Blue October at Red Rocks 2020



If you book it... We will come!!!

jody sheckells (Forest hill, md, 2019-07-01)


Blue October would be absolutely amazing in this venue! Please book them for Red Rocks!! I’ve already warned my husband we would be flying to Colorado if they land this venue!!!

Mandy Marley (Indianapolis, IN, 2019-07-01)


Blue October would be fantastic at Red Rocks! I will make the trip!!!

Cora Thaler (Houston, 2019-07-01)


I would love to go here and see this if we could, we traveled once to Ohio to see Blue October and was one of the greatest weekends my wife and I ever had!

Anthony Petroro (Shirley, 2019-07-01)


Blue October deserves to play at Red Rock!
It's been a bucket list item for me to attend a concert at Red Rock and to have it be Blue October.
I will drive all the way from Minnesota just to attend, I know it would be a magical and lifechanging experience.

Stacey White (Faribault , 2019-07-01)


I WANT Blue October to play Red Rocks!!!!

Diane Moore (Bel Air, 2019-07-01)


I love Blue October AND Red Rocks! What an awesome combo!

Kenzie Rees (Abilene, Tx, 2019-07-01)


I’ve always wanted to go to Red Rocks and I would definitely make the drive cross country to se Blue October there!

Hilary Croy (Cedar Rapids, 2019-07-01)


I would love to go to this performance!

Robert Tracey (Fort Lauderdale , 2019-07-01)


I’m signing because the fellas deserve this amazing opportunity!

Lindsey Jones (Chase City Virginia , 2019-07-01)


I've seen Blue SO many times and I think they would rock the hell out of Red Rocks!

Severina Burkhamer (Colorado Springs , 2019-07-01)


Because Blue October changes lives and would be beyond amazing at Red Rocks

Tessa Colleen (Clifton, 2019-07-01)


I'd love to see my favorite band at Red Rocks!

Stephanie Gray (Toledo, 2019-07-01)


I know of at least 10 people who would join me!!

Katie Kelly (Saint Peters, 2019-07-01)


Because I’ve never been to Redrock but I’ve heard phenomenal stories and Blue October is literally one of my FAVORITE 2 bands!! I would definitely travel to see them play there!

Cassandra Schiesser (Hobart, 2019-07-01)


Blue October has saved and changed people's lives. They speak and sing a special lyric of redemption and love. Let this happen for this incredible band and their loyal fans. 💙🎶

Lori Bernoir (Minneola , 2019-07-01)


They’re amazing and I’d love to see them play at such an incredible venue Red Rocks!!

Gisselle Jimeno (Cooper City , 2019-07-01)


I am signing because I would love to see Blue October at the Rocks

Richard Cummings (Dallas, 2019-07-01)


Couldn't think of a better voice to sing there!!!!

Carola Nobis (Bloomfield , 2019-07-01)


I would travel from Houston to be there!

Monique Jose (Houston, 2019-07-01)


I need to check this off my Bucket List.

Andrea Francis (Deltona, 2019-07-01)


I would love to see my favorite band play such an amazing stage!

Kelsey Peters (Austin, 2019-07-01)


Signing because red rocks is the most beautiful venue and Blue October...... well we all know how beautiful Blue October is.

Shanna Donnelly (Omaha, 2019-07-01)


This band has many dedicated fans from all over that believe Blue October deserves to be at this venue. A guaranteed sold out show if they play at Red Rocks.

Lori Rumsey (Woodland, 2019-07-01)


#lifehascolor #getbackup

Shad Hay (Powell, 2019-07-01)


Blue October deserves to play in this venue!

Christian Roberts (Kiowa, 2019-07-01)


I’m signing because this band is extraordinary in concert and the hardest working band I know. They deserve some Red Rocks love. ❤️

Jill Battiste (Irwin, 2019-07-01)


I would travel to see this concert! They are amazing and have a wonderful message!

Jessica Hebert (Plano, 2019-07-01)


Blue October is one of those rare bands. They had a quick uprise to popularity and then fell out of the spot light for awhile. They have been gaining more popularity the past several years. Their shows have gotten larger and larger to the point that they can't play some of the older venues in towns they have frequented in the past, and now book to play at larger venues. Having a special show at Red Rocks would be an amazing experience, for them and for their fans as well. I have no doubt that it will be filled. The venue will fill because of the message that they preach. People can change. You don't have to be angry and resentful your entire life. You can become a better person and be happy. I think so many people in this world want to do that so much, and that is why they have been gaining new fans. Having a special concert like this would be something that I would be willing to take time off and travel for. So many others would to. Give them a chance and let them play Red Rocks!

Crissa Cooey (Morgantown, 2019-07-01)


Blue October and Red Rocks! Duh!

