulska (Gdańsk, 2018-09-26)


I want Astro come to Turkey.

Sahra Parmaksız (İstanbul, 2018-09-26)


I want to see ASTRO in Italy, Milan

Sara Plebani (Trento, 2018-09-26)


i really love astro so please ( •̀ω•́)و✧

Michela Rubini (Bologna, 2018-09-26)


Astro' nun Türkiye ye gelmesi ve tanımasını Turkiyede olan Arohalarla buluşup konuşmak görmek istiyorum Türkiye ye gelip bazıyı yerleri gezip güzellikleri tanımasını istiyorum Astro grup benim için ve türkiye de olan Arohalar için çok kıymetli Astro türkiye içinden nereye gelirse gelsin elin gelen bütün Arohalar gelip Astro ya destek ve görmeğe geleceğinden 100 eminim inşallah Astro türkiye ye gelebilir Umutla ve duayla bekliyorum Hadi türkiye deki Arohalar elimden gelini yapıp Astroyu türkiy ye getirelim bolşans diliyorum AROHA Astro için Fighting.

Melike Donmez (istanbul, 2018-09-26)


I love you because I admire your ability. I will always keep listening to you.

Nisanur Arslan (İstanbul , 2018-09-26)


i’ve been a fan since the beginning and if they don’t come here in europe i might not meet them in the future :(

Mia Nicole De Roxas (Catania, 2018-09-26)


Warsaw Please! Youngbros!

Martyna Lenik (Kraków, 2018-09-26)


I want to see ASTRO! (in Portugal or in Madrid ^^)

Ana Beatriz Souza (Lisboa, 2018-09-26)


I want to see Astro in Turkey

Asya Kaya (Istanbul, 2018-09-26)


I want bring in Italy or in Europe the astro... Kpop band

Valentina Palumbo (Roccapiemonte, 2018-09-26)


I love ASTRO

Zehra Ceren (Istanbul, 2018-09-26)

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