Petition to bring back Clayne Crawford in Lethal Weapon



Clayne Crawford
Is the best in the game

Bojan Dimitrijevic (Paris, 2018-11-01)


They fired the wrong guy - Clayne is an amazing actor

Louise Humes (Chichester , 2018-11-01)


Son Riggs la série ne sera pa la même !!!

Miladinovic Valentina (Vincennes, 2018-11-01)


Je veux ce gars dans cette serie car je suis fan de lui il est beau et il est marrant

Fréry Tom (Montbrison, 2018-11-01)


Clayne was lethal weapon. Sad he's gone. I'm not watching it this year

MARLENE Grenier (Hoosick FALLS N.Y., 2018-11-01)


There is no real lethal weapon without the original cast. The connection between them is alive. With Crawforf gone, its like something in the show spirit gone with him

Desislava Voynova (Bristol , 2018-11-01)


Riggs rules when Clayne Crawford is making it happen.

Kenneth Postell (McDonough, 2018-11-01)


Clayne Crawford single handedly made Lethal Weapon the amazingly successful show millions came to love. He was not responsible that the writers and producers failed to build Roger Murtague into a comparable and equal character. But then again, perhaps Clayne Crawford's talent overshadowed Damon Wynans acting style. Not everyone can pit their egos aside and be a supporting actor. Bring Clayne Crawford before Lethal Weapon fails and this excellent show is cancelled!

Brenda Miller (Louisville, 2018-11-02)


I think the show and storyline about Riggs was exceptional I really enjoyed his character I feel Clayne put his heart and soul into playing Riggs and the show is not the same without him.

Mary Bowker (Cambridge, 2018-11-02)


I love actor

Teurkia Jessica (St Savine, 2018-11-02)


Im signing becoase i think Clayne Crawford got fired unfairly from lethal weapon

Juha Wallenius (Mänttä, 2018-11-02)


Clayne made the show the best it could be, without him it’s nowhere near how funny or emotionally engaging and that’s what the fans want

William Wright (Hull, 2018-11-02)


He is great

Justin Power (Wesley Chaple , 2018-11-02)


Martin has made a Lethal weapon always funny and interesting to watch but now it's very boring.

Jernej Bizjak (Celje, 2018-11-03)


Alex n

Alex N (Los angles , 2018-11-03)


Please, bring back Clayne!

Nevena Markovic (Belgrade, 2018-11-03)


It’s not the same without Riggs

Shiquan Brown (Augusta , 2018-11-03)


Clayne Crawford was perfect for the Martin Riggs role. Very captivating. He was naturally bold, adventurous& seemed to b a well trained ishooting&fighting machine. The replacement character acting looks false, fighting skills&creativity greatly lacking. Only d tatoos make his character sorta believable.If wayans wanted to b d star didn't hav to kick clayne out. They were both stars. Now wayans wil hav to greatly up his game for what d new partner replacement lacks. Currently Leo Getz is d most captivating character in the lethal weapon season3.

Luanne Laurinda Owen (Barataria, 2018-11-03)


Clayne Crawford gave Martin Riggs a second life, and as an eternal fan of the films, I never would have thought this could happen.

Nicolas Péchoux (Paris, 2018-11-03)


clayne was an amazing in depth character in the lethal weapon series tough yet caring a troubled soul the show is lacking sorely without him

barbara kohl (port leyden, 2018-11-03)


I had never in my life been so excited to start the new season of a show and my heart sank when I didn't see him. He's one of the best actors icr ever seen and he definitely was what made the whole show.
Pleaseeeeeee listen to what people are saying!! WE ARE YOUR AUDIENCE and we want him back!!!!!

Shaida Ansari (La jolla, 2018-11-03)


Because lethal weapon sucks without him he’s the only one that can play that role perfectly!
Damon Wayans character need an upgrade is Rob was going nowhere

Shannan Brown (Waukesha, 2018-11-03)


Clayne was unjustly trated on the set of lethal weapin..and set up by damon..should be brought back

Mary Fox (Bedford tx, 2018-11-03)


Because if there no Riggs. There is no Lethal Weapon.

Lyle Recollet (Birch Island, 2018-11-03)


Clayne is amazing and he plays Riggs so good. So many of us fans need him to stay in lethal weapon.

Jake Tonna (Plymouth, 2018-11-04)


Without Riggs, Clayne Crawford, it is not Lethal Weapon. I no longer watch it. Never should have written off the main character. Big mistake, big , huge.

Terry Humer (Santa Rosa Beach, 2018-11-04)


He was a really good actor..he played it very well and nobody could replace him. I stopped watching the show after he was killed off

Cody Mack (Houston , 2018-11-04)


Es un gran actor, que sabe como llegar a los telespectadores, es capaz de traspasar la pantalla, merece otra oportunidad!