Desiree Mombleau (Colorado Springs , 2019-07-01)


My favorite band at my favorite place. What could be better?

Samantha Baller (Colorado springs, 2019-07-01)


Blue October is an insane live act! Sooooo goood!!!

Travis Kennedy (Austin, 2019-07-01)


I love them

Petraatje Schreurs (Hasselt, 2019-07-01)


I love blue october snd i would loved to see them at red rocks.

Jeremy Griffith (Denver, 2019-07-01)


I’m signing because I love Blue October and would love to experience the sounds and sites of Red Rocks!

Carey Tonkin (Oswego , 2019-07-01)


Because seeing Blue October perform at Red Rocks will be a life altering experience!

VICTOR ARANA (Pasadena, 2019-07-01)


I would drive to CO for this show!

Candice Edwards (Bentonville, 2019-07-01)


There is no one more deserving of this venue.

Sommer Kastl (Loveland, 2019-07-01)



Emily Makela (Mentor, 2019-07-01)


I want to see Blue October play at Red Rose Rocks.

Jason Skidmore (Mt. Savage, 2019-07-01)


Incredible venue! Magical Musicians! Wouldn't miss for the world!!

Cheryl Petry (Omaha , 2019-07-01)


I have been a Blue October fan for decades, and haven't missed a show in my area since 2001. This band has been through more than most can ever imagine in 10 lifetimes, and Justin is truly an inspiration to millions. With a fanbase worldwide, these guys deserve to have their dream of playing RedRocks come true!

Wendy Bradley (Omaha , 2019-07-01)


Nobody has worked harder to get back to this point in their career. Seeing the band in a forum like Red Rocks would be a pinnacle for a lot of fans who have been on the journey with them

Louise Taylor (Toronto, 2019-07-01)


I want to see Blue October at Red Rocks

Sarah Hoffarth (Bailey, CO , 2019-07-01)


We love Blue October and we love Red Rocks - please let this happen!

Dee Faulkner (MIDLAND, 2019-07-01)


I would love to see Blue October at Red Rocks Amphitheater and there is no doubt in my mind that they will sell this place out. They probably going to have to do two shows for all the fans that love and support them.

Gilbert Meza (Houston, 2019-07-01)


Blue October would make a beautiful addition to red rocks and I will be there with my friends.

Mary Lavalla (New Orleans , 2019-07-01)


I would LOVE to see them at Red Rocks

Jennifer Crooks (Littleton, Co, 2019-07-01)


Blue October has changed my life and they deserve this!

Hailey Thurman (Tulsa, 2019-07-01)


Blue has been my all time favorite band for 11 years. I just moved to Colorado and although I loved two nights at a smaller venue, I would die for a night with Blue at red rocks. As long as m&g are still available, and signings after the show, I’m so down!!!

Molly McDonough (Colorado Springs, 2019-07-01)


I'm signing because Blue October is my favorite band and Red Rocks is an amazing venue! The two would complement each other in the best way, while the venue transforms the music, the music will transform the people!

Corrin Walker (Whitney, 2019-07-01)


I want to see Blue October at Red Rocks!

Jennifer Allen (North Augusta, 2019-07-01)


I’m a big fan off Blue October and they deserve this.

Gerard Van der wal (Oostwold , 2019-07-01)


They are One hell of a band, looked up to them growing up, They have huge hearts, and deserve this opportunity. LETS SEND THEM TO RED ROCKKKKKK!!!!!

Hailey Wander (Phoenix, 2019-07-01)


I want to go.

Jen Allen (Augusta, 2019-07-01)


Blue October would be amazing at Redrocks !

Josh Branson (Arvada , 2019-07-01)


I think this would give Blue Family a great experience and we can meet more of each other💙

Vickie Beauvais (Slidell, 2019-07-01)


I love it! Best band in the beat location

Christina Rodriguez (Moriarty, 2019-07-01)


This band deserves It!!! There passion for music and helping others is beyond beleif!!!!!

Bethany Martenson (Caldwell , 2019-07-01)





Though I am not a US resident, It would make me happy to know they were able to play at a prestigious venue.

Daniel Body (Birmingham , 2019-07-01)


I love seeing live music and RR is the best venue ever!

Becky Schwartz (Denver , 2019-07-01)


I’m signing’s a no brainer!! Blue October has saved my life and so many others with their lyric, their raw emotion, their truth! Let’s bring them to Red Rocks, CO! Let me know when to book my flight!!!

Penny Lane (Marina Del Rey, 2019-07-01)


I'm signing because I love Blue October and they are able to sell out any venue.. the owners will not be disappointed..They are the best live show ever!! And the sweetest, down to 🌏 honest guys, love them, and they WANT to play here! Please help out Brianna and Justin and the guys!! 💙💙

Amber Roberts (San Antonio , 2019-07-01)


I’ve never been to Red Rocks. I’d love for the first time to see Blue October

Marsha Leyba (Albuquerque , 2019-07-01)


Positive musical act that believes in conquering any addiction or depression issues. The lead singer brings hope to many young people. I am almost 40, but have been seeing them for 17 years after I was first introduced.

Max Stothers (Fort Collins, 2019-07-01)


Red Rocks is an amazing amphitheater. I have seen blue October every time they come to Maine and have seen concerts at Red Rocks. It would be an amazing compliment to their music!

Allyson Thornton (Biddeford, 2019-07-01)


It's a must to play there

Cate Sprague (Denver , 2019-07-01)


I’m signing because Blue October is amazing and they deserve to play this remarkable venue.

Kim Casey (Sandy, 2019-07-01)


Interested in seeing them

Lester Williams (Aiken, 2019-07-01)


Blue October’s music is deeply personal & inspiring to me, & the chance to see them play at the legendary Red Rocks venue would be enough for me to book a visit and spend plentiful tourism dollars to boost the local economy!

Angelique Fong (Mission Viejo , 2019-07-01)


I have been listening to blue October since I was three witch seems crazy but it’s tru I am 16 now and I got to see him in concert this weekend, the best concert I have ever gone too! So amazingly I credible. He deserves to be there :)

Karmella Peters (North Platte , 2019-07-01)


I would absolutely travel to Red Rock to see this.

Anita Dodge (Conway, 2019-07-01)


I’m signing because if there is any band worthy enough to play at this amazing venue it would be blue October ✌🏻

Melinda Smith (North Riverside , 2019-07-01)


Blue october rock. Plus I would come see them there.

Megan Fiero (Birch run, 2019-07-01)



Jessica Gibbs (Flint , 2019-07-01)


I would love to see blue october at red rocks

Mary Hetzer (Birch run, 2019-07-01)


I want a destination weekend with Blue October!!!

William Palladino (West Haven , 2019-07-01)


This would be amazing. They would need multiple nights, because the demand would be high.

Christopher Allen (Littleton, CO, 2019-07-01)


I love BO!!!

Sandy Youngblood (Willis, 2019-07-01)


I love Blue October!

Tara Tims (Norman , 2019-07-01)


The guys deserve this! Can’t wait.

Brandon Cornelius (Kingsland, 2019-07-01)


Blue October deservs to play at Red Rocks!

Lisa Swanson (Phoenix , 2019-07-01)


Blue October has a huge fan base and they really should play at Red Rocks. They are the only band we follow, and we have been following for ten years. The best music and the best bands at Red Rocks, right?

Mel Ting (San Francisco, 2019-07-01)


I am signing because Blue October has come such a long long way in shining their light upon their fans (family). Red Rocks is an awesome place to hear their voices and a great way for the Blue Family to come together in one glorious night!

Megan Stiles (Blue Springs, 2019-07-01)


I would love to go see Blue October at red rocks

Lacasta Duran (Windsor, 2019-07-01)


Blue needs to play!

Chelsea Whitney (Albuquerque , 2019-07-01)


This would be my dream come true💙💙💙

Myrian Renee' (Dallas, 2019-07-01)


I LOVE Blue October and would go to this show!!!

Dawn Casillas (San marcos, 2019-07-01)


I want to go!

Steph McEvoy (Omaha, 2019-07-02)


Love the venue and the band.

Shaun Tune (Grapevine , 2019-07-02)


Blue October at Red Rocks would be a once in a lifetime experience!! There's no way in hell I would miss it.

Dan Lindner (Greeley, CO , 2019-07-02)


Our family will be there

Debbie Smith (Westminster Co, 2019-07-02)


I’ve always wanted to see a show at Red Rocks and would do my best to make it happen.

Erika Young (Libertyville , 2019-07-02)


I love this band and would love to see them play at red rocks

Jim Molnar (Kerby, 2019-07-02)


I will drive from minnesota to see my favorite band at red rocks

Nathan hopkins (Buffalo, 2019-07-02)


Blue October is awesome! I would not miss them if they came to Red Rocks

Chelle Lindner (Greeley, 2019-07-02)


I Love Blue October and travel locally to see them as much as i can. Me and a couple of friends have both mentioned seeing them at Red Rock and how Amazing that would be!!!

Jennifer Mayo (Lewisville, 2019-07-02)


1. This venue is beautiful.
2. I would love for Blue October to get to fulfill a dream. They have helped so many others.

April Harrill (Greer, 2019-07-02)

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