Laura Martorell (CArdedeu, 2018-11-04)


He was good and I miss it so much

Stephanie june Ford (New Plymouth, 2018-11-04)


Because the show was great with Clayne Crawford as Riggs and everything, and without Riggs, your that matter without Clayne Crawford, there is no Lethal Weapon TV series. Just like with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as Riggs and Murtaugh in the original film franchise from 1987-1998.

Samuel Harris (Livingston, 2018-11-04)


Because Martín Riggs maked Lethal Weapon such an amazing serie with how crazy he was and the relationship with the Murtaugh Family is so amazing and I really enjoyed seen his character, he is the best one and the most amazing one.

Carlos Perez (Monterrey, 2018-11-04)


I loved the show and it's not the same without him. I think he was unfairly treated.

Sonia Nidhan (Davenport , 2018-11-04)


Eu quero que o clayne volte para a série máquina mortífera .. pfvr

Luana Lima (Caraguatatuba, 2018-11-04)


The show went from great's just wrong to have lethal weapon without Riggs

Paula Cran (Cleveland , 2018-11-04)


The Lethal Weapon series needs to maintain the level of excellence. That's why Clayne Crawford must remain. His personality and dynamism created the style of Detective Riggs. Unique. Eccentric.
Otherwise the series loses its essence.

Andriele Bittencourt (Porto Alegre, 2018-11-04)


Warner Bros

Lynne Weatherill (Belfast, 2018-11-04)


I want the real riggs

Jonathan Tshienda (Thedford mine , 2018-11-04)


I feel he was wrongly fired and Lethal Weapon is about the two main characters. One of which is now gone. I will not watch the show without him.

Julie Gifford (Morrisville, 2018-11-04)


Cause Clayne is such a good actor..his performance as Martin is Just perfect ....and he deserves a seções chance

Cristina Mateus (Santos , 2018-11-04)


I'm signing because Lethal Weapon without Clayne Crawofrd isn't Lethal Weapon.
Why not the original Lethal Weapon without Mel Gibson or Danny Glover ?!
It's a joke ...

Sophie Muñoz Delhoustal (Chirac, 2018-11-04)


Clayne back to game. I am a fan Clayne Crawford.

Cioca Adrian (Constanța , 2018-11-04)


Will not watch LW without Clayne

Janet Cox (Santa Barbara , 2018-11-04)


I’m signing this petition because I feel Clayne Crawford should have never been fired from Leathal Weapon.

Laura Gossett (Bonne Terre, 2018-11-04)


He is the show I definitely had looked forward to the next season just heche,don't be on I'm sry no clayne Crawford you lose me as a viewer

Lisa Goodwin (Bronx, 2018-11-04)


It was unfair what happened.And I love Leather Weapon

Racheal Davis (Sheffield , 2018-11-04)


Im signing because clayne crawford played riggs really well and he was the main reason i watched lethal weapon i think it was a dumb move to get rid of him i wont be watching the show till the real riggs is back

Jade Lee (Quebec, 2018-11-04)


Lethal weapon was my favorite show, that is until they let Clayne go. I no longer watch the show. I think a lot of it was because of Damon Wayans. I don't think it was fair. Now Damon is leaving the show, so please bring Clayne back. No Clayne no show!

Janet Metcalf (CHESTER, 2018-11-04)


Garde le sil vous plait

Sheguey Guesh (France , 2018-11-04)


Gostaria muito que o Clayne Crawford voltasse a serie Maquina Mortifera porque ele era a graça da serie e a melhor parte sempre era a dele. Nao desmereceno os outros atores que sao otimos e excelentes tambem mas o Clayne eh demais e carismatico.

Jessica Araujo (Brasilia, 2018-11-05)


It’s just another cop show without Riggs

Patrick Cichocki (Amarillo , 2018-11-05)


Get Clayne back !!! No Clayne no Lethal Weapon!!!!

Alex Heuren (Burnaby, 2018-11-05)


I'm signing because without Clayne Crawford, lethal weapon is no longer attractive and amazing that's why !!!!

Badou Hulque (Kigali , 2018-11-05)


Lethal weapon without Riggs is not lethal weapon

Estelle Duret (59115, 2018-11-05)



Damon Is Quiting Show In December (NEVER A TEAM PLAYER FOR THE SHOW).

Damon Could Be Killed Off Show ... CRAWFORD Comes Back From DEEP DEEP UNDERCOVER IN TEXAS Catches DAMONS Killer And Then Teams Up With SEAN’s Character ... ALSO BRING BACK RIGGS’ PSYCHIATRIST !

William Cross (Franklin, 2018-11-05)


Estou assinando porque gosto muito do seu trabalho e acho injusto te tirarem do programa sendo que você e a alma do programa.

Juan Pereira (Rio de Janeiro , 2018-11-05)


I stopped watching lethal weapon when I heard he would not be on anymore. He should be on.....

Beryl Walters (Spring, 2018-11-05)


Yes I want Clayne Crawford bk in Lethal Weapon... He in my opinion was the main star in the show. The series is not the same without him!! #BringClayneBack

Roisin Duffy (Co Galway, 2018-11-06)


I sign this petition so that Clayne Clawford returns in the series " Lethal Weapon " because it is the best!!!!

Chiocca Marie-France (Marseille 13016, 2018-11-06)


Because Clayne is the best Riggs.

Monica Amstalden (Santo André, 2018-11-06)


I only watched Lethal Weapon because of Clayne Crawford - it's NOTHING without him in my opinion.

Lisa Burns (Tecumseh, 2018-11-06)



Schoenach Jordan (Vosges, 2018-11-06)


He’s my fav character on the show

Emma Dreaver (Winnipeg, 2018-11-06)


It's not the same without Clayne/Riggs. I watched the first episode 'like I said I would' and nope, it's not good anymore, so I stopped watchin it and till they bring him back I won't watch another episode of what WAS a GREAT show

Victoria Carrell (Fife, 2018-11-06)


I`m a huge fan of Clayne Crawford, and Lethal Weapon is not the same without him.

Bojana Dimitrijevic (Sabac, 2018-11-06)


Claybe crawford is an amazing actor and needs to come back as riggs. Riggs made the the show good thats the only reason i watched it.

Bryon Courtney (Bristol, 2018-11-06)


I think Clayne was done completely wrong and I loved him on the show lethal weapon. Bring back Clayne as Riggs! We love Clayne Crawford!

Christina Prine (Altoona, 2018-11-07)


Clayne is one of my favorite actors and I would do anything for him, I cried a lot when he was fired from Lethal Weapon

Luna Moreau (Nantes, 2018-11-07)


I'm a BIG fan and since they killed off his character the show doesn't make ANY sense. Did they REALLY think the show would survive without the primary character? VERY poor decision made by the executives. It was our FAVORITE show to watch. They didn't pay attention to what happened after firing Roseanne Barr I'm guessing...

Amy Jones (Louisville, KY, 2018-11-07)


Lets get back to the true Lethal Weapon were Riggs was never killed.. Clayne Crawford as riggs is the only way to get this show on the road again... he has the part perfected...I respect good actors...and he's got riggs to a tee. It doesn't appeal to me watch the show anymore without Clayne. Do like days of our lives and bring everybody back !!

anna pressler (lancaster, 2018-11-07)



Julien Defall (Strasbourg , 2018-11-07)


He is the best actor

Sheila Wright (Settle , 2018-11-07)


I want Riggs back!!! Plz plz plz! I’m to the point where I can’t even watch the show anymore!! It’s boring. He’s such a great actor l!

Krystel Mohr (Crown point, 2018-11-07)


Because Lethal Weapon is nothing without Clayne Crawford

Francesco Alonzi (Broccostella, 2018-11-07)


The show isn't the same without Martin Rigggs!!

Pat Reese (Apple River, IL, 2018-11-07)


The show is not worth watching with out him.

And now that the baby Wayans is leaving!

Becky Brooks (San Antonio, 2018-11-07)


Unfairly dismissed

Anna McNally (Stourbridge , 2018-11-07)


I want clayne back as riggs on the program it was wrong the way they did him he played a great character .

Lisa Bates (Anniston, 2018-11-07)


I have stopped watching because he was made for that role, until he returns to the show I will not watch.

Tony Valenzuela (Lancaster , 2018-11-07)


Best actor...

Gail Anne (Rio de Janeiro , 2018-11-08)


I'm signing here because I think a gross injustice were committed against Clayne. He absolutely made the series - I will not be watching series 3 because of the injustice against Clayne. I believe that Wayan now wants to leave the series because of so called health issues- I think he knows series 3 will fail without Clayne and that this is his cowardly way out. Clayne is a terrific actor. I love him to bits. Please reinstate him!!

Linette van der Merwe (Windhoek , 2018-11-08)


No Riggs = No Show!

Maggie Ferguson (vancouver, 2018-11-08)


Je veux Clayne dans l'arme fatale!!!! c'est lui le meilleur!!

Marie Dominique Damette (Pampelonne, 2018-11-08)


Queremos o Clayne de volta! Ele é a Alma da série, sem ele não tem graça !

ROBSON LUCAS BARBOSA SILVA Robson (Ipatinga MG, 2018-11-08)


I think he was treated I unfairly and he was a great Riggs in Lethal Weapon

Nicola Mason (London, 2018-11-08)


Im signing because no one czn do riggs like clayne crawford and it would be best to bring him back or you coukd lose slot of fans znd viewers.x

Sarah Simkiss (Shrewsbury, 2018-11-08)


It is because.... Martin Riggs makes the movie very nice and interesting and always makes me follow the episodes.......... Lethal weapon is great wid Riggs

Dennis Dineiro (Accra, 2018-11-08)


bastianon . p

patricia bastianon (tarbes 65000, 2018-11-08)


I love Clayne Crawford and my family.

Cassia Cristina Berçot (Rio de Janeiro, 2018-11-08)

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